Exotic Stones Have A Different Style Statement To Offer

Add Exotic Stones To Your Home

Exotic stone is increasingly gaining popularity, mainly because it is more resilient in nature. As each individual has its own vision of quality and design, the well-defined and uniform design format of exotic stone is fancied by many over the natural equivalents.

Also, known as engineered stone, it is the man-made version of stone manufactured from naturally forming quartz slab along with a polymer resin as an adhesive. A number of times, materials like shells, metals, mirrors, coloured glass are incorporated to enhance the aesthetic factor of these stones.

The Exotic Stones are fully non-porous and have greater resistance to scratches, chips and stains. Even when liquids are spilled on to the surface, it will not be able to soak into the stone. Hence, the spillage can be easily removed with a surface cleaner. These properties of engineered stone add the hygiene factor which is required in kitchen and bathroom settings.

Coming to the appearance of exotic stone, the design is a perfect blend of colour, texture, pattern and style. In other words, each piece is identical to another as it is manufactured artificially.

Going further, when one is planning to purchase any exotic stone, remember that the sample may not exactly match the main product. This is primarily because the product is made from naturally forming quartz, so a variation of up to two shade tones is expected between the sample and the product.

Collection of Exotic Stones At QM India

QM India is one of the leading exotic stone suppliers in the international stone industry. Apart from being marble and granite supplier in India, we manufacture and export the man-made version of stones i.e. engineered stones that set a benchmark in quality, purity and durability. Thanks to our fully mechanised quarries and state-of-the-art technology, we offer customised solutions to set the feel of a dream home. We promise to provide the most durable and magnificent exotic stone.

We have a wide collection of exotic stone products available in various colours, patterns, sizes and thickness. No matter what style is preferred, be it modern or traditional, we have numerous choices to complement any interiors/exteriors.

Being one of the long-established exotic stone dealers, we set the most genuine price for our products without compromising on quality and durability. Our products are popular in the international market as we strive to value customer satisfaction. We ensure that only the best service and prompt delivery reaches your doorstep.

The Versatile Applications of Exotic Stone

Just like Granite and Marble, exotic stones are mostly preferred for kitchen and bathroom countertops. But there is more it can offer!

Quartz slab is one of the most widely used exotic versions. Thanks to its versatility, it adjusts excellently, be it for sleek countertops or stunning fireplaces. Here are six ways favoured for the application.

1. Countertops

Exotic Stone Kitchen CountertopsQuartz slab is a popular choice for countertops. It comes in distinguished varieties that imitate the look of granite and marble, contributing to more elegant and classy aesthetics.

As the material is non-porous, chances of stains on the stone are reduced. Hence, homes with busy kitchens need not worry about maintenance. Cooking oils, liquids or cleaning products do not damage or discolour the stone. Moreover, the exotic stone does not allow germs or bacteria to breed and therefore remains a healthful choice for kitchen countertop or bathroom vanity tops.

2. Backsplash

The qualities of quartz slab that makes it an excellent choice for countertops holds good for backsplashes as well. Application of exotic stone on backsplash comes with a peace of mind that spills, spots or stains will not be able to ruin the original beauty of the stone.

3. Fireplace

Exotic stones own an inherent resistance to heat which opens the doors to using it for fireplace surrounds and mantles. In addition, the durability of the stone ensures that fireplace will stand the test of time even after experiencing scratches, stains or any other damage.

However, in case of an outdoor fireplace, quartz slab is not the right option. One characteristic that prevents it from being the choice is the UV light from the sun that gradually leads to the fading of the stone. So, an exotic version that can sustain in the outdoors is travertine stone.

4. Flooring

Exotic stone is one of the best options for flooring due to its low maintenance requirements. Even when it is rarely taken care of, its gleam lasts for years. Its exceptional durability makes it a perfect pick even for high-traffic areas, with a guarantee of zero damage.

5. Bathtub

There are numerous types of engineered stones that can add a style statement to the bathroom when used for the surrounding walls of a bathtub. Taking the right combination of stone for bathroom countertop and bathtub can take the visual appeal of the interior to a whole new level.

6. Shower

Quartz slab is an attractive choice to get a stylish shower at an affordable range. As the exotic stone is easy to clean, soap scum or any other buildup can be removed without harsh cleaners or scrubs. Also, the stone is resistant to moulds and mildew because it does not allow moisture to retain. Hence, it offers a hygienic option to keep a bathroom spick and span.

But, quartz slab should not be used on the floor of a shower without having a honed finish. A honed finish makes the stone resistant to slips by making it smooth, flat, consistent and easier to stand on.

Exotic stone slabs are not just a good option for the residential area but even for commercial ones that deal with heavy pedestrian traffic on a daily basis. As an exotic stone is known for its strong qualities, it gives satisfaction in terms of the price, maintenance as well as quality.

If you are looking for any specific exotic stone, feel free to reach out to us. We will be happy to fulfill your requirement and place custom orders.

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