Exotic Natural Stone Ideas to Make Your Home Christmas Ready

Exotic Natural Stone Ideas to Make Your Home Christmas Ready

Prepping up for Christmas decorations is as exciting as the festival celebrations. You along with your loved ones begin discussing the theme, colours, ornaments, and thanksgiving gifts. How about welcoming a unique way of decoration this time? What if you go with natural stone decoration ideas? 

Quality Marble Exports (India), one of the largest granite suppliers have assisted a lot of homeowners in creating Christmas-ready interiors. If you are stuck on ideas—or are thinking about how to decorate a stone fireplace—we are here to add further fuel to your imagination. 

Top 4 Unique Decoration Ideas for Christmas 

Christmas decoration highly depends on the colour theme, setting, and ambience of your interiors. Hence, your ideas shouldn’t be poles apart from the rest of your home. It should instantly sync in with your regular decor while also not making you feel something as usual. Besides, make sure you decorate keeping your personal taste in mind. With these golden rules, let’s start exploring! 

1. Stone Candle Holders

White colour natural stone candle holders are rather common. So, if you go with something off-beat like Carbon Gold Granite tiles, it will serve as the cherry on the cake to your ambience. The dynamically undulating stream of ochre and gold veins will add luxury. It will especially double up the beauty of your interior colours including black, white, or red. 

If you love a gentle theme like frosted blue or winter white, go with Crystal Blue Granite tiles or Alaska White Granite tiles. The former is loved for its blue-white specks and silver lustre while the latter is loved for its delicate brown and black veining. 

Quality Marble Exports (India) provides bespoke natural stone craft for bulk orders. You could spread several candle holders across your home to achieve a fairy-tale-like ambience.  

If you love DIY decorations, order natural pebbles of your choice, paint them and glue them together to create a stick. You can place a variety of tealight candles on these lovely candlesticks.  

2. Floor Mat 

Rubber or cloth mats are common. So how about creating a mat out of pebbles? Doesn’t that sound amazing? You can choose different natural stone pebbles according to your taste or keep them solo by selecting one of them. Arrange these mats on a rubber mat. Or, create a shallow square or rectangle-shaped depression and place them inside. If you love minimalism, keep the pebbles as it is. But if you wish to add a colourful twist, paint the pebbles the way you want. A DIY stone mat is ready to make anybody stare at them with awe!   

3. Stone Stocking

Mostly, people choose velvet, cotton, wool, linen or other clothing material for Christmas stockings. What if we suggest you create stockings out of natural stone? People would rarely think of stone stockings for Christmas decoration and you could try this idea to have one-of-its-kind festive decoration.  

Indian Satvario Marble tiles are one of the best options we have for your interiors. Thanks to its pure white background and delicate black veining which makes it versatile and fit for any interior. Another bold option is Tiger Red Granite tiles. Its brown, red and orange background can be used for both modern and traditional interiors. 

You can order several stockings in a two-dimensional or three-dimensional look from Quality Marble Exports (India).    

4. Christmas Fireplaces Fantasy

Natural stone fireplaces have an integral ability to instantly fantasize a space. If you already have one, that’s wonderful. But if you don’t, you can choose any exotic natural stone to create magnificent Christmas fireplaces. Nurelle Grey Granite, Black Marquino Granite, and Crystal Yellow Granite are some of the trending options. 

To decorate a stone fireplace mantel, you can place stone candle stands, stone stockings around it. You can even create a stone accent wall behind your fireplace and embellish it with photo frames, strings, or any kind of Christmas ornaments.

How to Decorate a Stone Fireplace With QM India

Quality Marble Exports (India) is well-known as one of the leading marble and granite exporters around the world. We have been assisting homeowners in creating personalized interiors. 

Each natural stone has a vivid personality that speaks of its unparalleled presence in space. No other material matches its natural texture, pattern and intensity of colour combinations. Adding even one type of stone to decorate a stone fireplace mantel (for example) can instantly bring home a beautiful transformation.  

So, if you’ve already started planning your Christmas decoration using natural stones, get in touch with us. We will be more than happy!