2024 Wishlist for Your Green Home Construction

2024 Wishlist for Your Green Home Construction

The onset of the 2020s marks a steep rise in how people around the world have become more conscious about green home construction. An increasing number of project owners are now looking for green home building products to incorporate into their properties. 

There is a plethora of materials and technology that can help you build a sustainable home without breaking the bank. Green residential construction is a great investment as it increases the resale value of a property in a forward-thinking market. And at the same time, it also serves in cutting down on utility and maintenance costs. 

QM Exports (India) uncovers the most popular and beneficial design trends that need to be on your wishlist this year—to build your dream environmentally friendly home building

Carbon Footprint Calculator for Green Home Construction 

A carbon footprint calculator is one of the most interesting and beneficial building tools to determine the entire carbon footprint of a building. Right from its construction to its demolition period, you can find out how your building will impact the environment. 

Free online tools are available that have a database of green home building products. This allows architects to calculate the embedded energy of a building design. During the planning and design phase, materials can be switched to reduce the carbon footprint as much as possible. Such tools with accurate data to make a building with a low carbon footprint can act as a game changer for property builders. It can help you with an exact estimate of how much specific construction material is needed. It also provides comparison data of carbon impact of other counterparts to assist in making a smart choice. 

Water Conservation Measures 

As climate change and global warming continue to rise, the freshwater crisis is predicted to increase in different regions of the world. Hence, it is important for property owners to begin understanding the importance of implementing water conservation measures. Besides, rising concern about the future limitation on water supplies and cost is driving builders and owners to consider water conservation.

Here are some simple ways to harvest water:

  • Barrel harvesting: Connect a pipeline to a barrel to collect water in high rainfall receiving areas
  • Rainwater garden: Link barrel to your garden 
  • Water tank: Use large tanks or containers to channel your rooftop water 
  • Low-flow plumbing fixtures: Showerheads, faucets, and flush valves reduce water waste

You can use cobbles to design 100% impervious tanks that serve for decades. They don’t just help in conservation but also become a center of attraction in your garden landscape. 

PV Solar Panel Installation on Rooftops

Many countries around the world are witnessing a steady increase in the installation of solar panels in environmentally friendly home buildings. Thanks to technological advances and decreasing prices. One of the most popular trends is using your roof space to install solar panels to create generation capacity. You can actually not just power your entire house or building (taking into account the number of solar panels). But you can also sell back into the electricity grid for offsetting your bill or gaining extra income.   

Trees as Part of Green Residential Construction 

Most of us have seen gigantic trees coming down just for the sake of new construction. Many builders, architects, designers, and owners are sowing seeds elsewhere as a counterbalance. But we don’t realize that cutting down decades-old trees and waiting for the seeds to grow in the next few decades isn’t the right solution. 

Instead, include trees in the design process and make them a part of your building plan and interior design. Today, a lot of architects have the expertise to preserve trees during green home construction

Prefabricated Natural Stone

Prefabricated granite or marble products, for example, can save big bucks for a lot of homeowners. There’s a misunderstanding among many that ‘prefab’ means it is not a natural stone. However, you can get the real beauty of granite, marble, sandstone, etc. in prefabricated condition—in other words, green home building products ready for installation. This has to be on your wishlist to create an attractive, timeless, and sustainable home. 

Order Prefabricated Countertops From QM Exports (India) 

Prefabricated countertops are as enticing as customized ones. You can choose from an array of granite, marble, sandstone, limestone, slate products in different colors, textures, patterns, and finishes. Without having to go through the design planning, you can just pick and install—without wasting time. Plus, they are far cheaper than opting for bespoke countertops. 

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