Delve Into World of Color Psychology To Choose The Right Colored Natural Stone

Psychological Effects Of Natural Stone Colours on Your Well Being

Famous artist Pablo Picasso once started - “Colors, like features, follow the changes of emotions”. He used colour to draw emotions, not just the drawings.

There is no denying that our mood is inseparably associated with Colors. From happiness to enthusiasm, passion or sagacity, colours do evoke and affect our moods. When incorporating different colours into a home or office, it is very crucial to understand how divergent shades of colours play a role in affecting our moods and emotions. The choices you select for your interior have an impact on your well being, productivity and boost moods.

While you plan to remodel your home or workplace, it can be a complex and intimate process for a relaxing and comfortable space. Remodelling a bathroom, kitchen countertop, marble flooring, or granite floor tiles is a creative and innovative journey that may be a piece of work but thrills your inventive juices. Once you decide to remodel, your priority is to plan how to use your own taste to create your dream space. That task can be as daunting as it can be intimidating.

On this existing journey of choosing the correct interior pieces, you should make or break decisions about how your space will look and feel for the years to come. There are many methods to inculcate nature inside your home, including planting and using elements like Natural Stone in your design. Before choosing the natural stone, mainly marble tiles colour for interiors, one should start by asking ‘How do I want my interior space to make me feel?’ By creating a list of emotions, this can be transformed into corresponding colours. You can either choose a colour that you like or the one that matches your overall decor and fits well for your home.

The Magic of Using Different Hues of Natural Stone in Your Interiors:

It creates well-being and serenity in the Family. Every family member spends quality time at home. Marble flooring, kitchen countertops, wall cladding, etc in different colours, give the feeling of peace. This acts as a good emotive bridge connecting your family. When you reach the office or come home after an exhausting day, Marble tiles and slabs add to the sense of tranquillity, comfy, and pleasure, which reduces your stress hormones.

How Does a Natural Stone Affect Your Mood?

Have you ever walked into your room and noticed a change in your mood? Have you noticed a sense of serene relaxation? The specific emotions of being energized and joyful suddenly overwhelmed and relaxed - have something to do with the room’s colour, consisting of tile floor, kitchen, wall colours. The different marble colours conjure up and inject a particular vibe into your space.

Natural Stone and Its Different Shades

It is not an exact science that different natural stones in different colours have proven to have an impact on our moods. It's very important to take your time while choosing the best marble tiles or granite tiles that you want from the rooms in your space.

In this post, we will throw some light to look into the psychological effects of colour that help to evoke the right emotions in the home or workspace. Here are some famous natural stone colours and the familiar feelings that evoke a subtle glow and lift our spirit in a breathtaking way.

Get ready to discover how you can create an uplighting interior space with exotic colourful marble tiles, and make your home the place where you feel the best.

Red - Potency of Energy and Passion:

Red Natural Stone For A Young And Vibrant Vibe

Red is a compelling colour that Creates a dramatic, eye-catching illusion with vibrant backsplash in interiors. There is a delusion that red equals anger. But in fact, red increases energy enhances enthusiasm for decor. It is a bold shade that is suitable for those homeowners who are energetic and like to get things done. It is best suited for the kitchen and dining area. It increases appetite and creates a dramatic look just like Red Natural Stone.

From a contemporary passion to pleasing rustic, timeliness depending on the shade, Red Marble can create designs that make you feel young, positive and vibrant. Some of them are - Jodhpur Red, Ruby Red Granite.

Yellow - Promoter of Joy, Warmth and Motivation:

Incorporate Energy In Home With Rain Forest Yellow Marble

Go for a warm, classy look with an intricate yellow tile in your home. Yellow is a bright colour that encourages joy, happiness and positivity. It's great to incorporate into a living room space area to boost energy in the mornings for the rest of the motivation for the day.

It's not surprising that Yellow is connected with optimism and energy. Yellow Tiles are suitable for jolly retro schemes, that one colour that gives a splash of happiness. Be it any shade of yellow tile for the style statement - pair it with a white wall for a resurgence in modern design. RainForest Yellow Marble is an understated natural stone that can be best utilised as an accent wall, kitchen countertop, sink, backsplash for a sophisticated effect.

White - Symbol of Serenity and Simplicity:

Welcome Purity And Accomplishments With White Marble

Let the composure of white tile open ways for serenity and happiness into your space. This piece depicts the colour of perfection that signifies wholeness, purity and accomplishment. White Marble is ideal for the everyday inspiration that you need in your life. It can be incorporated best in residential properties, boundary walls, landscaping, bathroom, kitchen tabletops, etc.

White marble flooring or granite floor tiles make the room seem more spacious and prominent. White marble is a natural stone that pairs beautifully with other kitchen accessories and accent pieces. Amba White Marble and Onyx White Marble typically symbolise a fresh start. It is a graceful, practical choice for a modern kitchen.

Green - Synonym of Restoration and Harmony:

Green brings life, vibrancy, and purity as derived from nature. Considered one of the restful colours for the eyes. Green tiles, slabs and blocks are associated with restoration, growth and are linked to bringing nature indoors. People who are nature lovers can opt for Green Marble, being a universal colour, it is gaining popularity in many different options like decorative ceramic tiles, reading books or the meditation room can be the perfect space to tie in the natural hues. It thus reduces mental stress and emotional disparity.

From the softest shades to deeper tones, Green tiles are best suited to any hotel resort, home villas, to deserve their place to rejuvenate you and your home interiors. For instance, Emerald Green Marble and Forest Green Marble are natural stones that bring green hues from nature to your home, without being overwhelming.

Black - The Powerhouse Color of Elegance and Strength:

Black Marble - A Symbol Of Sophistication

Black is a symbol of sophistication, evokes gushes of emotions of strength, elegance and mystery. Black is a great colour to subsume into areas like Living areas, its various hues can make a farmhouse or official areas aesthetic, or small bathrooms. Black Marble is a beautiful stone that consists of endless variations and a classic choice throughout the interiors.

It is linked with elegance and is heavily used in a colour scheme to give a look of Power and a blend of both modern and traditional touches - to create a timeline and royal look. One such marble variety is Mercury Black Marble can be best used with contrasting colours as it balances other colours and emphasises the pattern with other tiles.

Set Up The Right Mood With Different Marble:

After delving into this, you know how the different shades in Marble can have powerful effects on one’s mood. After just establishing one’s worthwhile atmosphere, they can stimulate the senses. Choosing natural stone colour should be an experience that should leave you feeling satisfied with the space you will create.

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Resonate Your Space With Various Natural Stone Colours

We are having a wide gamut of designs and colours in stone - that can resonate with your personality - that start at the query and end up in your interior space. We hope these spaces inspired you to get started for your own Colorful Marble project. Take that laptop and set it on the existing furniture and let's start to create..!!