Copper Natural Slate

Copper Red Slate or Copper Natural Slate, popularly known as Copper Slate has metallic qualities that are exhibited by the family of slates, imparting warm reddish copper colours. Its colour is mostly red but can also veer towards metallic greens, greys and oranges. Copper Red slate in natural finish represents quite a rough surface texture which creates a subtle atmosphere in any space. It is a beautiful quartzite stone used to enhance the beauty of interior and exterior. Being attractive in colour, the stone is more preferred for decor purposes, tiles, flooring, slab, and countertops. The cosy colour of the slate tiles creates a sophisticated space with visual and tactile sensations.

Technical Specifications

Compressive Strength :

After Freezing :

Water Absorp :

Bulk Density :

Modulus of Rupture :

Modulus of Rupture :

Abrasion :

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