Top 15 Best Selling Black Granite For Countertops

Top 15 Best Selling Black Granite For Countertops

If you are planning to pick a natural stone for your countertops, nothing beats the durability of granites. Plus the color and pattern variety makes it the ultimate choice for most households. Amongst all the variants, black ones are the most popular, as they are great for adding contrast to your interiors. No wonder it ranks high on the list of top selling granite. 

We will dedicate today's conversation to top selling black granite varients. So keep reading to witness some impeccable granites. 

Why Granites Are Great For Countertops?

In India, most people pick granites for the countertops and that’s not a coincidence. Here are the reasons why people are so fond of granite countertops. 

  • Scratch proof: Granite is a very hard stone, ranking 6-8 on Mohs hardness scale (diamond being 10). You can chop vegetables directly on the surface without worry. 
  • Heat resistant:Granite countertops can withstand hot pots and pans without scorching or cracking. 
  • Low maintenance: Daily cleaning is a breeze with just mild soap and water. The non-porous nature also discourages bacteria growth, promoting hygiene in your food prep area.
  • Variety: Granite comes in a wide range of colors and patterns, from deep blacks and grays to lighter options with flecks and veins. So you’ll definitely find something to match your kitchen’s aesthetics. 

15 Top Selling Granite In Black Variants

All of these black granites tick all the boxes for being a good natural stone option for countertops. So just see which one matches your design aesthetics best. 

1/ Absolute Black Granite

Absolute black granite lives up to its name, offering a deep, solid black with a very consistent color and fine, even texture. Minimal variation within slabs makes it a great choice for a uniform look. Polished finishes create a luxurious, high-gloss surface, while honed finishes offer a more subtle sheen with a touch-resistant quality.

2/ Black Galaxy Granite

Black Galaxy presents a dramatic black base with medium to small flecks of silver and gold throughout. This creates a visually interesting counterpoint to the dark background, adding depth and dimension. Its popularity ranks it high on the list of top selling granites. This is a good option for those who want a bit more visual intrigue in their countertops.

3/ Black Pearl Granite

Black Pearl granite presents a deep black background with flecks of grey and sometimes even gold. The flecks tend to be finer and more evenly distributed compared to some other black granites, creating a sophisticated and somewhat understated look.

4/ Fish black granite:

This granite features a black base with distinctive white swirls resembling fish shapes. It adds a unique and eye-catching element to your space. Fish Black Granite can be a good choice for countertops, especially in contemporary or modern kitchens. However, the busy pattern might overwhelm smaller areas.

5/ Titanium black granite

Titanium black granite boasts a deep, consistent black color with big, silver swirls of minerals. It exudes a sense of luxury and sophistication.The uniform black color complements various design styles and creates a sleek, elegant look. It also hides water spots well, making it practical for kitchens.

6/ Black paradiso granite

Black Paradiso features a dramatic black background with swirling gold or copper veins. It adds a touch of warmth and richness to your space. Black Paradiso Granite can be a good choice for countertops, particularly in traditional or luxury kitchens. 

7/ Black Forest Granite

Black Forest granite can vary slightly, but generally presents a dark charcoal base with elongated veins of gray, brown, or even green, with a lot of movement. The flecks can be sparse or more prominent, creating a textured and somewhat rustic look.

8/ Black Marquino Granite

Black Marquino is a true black granite with prominent white veining. The veins can be thin and wispy or thick and dramatic, creating a classic and elegant look. It's very durable but be aware that the white veins can make it slightly more prone to staining compared to solid black granites.

9/ Ash black granite

Ash Black Granite boasts a deep black base with tiny flecks of dark blue or grey minerals, resembling wood ash. It offers a sophisticated and slightly textured look. The subtle flecks add a touch of visual interest without being overwhelming. It complements modern, contemporary, or even traditional kitchens with a touch of elegance.

10/ Pebble black granite

This granite features a dark grey or black base with scattered white or cream-colored pebbles throughout. Pebble black granite offers a unique and textured look that mimics a pebbled beach. It is a good choice for kitchens or bathrooms that lean towards a natural or organic aesthetic.

11/ Silver pearl granite

While not purely black, Silver Pearl Granite presents a dark charcoal grey base with prominent white or silver specks. It offers a dramatic yet sophisticated look. The dark base with lighter veins creates a visually interesting surface that complements various design styles, from modern to transitional.

12/ Coin black granite’

This granite has a unique black base with distinctive round or oval-shaped white, silver or gold "coins" scattered throughout. Coin black granite adds a playful and eye-catching element to your space. It can be a good choice for countertops, particularly in kitchens or bathrooms that can handle a bolder aesthetic. 

13/ Cosmic Black Granite

This granite features a dramatic black base with thick veins of white, amber, and sometimes even burgundy throughout. Compared to Black Galaxy (one of the top selling black granites), the color palette offers a warmer feel. The flecks of color add a touch of personality and can complement kitchens with warmer tones.

14/ Ubatuba Granite

Ubatuba granite comes in variations, but generally has a black background with veins or flecks of gray, white, or even gold. The veining can be light and wispy or bold and dramatic, offering a range of aesthetics.The variations in veining allow you to choose a level of contrast that complements your design style.

15/ Impala Black Granite

This wraps up the list of top selling granite in black. This granite boasts a deep, consistent black with a fine, even texture. Similar to Absolute Black, it offers a uniform and luxurious look.Like Absolute Black, it polishes to a high-gloss finish or can be honed for a subtler sheen with improved fingerprint resistance..

Final Thoughts 

You might feel spoiled with choices at this movement, or rather confused. If you want expert advice you can contact Quality Marble India, and we offer you free consultancy on what would be best for your countertops.