Natural Stone Flooring Guide For Outdoor Space

Natural Stone For Outdoor Flooring

Indeed, natural stone flooring has always been one of the most loved choices for outdoor space. Its intrinsic qualities and the original appearance gifted from nature make the outdoor flooring blend with the surroundings like a camouflage.

In any residential or commercial premises, the outdoor flooring is the space that experiences all the cruelty from changing weather conditions and foot traffic. Hence, its planning and design is a brilliant combination of science and art with technical features and aesthetics so that it stays intact and tempting for decades together.

While choosing the natural stone flooring for outdoor space, it is vital to look out for the degree of compaction and porosity that impacts water absorption. Minimum porosity ensures that it is highly resistant to humidity, fluctuating temperatures and slips while being strong against high foot traffic and harsh weather conditions - all contributing to safety. Similarly, it is also worth taking into account its cleaning and maintenance requirements to enjoy a relaxing stay on terrace gardens, backyards or open balconies.

What unfolds further will help you decide which natural stone is best for your outdoor space.

The Most Reliable Stone Flooring Options (With Pros & Cons)

1. Marble Flooring

Premium Quality Marble FlooringMarble tiles, slabs and blocks are the rich and long-lasting choice for patios, sidewalks and pool decks. The possibility to apply a variety of finishes including a rough and rustic surface makes it slip-resistant and safe for use in wet areas. As they are porous in nature they remain cool underfoot, hence they are an apt choice for hot climates. Proper sealing and coating treatment make the marble flooring waterproof.


  • Without sealing and coating marble is susceptible to stains, scratches and water absorption.
  • Polished marble is prone to scratches hence not recommended for outdoor flooring.
  • Improper installation of marble flooring can cause breaks, chips and cracks.

Choose from a blissful variety of premium quality marble consisting of yellow, pink, white, brown, black and green marble, at the trusted marble suppliers, Quality Marble Exports (India). White marble is from our exclusive collection which is used to install the outdoor flooring. The stone shine like a mirror with the sunlight reflection and also keeps the surroundings cool in a hot and humid climate.

2. Granite Flooring

In natural stones, granite tile or blocks are one of the strongest with a broad range of colours, veining and patterns. The stone does not allow water or other liquids to penetrate and so it is an excellent choice for outdoor space. Granite floor tiles offer high durability and stay intact for a generation without fading.


  • Granite tile and slabs can become extremely cold during winters.
  • Granite is a heavy stone that requires installation by skilled artisans.
  • Some homeowners find outdoor granite flooring hard to clean and maintain.

Choose granite from a unique collection at the reputed granite suppliers. We offer vivid colours with spectacular texture to match with outdoor surroundings.

3. Slate Flooring

Slate is a fine-grained natural stone that suits areas like driveways, porches etc due to its technical features. Slate flooring is non-porous and naturally resistant to water, fire, stains and slips. It is easy to install and requires cleaning and maintenance just a broom or a floor mop and mild soap. Due to such features, slate tiles are considered one of the safest materials for outdoor flooring.


  • Slate flooring is vulnerable to scratching.
  • Sometimes the maximum impact on the flooring may lead to chips or cracks.
  • Variety is limited.

Check out six amazing colours of Slate flooring with versatile patterns to design a strong and welcoming walkway. Himachal White Natural Slate is an attractive option with golden hues.

4. Limestone Flooring

Limestone Flooring For ExteriorsHomeowners who love wooden flooring can go for limestone as a cheaper and more durable alternative that naturally mimics wood. It is a resilient flooring option for outdoor use with hard composition. But as limestone flooring is vulnerable to freezing temperatures and is porous in nature, application of a proper sealant is a must.


  • Soft limestone (uncoated) can easily absorb moisture and get chipped.

Quality Marble Exports (India) Limestone - Kota Honey Natural is a rare limestone variety that comes with random light and dark brown shades that can enhance outdoor aesthetics. Kota Brown Polished is a perfect imitator of wood.

5. Exotic Stones

Exotic stones are man-made stones that can be tailor-made to suit specific conditions. Essentially, they are non-porous and devoid of any cracks, pores, holes or other intrinsic deficiencies. Owing to their engineered composition exotic stone floorings do not require protection with sealants and are stronger than natural stones.


  • Need to be kept away from chemical-based cleaning agents or abrasive scouring pads as that may deteriorate its quality over time.
  • Not resistant to heat.
  • Applying strong pressure makes it vulnerable to cracks.

Get your outdoor flooring customised with a vibrant range of exotic stones.

6. Sandstone Flooring

Sandstone flooring can be an ideal solution for terrace gardens, driveways, garages. etc. The stone is extremely resilient to outdoor wear and tear while being resistant to acids, heat, and weather elements. Sandstone with a honed finish is most preferred for outdoor floorings.


  • The colour shades available are limited.

Design options with sandstone are limited, yet Quality Marble Exports (India) offers an exclusive range of sandstone flooring options from subtle pink to chocolate brown.

Natural Stone Flooring Options At Quality Marble Exports (India)

Quality Marble Exports (India) sources the best natural stone varieties from its private mines and the latest technologies. We offer a versatile range from veined marble to wood-like limestone and rustic granite to balance the technical features and aesthetics with your outdoor natural stone flooring requirements.

Every slab or tile we install ensures a proper shield against wear and tear with timeless appeal. Our service defines surfaces that reflect a seamless transition as you walk through your garden to indoors. Whether it is the delicate marble flooring installation or the heavy granite flooring installation, our team of experienced artisans is committed to making the flooring that lasts for years together without bothering you.

We are happy to help your investment turn into an everlasting beauty!

Natural Stone Flooring Options