Which Natural Stone Accent Wall Design Ideas Are Popular In The Middle East?

Popular Natural Stone Wall Design Ideas In The Middle East

When it comes to amplifying the colour, texture, or other aesthetic details of a room, natural stone never goes wrong. They have been in use since the famous Stone Age and are still in use. In fact, a plethora of interior decor trends is about adorning walls, flooring, kitchen countertops, backsplashes with granite and marble tiles. These stones are popular for timelessness, durability, elegance, and functionality.

Today, Quality Marble Exports (India) is here with the latest accent wall designs popular in the Middle East. If you are looking to rejuvenate your home buckle up for some amazing tips and ideas ahead.

Benefits Of Natural Stone Accent Walls

Granite Tile

Granite, as you may know, gets formed due to exposure of igneous rocks to high heat. Granite tile is very strong and dense, therefore, you can easily count on them for durable walls.

With these tiles, you can have a wide variety of colours and patterns to blend naturally into your room and match your furniture. The tiles are resistant to wear, damage, and destruction. Granite is both subtle and decorative since it has a sparkling appearance when exposed to both artificial and natural light.

Marble Tiles

Marble Tiles As A Decor For Bathroom Interiors

Marble tiles are trending as décor for commercial spaces, kitchens, and bathrooms in the Middle East. Marble can get smoothly cut into tiles of various sizes and shapes. And for walls, the stone can remain as durable as granite.

If you are seeking to make your room look bigger, go for a bright colour and tiles with a large format. Marble is popular for its wavy or veined patterns that give your room elegance and ambience.

Keeping these points in mind let’s go ahead and explore some accent wall design ideas.

Top 5 Accent Wall Ideas Using Marble Tiles & Granite Tile

Backsplash As An Accent Wall

A bright and beautiful kitchen always keeps you up and energetic while cooking in the space. And backsplash as an accent wall is an offbeat way of raising the bar of kitchen aesthetics.

You can have an easy-to-clean marble backsplash around your cabinets and sinks. A damp cloth to wipe the place regularly is all you need. You can choose a bright colour or one that blends in perfectly with your furniture. One of the trending options is Spider Green Marble Tiles. The look and feel of this green marble are so spectacular that they can easily grab everyone’s attention at the very moment they get into the kitchen. This can also be a great choice if you love Turkish interiors.

Bedroom Accent Piece

Crystal Blue Granite To Make a Statement of Elegance

Granite is a wonderful choice to make a statement of elegance in your bedroom. The perfect place to embrace it is right in front of your bed. As bright colours are taking over neutral tones, Crystal Blue Granite Tiles can prove to be a game-changing choice. This stone reflects a vibrant blue colour - a popular interior design colour in Turkey. Black and blue specks dipped in a blue backdrop look stunning. The natural colour scheme of the granite tiles can completely transform the aesthetics of your bedroom. One more neutral-colored stone is Sardinia Grey Granite. This granite tile brings elegance to contemporary spaces. 

Portrait Accent Wall

This idea can be used on any wall in your home. But the living room or a bedroom would be an ideal place to flaunt an art like this. A portrait accent wall comprises two different natural stones. One is used as the centrepiece and the other used to form a frame or border around the centrepiece. For this, you can use the popular Rain Forest Brown Marble Tiles in the centre. And Azul White Granite Tile as its frame. Both the contrasting colours will speak for each other’s presence beautifully.

Staircase Partial Wall

The wall right in front of your staircase is another space that stays in the limelight. Hence, it can be a great place for interior decoration. As bold colours are on the rise, we recommend Ruby Red. The bright colour is popular in Turkish homes. This stone has a bluish-black background with crimson red flakes that seem like red gemstones are embedded in the stone. When sunlight or artificial light falls on its surface its vivid beauty unfolds.

Living Room Accent Wall

Mercury Black Granite Slab For Luxurious Space

Now if we choose the most ideal place to have an accent wall in the living room, it would be the front of the room, behind your TV. Black marble is a favourite choice for homeowners and commercial property owners in the UAE. Thus, Mercury Black Marble Tiles is one of the best available that can add amazing texture, pattern and layered effects to your wall. The marble tiles are one of the most luxurious and are popularly used as accent walls.

Quality Marble Exports (India) - Supports Sustainable Development In The Middle East As  Leading Granite Suppliers

With every passing day, technology is reaching new heights in the Middle East. At the same time, sustainability is becoming one of the core foundations of development and interior design trends are no exception. Natural stone has gained immense popularity in the country due to its sustainable nature. As the material comes from Earth it proves to have the least carbon footprint and least impact on the environment.

 Luxury Stone Slabs and Tiles at Quality Marble Exports

Architects and interior designers are incorporating sustainability into everything they are building. And Quality Marble Exports (India) stands to serve as one of the best granite and marble suppliers to countries in the Middle East. These include Turkey, Qatar, Doha, UAE and many more.

We have been exporting premium quality granite tile and marble tiles to sustainable development projects. If you would like to transform the look of your apartment or villa in the Middle East, get in touch with us!