About us

Quality consciousness is setting higher standards for yourself then what the world has set for you

We, at Quality Marble Exports, offer products that promise quality, purity and beauty, that will stand the test of time. We offer an extensive range of slates, marbles and sandstones that are breathtaking in there combinations of colors and patterns. We own fully mechanized quarries that manufacture premium quality products.

We focus upon delivery of high quality, durable products along with superior client services, which offers our clients a competitive advantage & create value for there businesses. Our wide range of designs, classic to modern and antique to contemporary, gives our clients countless choices.

Exclusive Range of Natural Stones

We Ensure Quality


Manufacturing and production of high quality material


Serving our clients with on-time delivery of the products


Building a long term relationship with our valued clients

Our Work Process

Block Procuring

1. Block Procuring


2. Sawing

Edge Cutting

3. Edge Cutting


4. Sandblast

Water Proofing

5. Water Proofing

Water Proofing

6. Packaging


7. Stock


8. Cleaning


9. Inspection


10. Loading


11. Implementation


12. Completed


The Inspiration

Our Mission

To become a globally renowned company with a market presence among the architects and real estate developers who share a passion for natural stones like marble, granite, sandstone and others.

Our Vision

To produce rare and exotic natural stone and make them available for our customers at competitive prices which would make there dream home’s flooring visually appealing and durable across generations.

Our Values

We strive to derive customer satisfaction at each step. We work with a clear conscience and high commitment levels and always strive to build relationships rather then one time customers.

Global Presence
World wide showrooms and customers

Global Presence