Unique Natural Stone Tile Ideas To Accentuate Your Home

How To Mix & Match Granite, Slate And Marble Tiles?

Your home is the place that reflects your personality and taste. It is not a norm to always create your space according to the trends in the world. You don’t need to necessarily follow the standard rules of the interior design as well. You can try experimenting with at least one room in your home. You might end up creating a masterpiece to cherish for life.

With the same spirit, Quality Marble Exports (India), one of the popular granite and marble suppliers is here with a few ideas to fill your space with euphoric creations.

Coming straight to the topic, below are a few design ideas using exceptional combinations of marble tiles, granite tile, and slate tiles.

Marble, Granite & Slate Tiles - Mix & Match

Out Of The Way Bold

Green Marble Tiles For Sophisticated Interiors

Bold colour combinations attract strong and dynamic energy into your space. They also represent a homeowner’s fearless spirit. So, if you dare to go bold, we have a combination for you.

Use Ivory Brown Granite Tile, Pebble Black Granite Tile and Rain Forest Green Marble Tiles together. The blend of yellowish gold, black and dark green creates a sophisticated design filled with intricacy. This combination works best in a contemporary setting where a few subtle elements allow this tile blend to stand out. This idea would look best on a feature wall.

Multicolour Monochrome

Create Serene Environment With Jaisalmer Yellow Limestone

Minimalism is a great way to declutter our space and allow simplicity to whisper the serene way of life. Combining different monochromatic colours together will create a relaxed space to live in.

The combination of tiles we are using here is plain and nearly devoid of any pattern: Dholpur Beige Honed Sandstone, Kandla Grey Polished Sandstone, Jaisalmer Yellow Limestone and Andy White Marble. Use white marble tiles in between dark grey tiles and yellow tiles to create a balance. If you would like to make the space more neutral, you can use only two or three combinations. Apply the idea either to your accent wall or flooring.

Not all marble suppliers offer a small set of different natural stone tiles to create your wall, flooring or backsplash. You need to reach out to big-scale suppliers like Quality Marble Exports (India) to get customization.

Boldness + Minimalism

Perfect contrast between muted and loud colours creates a space that looks inviting and joyous. You get the benefits of both bright and subtle colours.

Consider combining Baby Pink Marble tiles, Imperial White Granite tiles, and Silver Grey Natural Slate tiles. Place them in the order as mentioned as the patterned granite tile will bring contrast in between two monochrome marble tiles and slate tiles.

Wavy Wonder

Carbon Gold Granite For Quirky And Funky Accent Wall

Wavy designs and curvy lines add a playful twist to your interiors. They add fun to your space and make you feel elated. You could actually use your own ideas to create a wavy wall or even a backsplash or flooring.

We have Carbon Gold Granite tiles, Mercury Black Marble tiles and Rainbow Sandstone tiles to create a quirky and funky wall design. Use all three alternatively by placing the granite tile next to the marble tile and then the sandstone tile.

Dotted Tradition

Make A Bold Statement With Granite Floor Tiles

Dotted patterns are considered old-school. Yet whether it’s the fashion industry or the interior design industry, dots have always created a statement. Natural stones give you the opportunity to play with speckled patterns that look intricate on your wall or flooring.

Going the unusual way, place Gem Red Granite Floor tiles, then a lighter colour of Lady Dream Granite tile and then Crystal Yellow Granite tiles. We have chosen only granite floor tiles here as in natural stones you get dotted patterns mostly in granite varieties. You could go wild and use this combination on a small patch of flooring and find out how to go.

Why Should You Go With Different Natural Stone Tiles?

  • Get to experiment with unusual and bold patterns
  • Spend less and get home the luxury of expensive marble tiles
  • Bring home all kinds of natural stone tiles (as per their category) and enjoy collective benefits and features.
  • Get the opportunity to choose from an ocean of colours, patterns and textures and create an artwork of your kind.
  • Install different shapes of tiles.

Get Your Wildest Colour Combinations To One Of The Leading Marble Suppliers

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