Things To Know About Desert Brown Granite

Desert Brown Granite Specifications And Applications

Among natural stones, granite tile is one of the most preferred options. Homeowners, commercial property owners and even designers and architects consider the stone as one of the best construction materials. Thanks to its intrinsic qualities like durability and resistance to different types of abuses.

In this article, we are exploring a popular granite tile variety known as Desert Brown Granite. This stone is one of the bestsellers at Quality Marble Exports (India). So, let’s see what makes this stone popular.

FAQs On Desert Brown Granite Tile

1. What Is The Appearance Of The Desert Brown Granite?

Desert Brown Granite For Contemporary And Traditional Design

This is a homogeneous granite with black-brown crystals which run across it. Some would describe the crystals as yellow-brown with black specks scattered all over the granite tile. The tan colour scheme will give you a nostalgic feel like you are in the desert itself - a beautiful desert without the scorching sun. Nevertheless, there are times there are odd mineral deposits that give the surface an off white appearance but this is a rare occurrence. Also, it would take a keen eye to notice this kind of stone tile.

2. Is Desert Brown Granite Scratch-resistant?

One of the advantages of this granite tile is that it is scratch proof. On the Moh scale of mineral hardness, it is rated at number 7. This means that there are some elements such as diamond that can scratch it. However, sealing the granite tile will help minimize scratches and other wear and tear on the surface.

3. Is Desert Brown Etch-resistant?

Etching is a chemical reaction when tiles are exposed to acid-based liquids. This causes the surface to have a full appearance. Etching is caused by products that are acidic such as wine, soda, vinegar, bleach ammonia among other liquids. This granite is susceptible to etching over time especially if the spills are not cleaned immediately. The best way to deal with etching is by using a granite sealer or hiring a professional to deal with the marks.

4. What Applications Can Desert Brown Granite Tile Be Used For?

Granite floor tiles can be used for both interior and exterior decor. Also, its beauty can be implemented for commercial and residential projects such as wall cladding, flooring, landscaping, countertops, backsplashes and vanity tops. It can easily integrate into any space since it can blend with any style and theme. In addition, many people love it because it is more affordable than other granite tiles. Thus, you can rest assured of the functionality of granite tile but at a cheaper price.

5. Is Desert Brown Granite Tile Good For Kitchen Countertops?

Desert Brown Granite Kitchen Countertops

If you are looking for a kitchen countertop or worktop which can integrate with the current theme of your kitchen then choose Desert Brown Granite tile. They have become one of the most popular options because of their appealing tan brown tones. You can combine it with white coloured cabinets for a grand finish.

Besides, if you are looking for a vintage effect then combine the Desert Brown Granite countertop with dark cabinets. Also, the countertop will become the focal point of the kitchen which is a good thing since most dark granites often get lost in a dark-themed space.

6. What Is The Maintenance Level Of Desert Brown Granite Tile?

If you are looking for granite floor tiles that are less porous to moisture then this is the right choice. It is a great fit for the kitchen and bathroom. Also with proper care, it is less susceptible to stains and etching. Also sealing it will protect it from any harm such as scratches. The trick is to clean it regularly with a high-quality granite tile sealant that will make it last a lifetime.

7. Does Desert Brown Granite Vary From Slab To Slab?

Desert Brown Granite Floor Tiles For Appealing Interiors And Exteriors

The granite flooring tiles usually exist in a uniform appearance. The yellow-brown and black crystals are consistent on each tile. However, from the consistency perspective, you won’t see the same pattern on each slab. Owing to the natural occurrence of patterns, each granite slab is unique.

8. Does Desert Brown Granite Have Other Names?

This natural stone is mostly mined from the state of Rajasthan in North India. It is also known as Merry Wood Granite or Nova Brown Granite.

9. What Finishes Are Available For Desert Brown Granite Tile?

It can be found in polished, honed and leathered finishes. However, you can consult a granite supplier to choose the best fit for your style.

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