Limestone is a sedimentary stone mainly consisting of Calcite. Limestone has a very fine-grained surface texture, does not show much crystalline structure and varies in hardness. Limestone is a hard, impervious and compact rock with very low water absorption, and has a high resistance in freezing and thawing conditions, hence can be used in any atmospheric condition without getting affected. Some dense limestones can be polished. The common colors are blue, grey, black, brown, and green. Limestone slabs and tiles have a very good polishing effect. Limestone slabs and limestone tiles are typically used for floorings, wall cladding, and vanity tops. Limestone slabs and limestone tiles are available in both, natural and polished surfaces.

Cudappa Black Natural Limestone


Swish Black Limestone To Jazz Up The Mundane Space

Kota Brown Polished Limestone


Energetic Look In Your Surroundings With Brown Limestone

Kota Blue Natural Limestone


Customize Your Paving With Blue Limestone

Kota Honey Natural Limestone


Nature Love Cannot Resist Our Exotic Collection Of Yellow Limestone



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Available in form of blocks, slabs and floor tiles, cobbles kerbstones sets and monuments, kitchen counters, vanity tops, prefabricated, precut, ready to install.

Black Limestone - Effortlessly Captivating

Black limestone is a type of limestone with a rough, black-colored surface. This limestone's excellent qualities include its relative softness and ease of cutting and shaping into desired shapes. Physically, limestone is a type of sedimentary rock that is extremely resistant, hard, compact, and composed of fine- to very-fine-grained calcareous rocks. Due to its exceptional stain removability, lime black limestone is typically chosen over other limestones. Both interiors and exteriors typically employ it.

Interesting Features of Black Limestone

The following are some noteworthy benefits and features that the majority of homeowners can enjoy after acquiring Black Limestone if you're looking for some reasons for purchasing it.

  • Black limestone gives the living and working space a refined touch. Aside from the occasional riven, the black limestone paving's surface is quite flat and consistent.
  • Black limestone has a dark color, yet because of its reflective qualities, it makes a room appear bright and roomy. Black limestone is a versatile and popular surface because of its attractive texture and uneven, tactile surface.
  • It is the best option for both interior and outdoor designing projects and applications because of its qualities like great stain removal, toughness, and resilience to high temperatures.
  • This also has the remarkable quality of being coupled with the constant black color, which makes it appropriate for modern gardens and landscapes.
  • Because black limestone is so solid, the items manufactured from it are robust and long-lasting.
  • Black limestone can be utilized for both business and residential purposes, including flooring, wall cladding, roofing, countertops, items, landscape paving, steps, and cobblestones, among other things.
  • Black limestone is a superb choice for practically any project because of its excellent workability, affordability, surface, and many other attributes.
  • Your floor will have a natural elegance if you use black limestone and light grout lines to create an opus pattern. This sedimentary rock with fine grains is highly compact and solid in nature, and it has a beautiful aspect that is quite alluring.

Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is the cost of black limestone?

The Black Limestone price is what draws the customers the most because of its reasonable cost and how durable it is.

  • Is Black Limestone a well-liked option?

Apart from the Black Limestone price is the top choice for interior and exterior applications. It gives off a posh, modern yet humble appearance. It is admired by those who respect concise yet powerful looks. Notable features are the appealing appearance and high durability.

  • Can Black Limestone be used for wall cladding?

Black Limestone is most usually used for flooring, walls, and wall cladding in especially useful parts of homes, such as bathrooms and kitchens, as well as for worktops.

  • How sturdy is Black Limestone?

Since black limestone is highly durable, has attractive patterns, and is reasonably priced, it is perfect for a range of uses in both residential and commercial settings.

  • Is Black Limestone difficult to keep up?

Other than the Black Limestone price it is also a well-liked option because it is resilient and simple to clean and maintain.

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