Stone of The Month - Pink Sandstone

Several Finishes & Applications of Pink Sandstone

Sandstone has a favourable concentration of feldspar and quartz. This makes it one of the most naturally weather-resistant stones on the Earth. Along with the suitability for all seasons, its strength and durability allow any architectural design to sustain beautifully for decades.

Thanks to its diverse mineral impurities, sandstone is found in a variety of vibrant colours including white, yellow, brown, grey, red, green and pink. But among these, the pink sandstone is particularly loved by many interior designers and homeowners. It is due to its earthy pink tone that evokes a sense of intimacy and romanticism.

Just like other variants, pink sandstone is resistant to abrasion, environmental weathering, acids and alkalis. Owing to its nature, it can be easily cut into desired shapes to fulfil the aesthetics of an indoor or outdoor setting. Indian pink sandstone in specific is a popular choice for construction and creation of decorative items and garden accessories.

One of the most wonderful variety is the Dholpur Pink Sandstone, a native stone of Rajasthan. It finds endless applications in landscape designing projects across the globe. For example, Dholpur Pink Natural is high on demand in many countries. In Europe, Dholpur Pink Sandstone is immensely used in landscape architecture in combination with interior and exterior cladding. The natural stone reflects a magnificent natural earthy pink tone with a grainy texture and regular bedding - that easily attracts. Apart from this, the stone provides extreme resistance to harsh elements. It has a natural anti-slip surface which makes it an ultimate choice for flooring, paving, patios, and pathways.

While this is just the introduction to an adorable sandstone variety, let us move ahead to get familiar with other features of this premium range of natural stone.

Surface Finishes That Adorn Pink Sandstone

Pink Sandstone For Impressive Interiors & Exteriors

Any surface finish you choose visibly enhances the qualities of natural stone. But when you wish to make it slip-resistant or intensify its reflection, it all depends on the surface finish. Moreover, a particular finish also has the capacity to soften or brighten the colours on the stone.

Here are some commonly used surface finishes for Pink Sandstone.

1. Hand-cut - This is a basic finish where the sandstone is cut as per the desired shape. The hand-cut finish is typically used for outdoor space or wall cladding. The stone surface is kept rough which prevents slipping even in the presence of water. And when used for wall cladding it imparts a unique natural soothing look.

2. Polished - As the name indicates, a polished finish provides a lustrous surface which further highlights the colour of the stone. To achieve the shine, the stone surface is exposed to an abrasive treatment. This enhances the resistance capacity while reduces porosity to a negligible amount.

3. Honed - A honed finish bestows a smooth and flat surface and is highly preferred for flooring and interior wall cladding. At times, the finish is opt for kitchen countertops and benchtops. This particular Dholpur Pink Sandstone has a honed surface ideal for both interiors and exteriors. The colour of the stone appears as if pink droplets have smeared on a red background. At the same time, it looks pleasant, fascinating and elegant. What’s more? The structural composition of pink sandstone adds to beauty that remains unaffected by time.

4. Sandblasted - Here the sandstone undergoes repeated blasting by silica sand using an air gun. Sandblasted finish ensures that the stone surface obtains small pores and a smooth abrasive texture. This also helps in intensifying the colour of the stone.

5. Antique - Antique finish aims at giving the natural stone an aged appearance that looks pleasing. To achieve this, acid wash is applied to the surface to distress the surface of the stone. This tends to dull the colour of the sandstone. Later, the surface is brushed with a mechanical wire brush to smoothen the stone and slightly restore the colour.

6. Sawn - A sawn finish imparts a natural stone uneven and rough surface with tiny depressions and undulations. Diamond disc teeth is used to treat the stone to achieve the desired result. This finish is apt for patios, pathways, driveways and pavings that need to be anti-slip.

Applications Of Pink Sandstone Available In Different Forms

Sandstone Slabs

Sandstone Jali

Slabs are a flat and broad-shaped stone that comes in a variety of sizes. This Dholpur Pink Sandstone is available in slabs that are widely used for both residential and commercial applications. Due to its lovely pink shade and robust physical properties, architects use the stone to embellish wall cladding, garden pathways and patios. At times, the stone is highly appreciated for sandstone jali to introduce indo-islamic architecture in your space.

Sandstone Tiles

The same Dholpur Pink Sandstone is also available in tile form which is thin, flat or a convex slab. The sleek design of this type is an ideal choice when planning to have a contemporary aesthetic feel. Sandstone tiles can be used for flooring, wall cladding, driveways, pedestrian paths as well as garden walkways.

Sandstone Cobbles

Cobble is a naturally rounded piece of stone which can acquire many finishes. Pink Sandstone cobbles are used as a decorative item to endow the space with a sense of luxury and calmness. They are often used as panels in patios, driveways and as borders encircling a fountain area.

Sandstone Pebbles

Pebbles are formed from the erosion of the irregularly rough and grainy surface of the sandstone. Available in round shape, pink sandstone pebbles look extremely attractive and therefore remain the first choice for garden walkways, flooring and pathways. Whichever space they are installed in, they always provide protection from harsh climatic conditions like heavy rain, snow or scorching heat and require minimal maintenance.

Sandstone Blocks

Sandstone blocks slightly resemble the conventional bricks - but are available in different sizes. Blocks are an apt choice for pavings in the garden, fireplace, exterior veneering, footpaths and walkways among others.

Sandstone Strips

Strips are long, narrow and stick-like structures that slightly appear like pillars. Pink Sandstone strips are high in demand among architects to decorate the interior decor. They are precisely cut into slender long pieces that glorify the aesthetic factor. Sandstone strips are a popular choice for wall cladding, flooring, roofing in homes and offices. Moreover, the strips prove to be the centre of attraction as ornamentation of the entrance or borders in exit doors in homes.

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