How to Design Coastal Style Decor Using Marble?

Mimic the Beach Style With Marble Interiors

The sun, shore, sand and the blue sky are some of the reasons that make the coast an amazing place to relax. But what would be more relaxing than bringing these elements into your space? There is something about coastal design decor that is pleasant and soothing to your senses—it brings you closer to the beach.

If you wish to mimic the coast and play with a variety of colors and elements, there isn’t anything better than natural stones. Thanks to their inborn features, they can add an oceanic sparkle to your space. Amongst all, marble tiles are one of the best choices to bring in coastal vibes. Neutral and hushed tones work best in such a kind of decor since you can use vibrant colors on other elements.

Quality Marble Exports (India), one of the long-established marble suppliers brings to you inspiration for marble tiles that you can use to achieve this kind of decor.

Marble Tiles Colors to Create the Perfect Aesthetics

1. Green Marble

Add A Sense Of Sophistication And Elegance With Green Marble

Over the last couple of years, green marble has become a trend that most interior designers link to summer. It adds a sense of sophistication and elegance in any room without being too overbearing. When it comes to coastal design decor, using muted tones of green marble will go a long way in evoking a feeling of relaxation. For instance, Fantasy Green Marble tiles which have a neutral hue to them makes spaces feel welcoming and relaxed. It would be a good idea to add marble flooring to your bathroom to create a spa-like ambience. You can further set the mood using the Fantasy Green Marble tiles on other accents such as the sink.

Green marble should not be limited to your bathroom. You can play with it in your living room for your marble coffee table. It will look completely lush if you use it with hush tones of grey—it depends on your taste.

2. White Marble

Amba White Marble Tiles For Beach-inspired Interiors

White is often associated with the coastal decor style and you can never go wrong with it. The idea of using white marble is to make you feel like you are on the beach enjoying the bleached white sands. Thus, white marble is never the wrong idea of evoking such a feeling. A coastal theme kitchen is a good place to decorate with white since it will make the space feel bright, airy and large. You can opt for white marble countertops by using Amba White marble tiles that have a pure white surface with light grey streaks. Opt for a polished finish that will reflect light throughout the kitchen.

Also, you can add a touch of blue in the kitchen to give it an oceanic vibe. The kitchen cabinets can have the same white color. In other parts of your home, the flooring can be made from River Blue Marble that has a bluish-white surface with cloudy grey veins. It will stand out from other elements that will be used to decorate the space.

3. Grey Marble

Spruce Up The Interiors With Grey Marble

If you are looking to stand out and not opt for the obvious blue and white colors then you should lean more to grey marble. This neutral hue can work with other elements, especially vibrant colors such as yellow that are associated with the beach. For instance, you can opt for Millennium Grey marble flooring. It has a grey surface with black or white veining. In this case, vibrant elements will stand out. For example, if you have a blue kitchen island opt for a yellow dining set. These colors will help add some warmth to the nautical space.

The neutral beachy decor can be extended in other rooms such as the living room, bathroom and bedroom. In the bathroom, the shower tiles and the sink can mimic the marble flooring in the kitchen for a more balanced look. Millennium Grey will add a touch of sophistication and elegance to the bathroom. You can spruce it further by adding blue elements to achieve a coastal bathroom.

Coastal decor is supposed to be relaxing yet fun. You can play with neutral colors and you are not only limited to the ones mentioned. Marble tiles add sophistication to any space. Characteristics of durability, low maintenance and resistance to stains and scratches making them ideal for any space.

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