History of Black Limestone Paving: What is the Truth?

History of Black Limestone Paving: What is the Truth?

A gorgeous natural stone that adds dramatic dark colours to any garden or patio setting is black limestone paving slabs. Whether you use our limestone slabs indoors or outdoors, they will significantly transform the atmosphere of your area and give a striking, contemporary finish.

When wet, the stone's colour appears black and when dried, it appears dark grey. 

Black Limestone was sought-after by many customers when it came in monochrome. The deep blacks were unlike any other natural stone that could be bought. It was a highly popular choice since the surface was smooth, the colour was uniform with little variation, and the manufacturers could cut the material quite readily.As a leading limestone supplier, Quality Marble Exports (India) goes back to the pages of history to explore the beauty of black limestone. 

About Black Limestone Paving Slabs

Black limestone paving is a magnificent natural stone that adds a splash of colour to any garden or patio. Black limestone gives a lovely appearance to your infrastructure. Most people recommend this beautiful stone because it is:

  • Cost-effective
  • The surface is lightly riven
  • Natural shades
  • Looks great both wet and dry

Black limestone paving is divided along its natural layers to produce a finish that is remarkably genuine. This surface is delicately riven. No two pavers are identical due to the lovely differences that are left on each slab's surface as a result of this technique. Each of the hand-dressed edges on the softly riven slabs adds to the limestone's organic, natural appearance, giving any traditional design a classic charm.

Prevent Fading or Restore Colour in Black Limestone Slabs 

Black limestone is so attractive that it is hard not to select it. The first step in making sure you are positioning yourself for success is to seal the stone after it has been laid in order to preserve it from the elements. Use an outdoor solvent-based sealant to accomplish this.

After the stone has been installed for 8 to 12 weeks, sealing it will begin to protect it right away from UV rays and heavy rain. Utilizing a solvent-based sealer that impregnates the stone will ensure protection underneath the stone's surface and throughout the stone's composition.

The initial treatment won't keep the stone safe indefinitely. Every 12 to 18 months, the sealer will need to be reapplied to the stone to ensure that it remains thoroughly impregnated and resistant to the scourge of fading black limestone slabs. A little care can go a long way in retaining the robust functionality and attractiveness of the stone. 

Black Limestone Paving Options at Quality Marble Exports (India)

Quality Marble Exports (India) offers Cudappa Black Natural that comes with an attractive look and robust personality. It is one of the most popular natural stones among property owners and architects for a wide variety of projects. Commonly, it is used for flooring and wall cladding but it can also be used for vanity tops. 

We offer black limestone paving stones in the form of tiles and slabs to fit a project requirement. If you are looking to install this stone or any other natural stone, get in touch with us to get a free quote. We will be happy to assist you in accomplishing your project.