DIY Mosaic Tile Ideas During Coronavirus Quarantine

DIY Mosaic Tile Ideas To Decorate Your Interiors

COVID-19 has forced people to stay in home quarantine. At present, lockdown is the safest solution the world has to fight the pandemic. This period of social isolation may be bothersome for many, especially when you cannot ‘work from home.’ But look at the positive aspects of staying home with family in quarantine. You can take this time as a golden chance in disguise. And fulfil those desires and hobbies that weren’t possible when you were busy with work.  

Have you been thinking of giving your ‘home sweet home’ a touch of your creativity? Then grab these moments to bring small transformations in your home interiors. You could simply take up a DIY mosaic stone tile project and create your own art. It’s great both for your home and your mental health. 

Marble and granite suppliers from India offer a variety of mosaic tiles in different tones and patterns. So, let us explore how creatively you can install these tiles to redesign interiors yourself.

Uses Of Mosaic Tiles


Do you have a worn table at home? Or a new bedside cabinet with a bit of dull look? Give an attractiveTravertine Marble Mosaic For Designing The Kitchen Walls transformation to any tabletop with mosaic tiles. For a DIY project, square or rectangle tables are easiest to tile. To begin with, choose the mosaic pattern and colour that best suits the tabletop. Also, check if the design complements your interior design.

For instance, Travertine Marble Mosaic is a spectacular choice. The checkered patterns have each box reflecting different hues of brown and green. It turns out as a great accompaniment for subtle interiors.

Plant Pots 

How about giving a new look to your terracotta plant pots? These long-used brown pots might seem Silver Grey Mosaic Tileboring sometime. Isn’t it? Then choose your favourite mosaic tile and stick small pieces of tiles around the pot. This task will surely take you back to school days when you learnt how to decorate terracotta moulds.

A vibrant Green Mosaic is a great option for plant pots. You can cover the tiles just around the brim or tile the entire pot.

Mirror Surround

Embellishing the surrounds of the mirror could transform the look of the entire room. Apply tiles aroundMix Mosaic Wall Tiles the mirror edges or craft an eye-catching frame. If you are tiling a bathroom mirror then opt for a colour scheme that relates to your shower or walls. In the bedroom, decorate the mirror wall as the accent wall.

For a frameless mirror, Green Emperador Mosaic would steal the show. The subtle green square shape tiles used as mirror surrounds echoes a soothing ambience.

Window Frame

Typically, window frames are plain brown - sometimes not really expressing the interior design. Mosaic Rainbow Mosaic To Bring Lively & Vibrant Colorstiles could go out of the way to make your windows dazzle. This feature is enough to make your interiors speak for themselves.

Take a look at this Brown Mosaic. These sophisticated rainforest marble tiles will make your windows smile in silence.


Bar countertops are one of the most attractive features of a bar set up. This is the place at home where you love to throw a party. Whether it is indoors or outdoors, you can get creative with mosaic tiles. Bamboo Weave Textured Mosaic is a great option for outdoor bars surrounded by a garden.

Mosaic Flooring

Until now, we just discovered the use of mosaic tiles for mini-transformations. However, if you’ve been Copper Polished Mosaic Tile For Customized Designs On Walls & Floorslonging to tile a mosaic flooring yourself. You have it! 

You can go for DIY marble flooring indoors or sandstone flooring outdoors. To give you a little help with choices, Mint Fossil Natural is a robust sandstone tile perfect to create garden paths or patios. 

Besides flooring, you can also design the walls using your creativity. 

How To Use Mosaic Tiles?

After you have desired the mosaic tiles and the design, it is time to take a look at the technical details. While a DIY project often calls for a trial and error method, it is safe to follow the norms of tiling.

First of all, it is important to know that the installation of tiles involves uniform layering. In case a uniform thickness is not achieved, you may face cracking in the tiles. Besides, sometimes the tiles - if not perfectly cut - differ in thickness. This is when you need to perform a bit of experimentation. A varying amount of adhesive is applied to the place of application. 

Use white adhesive for light coloured natural stones and grey adhesive for dark ones. 

Once the job is done, a sealant must be applied to the surface. This is key to protect your tiles from stains and blemishes. Different types of sealers are available in the market for different natural stones and finishes. Hence, picking the appropriate sealer is the first priority.

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