Embrace The Universal And Timeless Beauty Of Green Marble

Stylish And Trendy Interior With Green Marble

The green colour symbolises abundance, growth and prosperity! Similarly, in the natural stone world, this colour brings an amazing blend of beauty, versatility and freshness together. The dreary interiors come to life when green marble is installed in the form of flooring, kitchen countertops or wall cladding.

Marble which received its name from the Greek word ‘marmar’ meaning ‘to shine’ is famous for its rich looks and reflectiveness. The green marble goes one step ahead in giving a natural green luster, reminiscent of green forest. Its graceful appearance creates a mesmerising ambience and livens up any space by becoming the point of attraction.

Green marble commonly constitutes calcite, dolomite, and serpentine which imparts durability, strength and hardness. This high-quality marble provides natural lust bestowed by nature and it comes in vivid varieties of green veins, swirls, hues, dense textures and patterns. Depending on the shade, impurities, and patterns, the marble is classified into many categories. The stone was popular in the vintage era and now it is making a comeback in the 21st-century with interior decoration.

With the unique look of the green marble, it fits any given space amazingly. No matter what kind of aesthetics is desired, it has all that one could wish for a dream home. The green marble is always a premium choice for flooring, vanity, bathroom, fireplace, countertops, benchtops, decorative accessories and more. Have a look at the list of applications where this premium quality marble can make a refined statement.

The Comprehensive Usage Of Green Marble In Interiors And Exteriors

Due to the green marble’s innate qualities like natural texture, colour richness and resilience, the stone is favoured by interior designers and architects. Whether you want to revamp a property, construct a new one, or add beautiful aesthetics to any given space, application of this high-quality marble makes an unrivalled difference.

Here is a quick look into large applications enticing a grand appearance:

For Interiors - The green marble in interiors can establish a royal appearance by application in building columns inside large rooms and halls. Not to mention, this stone steals away the show when it is installed in spacious living in conjunction with light interiors.

For Exteriors - Green marble is one of the best options to enhance the beauty of outdoor space. Multiple shapes of green marble are placed together in order to create customised pavings or luxurious walkways. With high durability, this stone becomes the prime choice for designing building facade. Along with this, the stone in combination with white marble can create beautiful staircase, ramp and patios.

For Decoration - Nowadays, green marble is used in designing stone craft including monuments, fountains, table tops, planter and sculptures. Not only this, the stone is installed in the lining of the fireplace in the spacious living room to beautify the space.

The green marble sets an eye-catching look with all the colours on the palette. In general, the marble goes excellently well with subtle and light colours. Let us talk about some of the exclusive applications in detail.

In Bathrooms - This is the place where we take time to refresh and relax. There is everything the marble can fit into bathrooms. Make space look extraordinary by having a sophisticated washbasin and bathtub made of green marble tiles. One can make it look more luxurious by covering the entire bathroom with the marble including walls and flooring.

In Kitchens - Kitchen is a place filled with multiple design elements. The green marble offers a stylish look to the kitchen when applied to sink, countertop, and a fragment of the wall. In fact, the marble is also used in making a broad range of cutleries and plates that offer a unique way of dining.

In commercial areas - Thanks to high durability, this stone is used in high traffic area. It enhances the aesthetics dramatically and is also used to customise the countertop of a conference hall.

In Living Room - The first impression begins from the living room where one can formulate a bunch of ideas for lovely and eye-soothing aesthetics. Below is a list of ideas that can intensify the look of a living room.

Light fixture - Lights are the most vital ingredients to brighten up any space. One can consider having a light fixture or a table lamp with a base made of green marble. This will be something trendy and unusual.

Coffee Table - Another essential ingredient of the living room or any seating arrangement. One can think of adding a marble coffee table with a modern touch. For example, restaurants can have marble coffee tables matched with contrasting marble flooring for an exotic look.

Accessories - With ideas and green marble one can give a makeover to living space. The marble in the form of sculptures, indoor fountain or tiny accessories can add a classic feeling to the ambience.

Green Marble Range Available At Quality Marble Exports (India)

Green Marble Collection At Quality Marble India India is one of those rare countries where green marble is found. The green marble exporters of India are well-versed with its existence, significance, characteristics that let them match the variety as per the client preference.

Quality Marble Exports (India) is one of those leading premium quality green marble suppliers in India, with in-depth knowledge about the stone. Our team quarries the best quality green marble from the mines with world-class techniques and skills. Check out our exclusive collection of green marble:

1. Emerald Green - This marble has a dark green base that is filled in between with black colour veins. This marble is popularly used in decorations, interiors and exteriors. It is incorporated in the architecture of temples, mosques, palaces and homes.

2. Fantasy Green - This green marble has a natural green backdrop with black speckles and delicate interrupted veining which reflect an earthy look. The colour is soothing to the eye and can be applied in indoor and outdoor space.

3. Forest Green - This green marble appears to have a rather sturdy look with showy patterns and textures. It has light green waves flowing through dark green veins. The stone is an amazing option for artefacts, tabletops, and flooring.

4. Rain Forest Green - This has a splendid blend of green and brown that seem like colours meet each other to form different patterns. It is a perfect choice for kitchen countertops, wall cladding and flooring.
Choose your green marble and let the top marble suppliers get to planning wonderful aesthetics for your property with us!

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