Introducing Bookmatching And Quadmatching Natural Stones

Natural Stone BookmatchIng And Quadmatching To Magnify Your Interiors

Adding a geometrical pattern to a plain-looking interior instantly awakens the energy of the space. And it keeps this energy moving!

As a result, anyone walking into such a room feels a sense of inclination and depth. Not to mention, nobody can overlook the bold statement that geometric designs create.

What if we told you that this kind of interior design effect is possible with natural stones? It’s possible with the luxurious marble tiles and the superstrong granite tiles. The impact just amplifies a thousand times!

And this effect is brought about by phenomena known as ‘bookmatching’ and ‘quadmatching.

What Are Bookmatching And Quadmatching?

Bookmatching is a process of creating a mirror-like effect with two neighboring natural stone slabs. The veining patterns on the two slabs are matched along symmetrical lines to produce this effect. It is just like an open book or like an apple cut into equal halves.

Similarly, when veining on four neighboring slabs is aligned symmetrically, it creates an X or diamond-shaped pattern. This process is known as quad matching or diamond matching.

How Are Bookmatched And Quadmatched Stone Slabs Created?

Both bookmatching and quadmatching begin at the quarry. Here, the huge blocks of stones are cut into slices. And these adjacent slices are preserved in sequential order. Once these slices are cut, the stone manufacturer decides which side to polish. They either choose to polish the same sides of every stone - which is common. Or, they polish the opposite sides of the stone so that when they are matched, one slab mirrors the other.

Natural Stone Blocks For Creating Bookmatched Slabs

The large slabs can also be cut into small tiles to create the same effect in small spaces. A kitchen backsplash is a perfect example.

So, when you visit granite or marble suppliers, you can choose to buy sequential cuts from one block of stone. Then, during installation, these cuts can be aligned using bookmatching or quadmatching style.

Thanks to natural stones that inherit the patterns of geology to help us produce these magical effects.

The Best Places In Your Interiors For Bookmatching Or Quadmatching

As a matter of fact, bookmatching and quadmatching can be suitable for most of the natural stone applications. However, the best places to flaunt them are:

Feature Walls

How about covering an entire wall with bookmatched or quadmatched stone to create a feature wall? It invents supernatural aesthetics that are not possible to achieve using man-made art.
Mercury Grey Marble For Exotic Bookmatched Designs

Take this Mercury Grey Marble, for example. It displays vivid and unique grey and black veining that creates an intricate design when bookmatched. The marble slabs are great for a feature wall in a sitting room, bedroom, or even the kitchen.


Backsplash in your kitchen can have a bookmatched stone. Kinawa Green Granite is one of the best examples. The green granite already has Dazzle Onyx Bookmatched Slabsgeometric patterns in the form of wavy green and blue specks on white and grey backgrounds.

Granite is an ideal candidate for a backsplash area that takes all the cooking mess. Hence, use the green granite tile in the book matching style to create an inspiring kitchen.

Open Showers

Open showers in your bathroom are also an amazing space to install bookmatched stones. Mercury Black Marble not just decorates the place in bookmatching style. But when given a polished finish, it shines like a mirror. If the space around the shower is less, use marble tiles that are smaller than marble slabs.

Kitchen Islands
Quadmatched Kitchen Island For Stunning Kitchen Aesthetics

If you have a large kitchen area and you need a large kitchen countertops or islands, have it in quadmatched style. Chima Blue Granite tile offers a complex design in a mirror image style that commands a lot of attention.

The grey and black veining pattern on a bluish-white base enhance the aesthetics. You can either use granite tile or slab to create the bookmatching style on the countertop.

Things To Remember Before Choosing A Bookmatched Or Quadmatched Stone
Granite Patterns That Display Classic Kitchen Countertop

Bookmatching or quadmatching is an art that you need to use carefully. Using more of it in a room might overwhelm the interiors. Just like the texture of natural stone, the patterns also define surfaces, impact scale and communicate a design style. So, remember to apply the stones in balance. For instance, bookmatched stones cannot be installed on all walls in a room. Or, you might feel like stuck in a maze after entering such a room.

Besides, It’s important to ensure that the pattern on granite or marble tiles/slabs flows flawlessly from one piece to the next. It is a bad idea to use them on surfaces that are interfered with by corners or cutouts.

Quality Marble Exports (India) - Expert Supplier Of Bookmatched And Quadmatched Stones
Natural Stone Collection at Quality Marble India

The art of bookmatching and quadmatching cannot stand even a little bit of mistake. Otherwise, it may create a distorted image of a pattern that is unattractive. Hence, It requires precise fabrication and installation from expert granite and marble manufacturers. The clipping and symmetrical alignment of the granite or marble tiles/slabs have to be spot-on.

Quality Marble Exports (India) is one of the largest marble and granite suppliers that offer stones in enchanting bookmatching style. Our team of installation experts takes care that the stone achieves the style it is created for.

So, to give your interiors the phenomenal effect of bookmatching and quadmatching, contact us!