7 Shades of Grey Stones—How To Create the Perfect Interiors You Love

7 Shades of Grey Stones—How To Create the Perfect Interiors You Love

The grey colour—and the grey stone in particular—has always been the go-to choice for homeowners around the world. Grey stones will always stay in trend, no matter the culture, the tradition or the country.

Thanks to the combination of white and black hues that constitute the grey natural stones. The brightness of white and the sophistication of black contribute to the effortless elegance offered by the stones. You can use them to create a minimalist design at home or strike a balance between boldness and simplicity.

Quality Marble Exports (India), world-known granite suppliers offer a broad variety of grey stones including slate tiles, granite tile and marble tiles. To help you hit some of the best colour pairings, we are listing out the grey natural stones that are here to stay in fashion—for a long time.

Different Shades of Grey Stones—What They Reflect When Paired

Full grey interiors might make some of you feel gloomy at times—just like the winters. But to your pleasant surprise, when different shades of grey are paired with other hues, they bring out a wonderful feeling. They tend to spread warmth, happiness, and energy throughout your home.

Grey stones are available in a lot of variations. There is a shade to suit every individual taste, from off-white grey to mysterious smokey greys. The versatility of grey natural stone can suit every home and style. There are certain combinations that may suit your home best though. You need to consider your lighting settings and wall paints that already embrace your home and you are good to go.

So, let’s see what Quality Marble Exports (India) offerings are packed with:

1. Grey + Beige

Grey and beige evoke a sense of relaxation. A bright shade of grey stone such as the Monte Cristo granite tile as your accent wall with the minimalist Dholpur Beige sandstone as the bedroom flooring is a unique combination. It will transform your bedroom into a fresh escape where you can just relax for hours.

2. Grey + Blue

Navy blue is an electric colour that can instantly bring a room to life. However, the overuse of the colour can be overwhelming and so soothing it with the use of a grey stone is a perfect way to strike a balance. For example, if you are painting your walls in navy blue, go with the Millennium Grey Marble tile flooring.

3. Grey + Green

Light or dark green coupled with a soothing grey colour makes for a strong fashion statement. Here, we choose to go with Nurelle Grey Granite tile for one of your walls to have a comforting presence. You can have a set of green plants to set the theme or go with green marble flooring to match it with grey wall cladding.

4. Grey + Yellow

To create a living room that reminds you of sunshine-filled days with an upbeat vibe, grey and yellow tend to be the choice. Bright yellow is a bold selection, and offsetting it with a trendy grey colour can fill a room with enthusiasm. Try pairing a feminine grey such as Sardinia Grey Granite tile flooring with bright pops of yellow to create a funky vibe. You can either go with a yellow natural stone accent wall or add bright cushions, curtains, or wall paint.

5. Grey + White

How about a grey accent wall and lavish off-white marble flooring? The low-key pairing can work magnificently and bestow a graceful look. Silver Pearl Granite tile is a blend of a pale black backdrop filled with dark steel grey flecks. Match this with the peaceful Andy White Marble flooring.

6. Grey + Gold

Grey and gold create a contemporary feel. While grey can be the primary colour, gold can be the attention-grabbing accent colour. For a sophisticated bathroom, if you go with Silver Shine Polished Slate tiles flooring with a distinctive shiny appearance, add a small section of Alaska Gold Granite tiles to your room. Use the stone for small applications such as the shower wall, the countertop, or the sink.

7. Grey + Red

Red adds the ultimate energy to any room. If you pair grey with a hue like cherry red, you are going to bring out a fiery look. The Silver Shine Natural Slate tiles can be the kitchen flooring and the Ruby Red Granite can be the countertop. You can complete the look by adding earthy tone paint on the walls to bind everything together.

Quality Marble Exports (India) Offers One-of-a-kind Applications

Although the context above mostly talks about the common natural stone applications, Quality Marble Exports, one of the largest granite exporters can go one step ahead to provide you with customized unique applications. Interiors are not just about the flooring, the walls, the windows and the countertops. The tinier elements such as the window sills, a coffee table, a side stand, a candle stand, a kitchen tray, a threshold grab the eyeballs with the right accent colour. We can carve our slate tiles, granite tiles and marble tiles into these small wonders to create the perfect interiors you love.

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