5 Unusual Ways of Using Natural Stone for Home Decoration

5 Unusual Ways of Using Natural Stone for Home Decoration

Aesthetically pleasing home decoration has a significant impact on how we live, work, and play. Sometimes, you might not feel the impact consciously. But your subconscious mind can sense it clearly. For example, even a tiny showpiece in your bedroom can have an uplifting effect on your mind. 
When we are talking about enhancing the aesthetics of your home, the stone decoration can never be ignored. Natural stone is one such decoration material that has an aura of its own—just like trees, rivers, and mountains. Each granite, marble, slate, sandstone, and limestone variety you pick will bring home unique vibes—vibes of simplicity, peace, freshness, opulence, boldness, sophistication, liveliness and so much more. 
Now, you would just want to know how to use natural stone for decoration. So, let’s get started right away! 

#1 Wrap Around Worktop

The most common way of designing a stone countertop is by installing a custom size slab on the top. But instead of going the usual way, you could actually go with a wrap-around worktop. You can install a stone slab on the top as well as the sides. This will add more richness to your furniture—and give your space a sense of luxury. You can use such worktops as your kitchen countertop, your work table, coffee table, living room center table, and more.  
Popular Choice: Black Marquino Granite owns a sophisticated presence and elegance. Using the stone for the decoration of your table is enough to transform a room. Depending on your penchant, you could use two different stones—one for the top and the other for the sides.   

#2 Dual Cladding Stone Decoration

Until now, you would have always seen stone cladding with a single variety of natural stones. How about the stone decoration of a single wall with two different stones? Using your creativity you could choose any two stones that look beautiful together. This will add a refreshing twist to your space. 
Popular Choice: Although this might sound unusual, you can install Desert Camel Sandstone on one half and Rain Forest Brown Marble on the other half. You could keep the orange bands (situated towards one edge of slab/tile) on the sandstone away from the brown marble to add a contrasting touch. 

#3 Shelves and Storage

Wooden shelves are now a cliche. Go for a marble shelf to add a distinct and visually enticing view to your kitchen. You could also use other natural stones including granite, limestone, slate, and sandstone—both for shelves and open storage. Using stone for the decoration of floating shelves increases the aesthetic value and makes them easy to maintain.
Popular Choice: Whether your kitchen design is traditional or contemporary, Imperial White Granite would match it gracefully. This stone is famous for us as a kitchen countertop, but you could extend it further and use it for open shelves. The stone is soothing on the eyes and showers the space with friendly warmth and calmness.

#4 Wine Bottle Holders 

If you are unable to invest in stone flooring, wall cladding, countertop, or other big applications, no worries. You could even use a single tile of natural stone for home decoration and see a beautiful change spreading happiness in your space. We have discussed ideas of using stone for lamps, candleholders, paperweights, and window sills. Another new addition to this list is wine bottle holders. 
Popular Choice: Nurelle Grey Granite is an exotic option that would look stunning as a wine bottle holder. Its light gray background gives the stone a steely look that would match the dark color of wine bottles. 

#5 Fruit Bowls

Creativity knows no end. Likewise, you could use stone decoration at home with almost any application. One such suggestion is fruit bowls. You could design any size fruit bowl with tiny holes that allow fruits to breathe.
Popular Choice: Crystal Yellow Granite is an amazing option. Its light color look spreads refreshing and lively vibes. 

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