Raj Red Granite

Raj Red Granite has a black background with red and cream flakes reflecting classicism and urbanity. Since this granite was originated in Rajeshwari, hence it is popularly known as Rajeshwari Red granite. The red-coloured flakes create an exquisite and beautiful texture on the granite. This red granite tile is versatile and adaptable to all types of surfaces in living spaces and the interior decoration including kitchen countertops, granite floor tiles, and tabletops. The adequate tensile strength and glorious physical appearance make this granite tile suitable for wall claddings, patios, and facades. The natural and raw form of this granite is quarried at Rajeshwari, Karnataka, South India. Available at well-reputed granite suppliers in various sizes, shapes and finishes.

Technical Specifications

Compressive Strength :1928 kg/cm2

After Freezing :1784 kg/cm2

Ultimate Tensile Strength :158 kg/cm2

Water Absorp:0.18%

Coeff. Thermal Expansion :0.0084 mm/moc

Impact Test Min. Fall Ht. :50.00 cm

Bulk Density:2625 kg/m3

Hardness (Moh's Scale):6.5

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