Panther Orange Granite

Ocre background with fissures and veining of black and bright yellowish-orange is all about the physical appearance of the Panther Orange Granite. The distinctive combination of colours is homogenized together to produce a unique and highly sophisticated stone that will definitely catch one’s attention. Similar to a panther, this stone is robust yet spectacular and it is installed to enlighten the mundane ambience. The splendiferous granite tile when combined with neutral, light and luminous colours and smooth surfaces in pure lines it creates awe-inspiring interior granite floor tiles and kitchen countertops. We are highly acknowledged granite suppliers in Rajasthan and extract this granite from the mines located at Jalore District, approx 500Kms from Jaipur, Rajasthan, North-West India.

Technical Specifications

Compressive Strength :1410 kg/cm2

After Freezing :1710 kg/cm2

Ultimate Tensile Strength :150 kg/cm2

Water Absorp:0.22%

Bulk Density:2590 kg/m3

Modulus of Rupture :170 kg/cm2

Modulus of Rupture :180 kg/cm2

Abrasion :0.6mm

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