Marble Diaries: One of Nature's Most Amazing Creations

Why Marble Is The Most Popular Natural Stone?

Marble is one of those naturally occurring materials that has been used to create stunning stone architecture in the past. While its existence dates back to ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, it was the favourite stone of the Romans and Greeks. And this is mainly why the word ‘marble’ comes from the Greek word “marmaros” meaning ‘shining stone’.

As one of the most beautiful natural stones, marble was used in ancient Rome and Greece to create sculptures and structures. When limestone is subjected to immense pressure and heat of metamorphism, premium quality marble is formed. It was used in monolithic columns and supporting pillars in magnificent private, religious and public buildings. White and off-white marble was used for constructions whereas the coloured marble tiles and slabs were used to create decorative floorings.

Why Marble Is The Most Popular Natural Stone?

Explore The Range of Marble

Both the appearance and functionality of marble contribute to its extensive popularity, even in modern times. No one could refuse the fact that the natural stone adds elegance and charm to any space it occupies. It remains to be the king of aesthetics for centuries, seamlessly adding a novel look to the surroundings. Depending on its colour, marble has a unique light-reflecting property that creates magnificent spaces. This particular feature renders a skin-like translucence and life-like appearance to anything it touches.

In terms of functionality, marble proves to be a highly durable material. Its usefulness comes from the fact that the stone can be easily quarried and carved. It is comparatively resistant to shattering and becomes harder and more durable as it ages. Although high-quality marble is expensive, it pays for it if properly maintained and cared for regularly.

What Can Be Marble Used For?

Marble offers versatile options for applications in architecture as well as interior design. Some of the most common are:

1. Marble Flooring

For thousands of years, marble as a flooring material has been the hallmark of wealth. Marble flooring adds alluring power to the exterior as well as interior flooring in residential and commercial areas. It has a great capacity to illuminate floors, resist moisture, dust, and heat. Besides, it needs easy cleaning on a daily basis to maintain the ever-lasting beauty of the stone.

2. Facades/Walls

Marble facades are a symbol of devotion and are profoundly found on religious buildings in Europe and some parts of Asia. High-quality marble for interior or exterior walls can be used in any shape to create a masterpiece. As marble is vulnerable to crayons, it should be used cautiously in a home with children.

3. Kitchen Countertops

A premium quality marble countertop is a style statement for any space. If you want it for the kitchen countertops, it can bear away all the knife wounds and heat without showing damage. If you want it for a bathroom as a vanity top, it will resist moisture and stains easily.

4. Sinks

Marble sinks are all about luxury and sophistication. Practically, it does not deteriorate under water easily and makes the use extremely pleasing.

5. Staircase

What could be more enchanting than a marble staircase? It transforms the look of a mansion wonderfully. All the more, it endures all the wear and tear that a normal staircase cannot. It is more durable than wood or carpet that requires high maintenance and more time for cleaning.

6. Fountains

A marble fountain purely means you are tranquilising your ambience. Just as it stays strong when applied to sinks, marble proves to be one of the top preferences for fountains. Add it to your home garden or somewhere in the interiors, it will prove to be an eye-catcher.

7. Pillars

Look at the ancient Greek monuments! They seem exquisite and marvellous due to their marble pillars. Although adding a marble column is an expensive deal, you might think of it for the entrance of your property.

Which Are The Most Exclusive Types Of High-quality Marble?

Green Marble

Rain Forest Brown Marble 1. Rain Forest Green - This high-quality marble is for those who favour dark colours. With a dark green base and brown pattern, Rain Forest Green marble offers a mystical look to any space.

2. Fantasy Green - For those who look for a dull yet earthy shade of green marble, Fantasy Green is the answer! Commonly regarded as Plain Green, the stone imparts natural vibes to its surroundings. Thanks to its colour and texture it blends perfectly with other types of marbles in contrast.

3. Forest Green - Slightly bolder than the Fantasy Green, the Forest Green marble is a glamourous embellishment for any space. Owing to its intrinsic quality and look, the stone is widely used in sculptures and buildings.

4. Emerald Green - The natural green marble is the way to adding a soothing ambience to your home. The tint of dark green veins on a light green backdrop is decorating factors for walls, countertops and floorings. Emerald green is far stronger and compact than other green marbles.

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Onyx Marble

1. Onyx White - The light-reflecting property we talked about is profusely present in the Onyx White Marble. Thanks to its fresh white background tinted with green patches. With a robust anti-slip property, the stone is an attractive choice for interior/exterior flooring.

2. Onyx Pink - This is another great white marble choice with light hints of pink and green. Just as Onyx White, this pink version goes translucent when light reflects. Onyx Pink Marble is a choice of luxury and grandeur for interior as well as exterior flooring. Besides, it can also be used in countertops, staircases, fountains etc.

Brown Marble

1. Rain Forest Brown - Being a rare marble stone, it boasts a unique texture and pattern with brown strokes and white veining. Rain Forest Brown Marble is a popular option for facades, interior walls and countertops.

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