Top 3 Marble & Granite Inlay Ideas With Precious Metals

Creative Inlay Decor Ideas With Precious Metals

Over the last decades, natural stone tiles have come to offer the next level of aesthetics. The trend has shifted to unique and stylish combinations of colours, patterns and textures. But we know that there is no end to how creative your interiors can become. And there is more beyond the widespread appeal of standalone granite floor tiles and marble tiles.

If you have the passion to decorate your home with the rarest natural stone masterpieces, you are at the right place. Have you heard of installing natural stone tiles with precious metal inlays? It is not surprising if you haven’t. Because there is very little information online about this exceptional and priceless combination.

The ideas we are sharing ahead is nothing less than a design revolution. Let’s explore them to bless your home with a timeless feel!

Brass Inlays

The art of inlay is a centuries-old tradition where precious gemstones are inserted into the engraved natural stone tile. But here we are presenting the ideas where you replace gemstones with precious metals. The first pick in this category is brass. Through high-tech cutting, designing and styling, brass strips are installed in between granite tiles and marble tiles.

The result is a unique piece of art where the sparkling brass strips enhance the entire look and feel. If you are worried about the practicality, brass is highly resistant to corrosion and fire. Besides, it proves to be durable enough to stand the test of time with marble and granite.

According to design experts, floor tiles will continue to get larger in size. For example, you can introduce T shape brass metal strips in between large Onyx White Marble tiles. The pattern evokes a sense of luxury in the most minimalistic manner.

If you are a granite fan, consider grey granite that is ruling in the year 2020. Blend brass inlay with Sierra Grey Granite tile for a contemporary and elegant look.

Copper Inlays

Since ancient times, copper has been used to create artistic masterpieces that became eye-catchers. Hence, blending copper with a rich natural stone such as marble means bringing the priceless antique effect home. With the pure orange-red tone of architectural copper, you can create a deeply traditional ambience in your interiors.
Inlay Patterns To Create Rustic Interiors

Functionally, architectural copper shows excellent resistance to corrosion. It is durable, long-lasting, lightweight, and can be maintained easily. Same as the brass, copper inlay on white marble tiles will give rise to a rustic look and feel. But with copper, if you wish to pull off a modern look turn to Millenium Grey Marble tiles. The grey accent with copper produces a new look. How about Absolute Black Granite and Imperial White Granite? The shining copper strips tend to illuminate the black granite tile and white granite most fascinatingly.

Gold Inlays

Interior designers across the world have also been using metal as precious as gold to decorate luxurious Gold Inlay Designs To Magnify Your Interior Ambiance homes. Have you been planning to incorporate gold in your interiors? Nothing could be more beautiful and classy than gold inlays in marble tiles or granite tiles.

Above all, the precious metal doesn’t corrode, rust, or tarnish. Its colour never fades. Instead, its beauty enhances with age. As gold is an easily malleable metal, you can use it to work into fine and intricate designs.

From yellow to green, marble offers plenty of colours to choose from for gold inlays. Similarly, granite has a vast spectrum of colours to choose from. As per expert recommendations, gold inlays in white marble/granite or black marble/granite will have the maximum impact.

Gold Inlay Is Not Gold Grout

Not many marble and granite suppliers have the expertise to work brass, copper or gold designs into natural stone tiles. The job requires diligence and skilled craftsmanship. Most of the fabricators may be using gold colour grout which is mistaken as gold inlays. However, grout is a dense fluid used to bind tiles together. It is made of a mixture of cement, water, sand and colouring.

On the other hand, a gold inlay is inserting gold metal designs in the grooves of the tiles. The gold may be 14k or gold glass or even brass. A waterjet mosaic with gold, copper or brass details is more expensive than putting a glitter grout in the tiles. Hence, it is essential to know the difference.

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Premium Natural Stone Designs To Compliment Metal Inlay

Precious metal inlays in marble tiles and granite tile are used for different decorative purposes in interiors. Some of the popular applications include flooring, wall cladding, and coffee tables. Brass, copper, and gold can be used as strips, geometric designs, floral designs, and more.

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