Top 10 best granites for Granite Staircases in India

Top 10 best granites for Granite Staircases in India

The staircase. It's more than just a passage between floors- it's a statement piece in your home. As a granite expert, I've seen how the right granite can elevate your staircase from functional to phenomenal. But with so many varieties available, choosing the best granite for stairs can feel overwhelming.

Don’t worry! In this blog, I will talk about the best granite for stairs based on different interiors and aesthetics. So grab your pen and paper and start taking notes!

But First, Why Granite for Your Staircase?

If you live in a duplex, stairs would undoubtedly be the one place of the house that experiences the highest footfall. And you can’t put anything there that isn’t durable enough. 

Now, granite is an enduring workhorse in that sense. It always looks flawless despite constant foot traffic.

But granite's benefits extend far beyond toughness. Upkeep is a breeze – a simple wipe-down keeps it sparkling. And let's not forget the timeless elegance it injects into any space.  Plus, in the vibrant Indian context, granite's resistance to heat and stains becomes even more crucial. So, for a staircase that combines practicality with enduring beauty, granite reigns supreme.

Top 10 Granites for Staircases

Now, let’s look at the 10 best granite for steps that you can consider for your interiors or exteriors. 

1. Black Galaxy Granite: 

This dramatic granite boasts a jet-black base adorned with shimmering flecks of silver and gold. Its undeniable strength and a naturally slip-resistant honed finish make it ideal for high-traffic areas. 

Design Inspiration: Embrace the modern minimalist aesthetic with clean lines and chrome accents.

2. Kashmir White Granite: 

A timeless classic, Kashmir White features a creamy white base with elegant veins of grey, black, and burgundy. Its light color brightens up any space and pairs well with various design styles. 

Why it's Great for Stairs: Easy to maintain and scratch-resistant, Kashmir White creates a sense of spaciousness.

3. Imperial White Granite: 

For a touch of sophistication, Imperial White offers a pristine white backdrop graced with subtle grey and black veins. This granite's inherent durability ensures your stairs will look immaculate for years to come. The color white is timeless and goes well with most interiors. This is why the majority of people agree that this is the best granite for steps. 

Design Inspiration: Elevate your space with a classic and elegant theme, incorporating warm wood tones and timeless furniture.

4. Tan Brown Granite: 

Exuding warmth and elegance, Tan Brown showcases a rich brown base with flecks of black and grey. The honed finish provides a subtle texture, enhancing slip resistance. 

Why it's Great for Stairs: Tan Brown's inherent toughness makes it perfect for withstanding everyday wear and tear.

5. Absolute Black Granite: 

Indulge in pure luxury with Absolute Black Granite. This deep black beauty boasts a uniform color and a high-polish finish that reflects light beautifully. 

Design Inspiration: Make a bold statement with a contemporary design scheme featuring metallic accents and sleek furniture.

6. Steel Grey Granite: 

As the name suggests, Steel Grey Granite offers a sophisticated, cool-toned palette. This granite features a charcoal grey base with subtle flecks of black and silver. The honed finish provides a modern touch while maintaining excellent slip resistance. 

Design Inspiration: Embrace a sleek and modern aesthetic with pops of color or metallic accents.

7. Red Multicolor Granite: 

These are the best stairs granite if you are going for an eye-catching staircase, Red Multicolor Granite steals the show. This unique granite features a fiery red base splashed with flecks of black, grey, and even gold. While polished offers a dazzling effect, a honed finish provides a more subdued look with good slip resistance. 

Why it's Great for Stairs: Despite its vibrant colors, Red Multicolor Granite boasts remarkable durability.

8. Vizag Blue Granite: 

Embrace a touch of the exotic with Vizag Blue Granite. This captivating granite features a deep blue base adorned with swirls of grey and black. The polished finish accentuates its natural beauty, while a honed finish offers a more subtle elegance. 

Design Inspiration: Create a coastal or nautical theme with light and airy colors, or go bold with contrasting accents.

9. Rosy Pink Granite:

Infuse your staircase with a touch of warmth and femininity with Rosy Pink Granite. This delightful granite features a soft pink base with delicate veins of grey and white. The honed finish provides a smooth yet slip-resistant surface. 

Design Inspiration: Embrace a romantic or classic theme with pastel colors and vintage furniture.

10. Hassan Green Granite: 

Step into a world of sophistication with Hassan Green Granite. This unique granite showcases a mesmerizing emerald green base adorned with flecks of black and white. The honed finish enhances its natural beauty while offering good slip resistance. 

Design Inspiration: Create a dramatic and luxurious statement with rich jewel tones and metallic accents.

Just like these staircase ideas, if you are curious about granite flooring design patterns, we have a separate guide on that. Do check that out. 

Final Thoughts

So there you have it – the top 10 granites that will transform your staircase into a masterpiece! Remember, this list is just a starting point. The beauty of granite lies in its vast variety. All kinds of granite are great for stairs, but the best granite for stairs is ultimately the one that matches your criteria. 

My personal tip? Don't be afraid to visit a stone supplier and explore the countless options firsthand.

Here at Quality Marble India, we're passionate about helping you find the ideal granite for your dream staircase. Our knowledgeable staff is eager to answer any questions you may have and guide you through the selection process. So, don't hesitate to contact us today –  your perfect staircase awaits!