Curtain Walling Through Granite Stones: Best Aesthetics Of The Building

Creating Beautiful Curtain Walls Using Granite Tile & Slabs

While purchasing something for your building, or thinking of redecorating it, there are various things that need to be taken care of. Apart from the factors like cost, features, design, durability there are several other things to be considered to make sure the building leaves a positive and everlasting impression on people.

The front side will always be the face of the building and the Curtain Wall is a perfect choice..!!

A well-thought-out curtain wall design is a matter of beauty. From a wide range of patterned Granite Tile to beautifully custom made granite stones like Black Granite, White Granite & Grey Granite, curtain walls envelop an entire building or either of the sides, to be as aesthetically pleasing as possible.

What is the Curtain Wall?

A Curtain Wall is a lightweight frameless structure that is installed adjacent to the outside of the building so as to protect the building from the environment's effects of weather like snowfall, torrential rain, dust, air pollutants or dirt. It is made up of lightweight but supreme quality materials like granite tile, so it does not require much support and does not even put pressure on the building wall. Curtain walls play a crucial role in architecture to not only protect high rise or low rise buildings against the harsh elements, but also improve vertical stability, and make it water-resistant.

Features of Curtain Wall Systems: More than Just a Pretty Face

Curtain walls anticipate various important elements such as the effect of thermal expansion and contraction, the movement and sway of a building, and thermal capability. Curtain Walls can be easily installed with a variety of glazing options, interior and exterior or structural. You can pre-select the different cladding for maximum control of the aesthetics of the building. White Granite and Black Granite are the best and commonly used Granite floor Tiles, that can be installed in any size and design, you can create uniquely beautiful and visually stunning exteriors.

What Are The Advantages of Granite Curtain Walling?

The Main Benefits Of Curtain Walling

Thanks to the use of lightweight and economical materials, curtain wall systems can be best made of granite tile and have a multitude of advantages when they are included in modern designs. Walls can span floor-to-ceiling distances or be installed on multiple floors, thereby increasing the chances of greater flexibility in design.

But “What benefit will my building have with a curtain wall made of Granite Tile?” and the answer is quite simple - there are many. In this blog, we investigate why - and share how you can harness the positive power of Granite (White Granite or Black Granite) to create a Curtain Wall for your business. Let’s explore some of them.

#1 Put Simple, Black Granite Curtain Wall Is Aesthetically Pleasing:

Add A Charismatic Appeal With Black Galaxy Granite

Everyone wants to make their building look attractive. A curtain wall of Black Granite will add integrity and a charismatic appeal to a building. They are a large element of 21st century contemporary design. Curtain walls using Like Black Forest Granite and Black Galaxy Granite can contribute a lot and can give an impressive and professional look to the facade of your building that could easily entice the visitors, business clients. At Quality Marble Exports (India), we provide Granite Floor Tiles that give your building look elegant yet stylish at the same time, adding an unparalleled sense of professionalism.

#2 White Granite Curtain Wall: Helps Improve The Thermal Efficiency:

White Granite Tile, Slabs, and Blocks For Sustainable Buildings

Energy efficiency is quite important for any commercial structure, and when properly treated with curtain walling can improve the thermal efficiency of any building. What’s more, acting as a buffer and insulator, Granite tiles like Azul White Granite, Maddy White Granite, or Imperial White Granite, help keep the unwanted air and water out.

Besides White Granite Tile, grey granite such as Sardinia Grey Granite when incorporated has the ability to stabilise internal temperatures and can enhance the sustainability of the building along with lowering costs.

#3 Curtain Wall Reduces Building Sway:

Curtain walling can actually reduce the sway of a building. Certain types of granite - white granite and black granite can even reduce small amounts of stress that the building may be under kinetic force throughout the frame of the walling. These types of Granite tile, help buildings withstand high winds, making them comfortable for the inhabitants.

#4 A Curtain Wall is as Unique as Your Business:

Sidra Medical & Research Centre In Qatar

Curtain Walls have the ability to be completely unique. Nowadays in such a small world with things so crowded, it can start to look very similar very soon. Customers always look for something eye-catching, something that reflects a brand they would like to interact with. Such a brand is Quality Marble Exports (India), where high-quality granite tile is supplied across the globe that helps you to stand out from the crowd without relocating or structurally rebuilding your premises.

How to Implement Curtain Wall Design in Your Building? Quality Marble Exports (India) is the Place

If there is one factor that rules every successful venture or item in world history is their Usefulness. Whenever something is beneficial to the masses, its sales skyrocket. Well, a Curtain wall made up of Granite Tile is no exception to this rule. We at Quality Marble Exports (India), one of the best granite suppliers across, understand how to create curtain walls of Granite that are beautiful yet durable.

The Leading Granite Suppliers & Exporters From India

Quality Marble Exports (India) as the leading granite exporters should be your first choice as they only use the best Granite materials for projects. With a trusted design customisable white granite and Black granite, as your partner, you can protect your building and have fewer energy costs in the process. Contact us to learn more.