How To Create A Welcoming Guest Bedroom With Granite & Marble?

How To Design A Guest Bedroom With Granite & Marble?

There is nothing more satisfying than making your guests feel cosy and welcoming. Decorating a guest bedroom can be fun because you will try to measure up to a five-star hotel. Of course, there are the necessities such as a comfy mattress, good lighting, serene hues and available toiletries that are a must to make your guest comfortable. Since you never know who can show up at your place, it is always a good idea to make the bedroom feel neutral so that it can work for everyone. Adding natural elements to the bedroom will make the space feel complete and you can never go wrong with granite and marble tiles.

These two natural stones are available in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes. Granite and marble tiles are most famous for their beauty, durability and resistance that make them perfect for any space. There are endless applications that you can use to complement the decor of the guest bedroom. One of the highly customer-oriented granite exporters, Quality Marble Exports (India) brings to you a few ideas to get you started!

5 Marble and Granite Tile Applications to Instantly Transform Your Guest Bedroom

1. Window Sills

White Marble Window Sills For A Sophisticated Look

Window sills are an important aspect of any property. They not only have an aesthetic appeal but also act as a barrier against moisture that can damage the walls. Granite tile window sills are chosen during the initial phases of construction. Many property owners even opt for marble tiles for their window sills to add an overall sophisticated look. Mercury White Marble tiles can be a good addition since the neutral color can blend with anything. The variety has a white background with grey veins showering a relaxing effect on the space. For a more balanced look, you can choose to match the window sills with marble flooring.

2. Accent Walls

Accent walls are a good way to add your pizzazz to the decor of the guest bedroom. If they are done then they will be beautiful and make the space breathtaking. Granite tile is a good material for accent walls because it adds depth and dimension to the space. The stone has been used for ages. Thanks to its durability and timeless look. You can choose to play with different granite tile colors to achieve the decor you desire.

Madurai Gold Granite To Spruce Up The Accent Wall

One of the go-to color combinations for your bedroom is grey and yellow. These two colors have become the favourite among designers since they blend with ease. Sierra Grey Granite has a neutral shade to it although it is made up of three hues: grey, black and white. It can be used as the primary accent wall color but using some bit of yellow will make the walls stand out. Madurai Gold Granite that has a cream surface with black flakes can spruce the accent wall. The gold hue will also add a bit of luxury to the entire space. You can also play with other colors such as blue and green on other elements to balance the grey wall.

3. Granite-tile Table

Durable & Stain resistant Granite Tile Tabletop

You should not be surprised to come across granite tabletops in the bedroom. They have been around for centuries because of their durability properties, stain-resistant and key appearance when polished. Many homeowners opt for black granite for tabletops as the stains can be camouflaged by the color. Black Galaxy Granite and Absolute Black Granite are high-grade choices since they are the epitome of granite luxury. Plus, they will fit with the decor color of the guest bedroom.

You can opt for another hue such as white granite that can be a bit difficult to maintain but is worthwhile. Imperial White Granite can be a great fit since it will fit perfectly to any decor and the pinkish and grey veins will make it stand out.

4. Shelves

Add Some Earthiness To Space With Coffee Brown Granite

Granite-tile shelves might not sound like your everyday kind of shelves but they are quite common for decor enthusiasts. They are a great way to create additional storage space in the guest bedroom. Brown granite tiles can be an ideal choice for a wardrobe since they will add some earthiness to the bedroom. Coffee Brown Granite with its dark texture can captivate the space especially in decor with light colors.

5. Ceiling

An aesthetically pleasant ceiling can set the mood for relaxation and the guest can unwind. The right color of the ceiling will have an impact on the size of the room. Granite and marble tiles are becoming commonplace. The marble ceilings, although expensive, are quite elegant and give the space a luxurious feel.

White marble is a common material for a ceiling in most properties. Andy White Marble tiles are a wonderful option. The off white color is a great match for small rooms since it will give the illusion of a larger room. The effect works best if the walls have the same light color. To make the guest bedroom cosier opt for dark colors such as Emerald Green Marble tiles.

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