How To Enhance Your Garden With Natural Stone Walkways?

How To Enhance Your Garden With Natural Stone Walkways?

As we are throwing light on the significance of stepping stones in gardens, sandstone has long been a favourite choice. The primary benefits of natural stone walkways include easy to install, durable, and versatile. But what makes them attract architects is their porous nature. The stone has the capacity to store water and therefore can withstand wet weather. And as water is the life of a garden sandstone proves to be a perfect choice!

Natural Stone Walkways In Garden

Garden is a place to take a stroll in nature and get a hint of good health. However, roaming around nature by stamping the grass is not a good idea. Regular foot traffic can injure the grass and spoil the garden’s health. So, the best way is to have stepping stones, patios and labyrinth constructed in or around the garden. And natural stones walkways are highly appreciated. It’s a true work of art! How? Let’s see!

Stepping Stones

Stepping stones is a beautiful concept of creating a broken pathway inside a garden. Installation of each stone is done in a way that makes anyone (even kids) easy to walk on them. The gap between each stone is equal and filled with grass, which makes it look much more natural.

Economically, the benefit of having stepping stones is that it requires less material to create the path. Consider the use of natural stones, they are anti-skid and safe for a garden pathway. They can be treated with the desired finish and texture to suit the external conditions.


A garden patio is in a true sense a beautiful picnic spot in your home. It is more generous in providing the freedom to move around or spend time with your family. You could also arrange recreational activities during get-togethers or parties.

To make the most out of garden patios, natural stones tend to be an ideal choice. You can either go for whole stones (flagstones) or crushed stones (pebbles, gravels, and boulders).


Natural Stone Walkways In GardenA labyrinth is a much more elaborate and complex walkway concept resembling a maze. Typically, these are found in public gardens. But if you are a fan of this concept you can have a miniature model constructed in your garden.

Even for a labyrinth kind of walkway, natural stones can do wonders. As natural stone can be cut in any shape or size, it can be used to create the zig-zag or curvy path for a garden labyrinth.

For all three types of walkways, sandstone, limestone, travertine, granite tile, and slate tiles are some of the trendy materials. Also known as flagstones, these natural stones have robust physical properties to withstand harsh weather. Be it a rainy, snowy, sunny or cold season. They stand the test of time without compromising on the look.

Diverse Shapes For Wonderful Stepping Stones

There is no limit on how creative you can become in constructing stepping stones with natural stones of different shapes and patterns. Here are some enthralling design ideas to make your garden a heavenly place to stroll.

1. Circular/Oval Stepping Stones

Circular or oval-shaped stepping stones can be laid on the lush green pasture to offer a smooth-looking walkway. Spherical stones of different shapes can be used to create a delightful experience while walking on the natural stone walkways.

2. Irregular Stepping Stones

A walkway with irregular stepping stones endows more of a natural landscape to the garden. It appears as if it is a natural path of the garden blending seamlessly with the green pasture. Use irregular stepping stones of different sizes to enhance the natural look.

3. Crushed Stepping Stones

We don’t mean it literally! But crushed stones like pebbles, gravels and boulders are also a creative option. For installation, the pebbles and gravels are sorted carefully and arranged in a round-shaped stepping stone. This gives a unique and enchanting look to a garden. Same way, boulders of different sizes are treated accordingly to construct beautiful natural stone walkways out of it.

Going a different way, you could also use a mixture of whole stones and crushed stones to give an attractive look.

4. Rectangular/ Square Stepping Stones

Rectangular or square-shaped stepping stone with symmetrical or asymmetrical walkway is another great idea. The stepping stones laid in a zig-zag manner give an amusing appearance and feel to the walker.

Besides, a narrow straight line natural stone walkways is a good choice depending on the layout of the garden. Sandstone, granite tile, and slate tiles offer a stunning look and feel to such walkways surrounded by colourful herbs and shrubs.

Quality Marble Exports (India) Variety For Stepping Stones

Quality Marble Exports (India) owns a long-established reputation in offering customised stepping stones of different shapes, colours, patterns and textures. Some of the bestsellers are described as follows.

Natural Stone Collection for Garden Walkways

Dholpur Beige Honed 02 - This sandstone variety offers a subtle look with a pinkish backdrop and delicate purple veins. The Dholpur Beige Honed 02 Sandstone is an ideal choice for walkways, patios and labyrinths. Thanks to its durability and strong physical properties, it has been used in external and internal applications since historic times.

Dholpur Beige Natural - Also popular as Dholpur Creme Sandstone, it is used best for flooring and wall cladding in outdoor areas. The sandstone is high in demand due to its characteristics. It is scratch-resistant, durable and easy to maintain. It is also resistant to acids, alkalis and salinity. Hence, it is a great choice for a garden patio that can be used regularly to throw parties.

Kandla Grey Natural 02 - This stone is also called Grey or Budhpura Grey sandstone. The colour of the stone can blend elegantly with the green pasture in your garden. The sandstone is in demand for both interior and exterior applications.

Kandla Grey Honed - This smooth-looking light grey natural stone will provide a modern and clean-looking walkway for your garden. As it comes with a honed finish, It can also be used for wall cladding. Kandla Grey Honed sandstone is a great choice if you wish to have neat-looking stepping stones.

Rainbow Honed Sandstone - If a minimalistic look is not your choice, Rainbow Honed Sandstone could be an exceptional option. The rainbow-like pattern and texture are vibrant enough to completely enhance the look of your garden. The natural stone is fancied for use in creating patios.

You can explore the comprehensive range of stepping stones to create welcoming outdoor spaces.