How Can You Design Your Kids Room Using Natural Stones?

Guide To Design Kids Room Using Natural Stones

What did your room look like while you were growing up? I am sure it was inspired by a certain theme or even your favourite cartoon. Decorating a kids room is fun because we get to become whimsical without the care in the world. Experts advise that we put three things into consideration; keep it fun, spacious and functional. Kids' rooms can be inspired by a lot of things, thus it is important to find materials that are worthwhile and will make the space feel like a haven.

Natural stones such as sandstone, limestone and slate tiles are one of the go-to materials that any parent should go for inspiration for interior design. You can never go wrong with these natural stones because they can blend in any decor with ease. And since we are talking about a kids room, colour should be a primary focus.

There is a wide variety of different hues of natural stone. The trick is to find the one that your little one will enjoy the most. Slate, limestone and sandstone are good materials. For instance, limestone tiles have been gaining popularity for their flooring because they are not only durable but also low maintenance and aesthetically appealing.

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Limestone, Sandstone, Slate Tiles Options

1. Limestone

Make A Statement With Kota Blue Limestone

Limestone is a popular material among property owners not only for the way it looks but also feels. It is mostly made up of two crystalline properties; calcite and aragonite. Although it is mainly preferred for exterior decor and landscaping it has been known to add the wow factor in interior decor. Limestone tiles are not only beautiful but have a variety of shades such as blue, black, brown and yellow.

Blue limestone could just be the variety that you need for your kid's room. We all know that you can never go wrong with blue. For instance, Kota Blue Limestone tiles will make a statement in any room. The bluish-grey appearance is quite appealing and can make a statement. You can use it for flooring as the hard properties of limestone will make it less prone to wear and tear and easy to maintain.

If you are looking for limestone that is more earth-like, use Brown Limestone such as Kota Honey Natural for both the wall cladding and flooring.

2. Sandstone

Luxurious Jodhpur Red Sandstone Tiles To Brighten Up The Space

Sandstone has been referred to as the perfect natural stone for outdoor and indoor applications. This sedimentary rock has been a fan favourite for our ancestors during construction not only for its strength but beauty. Sandstone is rich in minerals that contribute to the availability of vibrant colors such as red, pink, beige, green, yellow, white, brown and grey.

Pink sandstone tiles might sound a little bit cliché but you can play around with them in a variety of ways without it being overbearing. For instance, Dholpur Pink Natural might seem to have a plain pink on it but if you infuse it with other sandstone tiles such as red and beige sandstone it will transform the space. For instance, the Desert Camel Blasted Grey Sandstone can be ideal for flooring which you can infuse with warm beige accent walls such as Dholpur Beige Natural.

If you want a more luxurious feel, red sandstone such as Jodhpur Red can be used to brighten the space. Professional sandstone suppliers can help you choose the right shade for the interior decor.

3. Slate

Jack Multicolor Slate Tiles For Beautiful Accent Walls

There has been wide demand for slate tiles for construction and interior decor. If you ask authentic slate suppliers they exist in a plethora of colors from pink, red, green, grey and black that can match with any decor. Slate tiles can be customised into any shape of the application that you would like. The tiles are ideal for flooring since it is rough making it skid resistant. This will help reduce the number of falling accidents in the kids' rooms.

For instance, Himachal White Natural slate tiles have a neutral vibe to them. The smoky surface with a tinge of green can be used as a base and play with other vibrant elements in the kids' room.

On the other hand, you can go wild and choose Jack Multicolor Slate tiles for the accent walls. This particular slate tile is a combination of different colors such as red, black and rusty green. It is easier to accessorize with multiple colors for other elements.

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