Imperial White Granite

Imperial white granite is a natural stone that is famed for its neutral colour. The beauty of the stone is completely versatile. Despite the name, it is often more grey than white. The tiny pinkish and grey veins running along the slab or granite tile intensify the beauty. This sophisticated shade of white granite will work with many different designs, such as kitchen countertops, walls, stairs, and granite floor tiles. 

Imperial White Granite from India comes in multiple finishes at the leading manufacturers and granite suppliers, Quality Marble Exports. Polished finish for those looking to install a high-end feel and honed finish for those looking to create a calm-cozy vibe. Bush-hammered, semi-polished, shot blasted, flamed, etc are some more natural stone finishes that can change the overall look of your space. We quarry the raw form of Imperial White Granite from the mines located at Idupady, Salem, approx 300 km from Chennai, Tamil Nadu, South India.

Its real beauty lies in its lack of imperfections. No matter what type of size or shape you want, the Imperial White Granite suppliers from India can bring you probably the most unique natural stone. 

Technical Specifications

Compressive Strength : 2051 kg/cm2

After Freezing : 1761 kg/cm2

Ultimate Tensile Strength : 116 kg/cm2

Coeff. Thermal Expansion : 0.0062 mm/moc

Water Absorption : 0.35%

Bulk Density : 2623 kg/m3

Hardness(Moh's Scale) : 6

Imperial White Granite - Regal Radiance

Despite its deceptive name, Imperial White Granite is a magnificent Precambrian gneiss that is well-known for its unusual beauty, as it tends to have more grey tones than white. This gorgeous stone is a flexible option for applications such as kitchen countertops, walls, staircases, and floor tiles because of its sophisticated palette that goes well with a variety of design schemes. Imperial White Granite's timeless elegance is enhanced by the interplay of brilliant white and subtle grey tones, accented with black speckles, to create an interior style that is both dramatic and delicate. With this well-known stone's innate charm, elevate your area.

Unique Features of Imperial White Granite  

Imperial White Granite, renowned for its extraordinary characteristics, emerges as a top choice for diverse applications. Here are distinctive features that not only set it apart in quality but also make it an excellent choice for those considering the Imperial White Granite price:

  1. Low Porosity/Permeability: With an almost negligible porosity ranging from 0.2 to 4%, Imperial White Granite demonstrates excellent resistance to water absorption. This property enhances its durability and longevity in various environments.
  2. Thermal Stability: Renowned for its high thermal stability, Imperial White Granite remains unaffected by temperature fluctuations. Its resistance to weathering and airborne chemicals makes it ideal for outdoor applications and storage of corrosive materials.
  3. Co-efficient of Expansion: The coefficient of expansion for Imperial White Granite ranges from 4.7×10-6 to 9.0×10-6 (inch x inch), indicating its dimensional stability even in changing conditions.
  4. Consistent Variegation: This granite exhibits consistent color and texture, providing a uniform and aesthetically pleasing appearance. The predictable variegation adds to its appeal in diverse design contexts.
  5. Exceptional Hardness: Recognized as one of the hardest building stones, Imperial White Granite boasts impressive hardness. This inherent durability contributes to its ability to withstand wear and maintain its pristine appearance over time.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is kitchen countertop use OK for Imperial White Granite? 

Yes, Imperial White Granite's low porosity—which makes it resistant to water absorption and durable for regular use—makes it an excellent option for kitchen countertops.

  1. What is the difference between Imperial white granite price and other varieties? 

Imperial White granite price varies according to availability and quality. Speaking with suppliers is crucial if you want precise pricing information.

  1. Is Imperial White Granite suitable for outdoor use? 

Undoubtedly, Imperial White Granite is an excellent choice for outdoor applications due to its high thermal stability and resilience to weathering. Its timeless elegance enhances any environment.

  1. What unique visual qualities does Imperial White Granite have to offer? 

The sophisticated color scheme of Imperial White Granite, which features subtle black speckles and tones of bright white and soft grey, creates a striking yet delicate interior design.

  1. How does Imperial White Granite's hardness affect how long it lasts? 

Imperial White Granite is a sensible investment because of its remarkable hardness, which adds to its longevity and ensures that it can survive wear and preserve its beautiful beauty for an extended period.

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