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Marble Tiles And Slabs For Traditional Saudi Arabian Interiors

Architecture and interior design styles differ from country to country. Traditionally, these two aspects of construction are the mirror image of the regional culture and the local taste. But as the world is coming closer, people are taking design inspiration from different parts of the globe.

One of the most popular interior design styles comes from the Arab world. To be specific, we are talking about Saudi Arabian decorating fashion. Having evolved from several ancient civilizations, this interior design style is a global source of inspiration. It features the most luxurious decors and exotic accents that bestow a palatial look to any space. Marble tiles decoration tends to be an integral characteristic of Saudi Arabian homes. In fact, with the increasing innovative construction trend in the country, the import of marble tiles has increased substantially.

If you love the Saudi Arabian interior design, Quality Marble Exports (India), one of the globally-known Indian marble suppliers is here to inspire you. Along with tips on how to achieve the style, you can explore premium marble varieties that are most sought-after in Arabian countries.

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Characteristic Colors In Saudi Arabian Interior Design

Colors are the heart and soul of any space. If you get a chance to take a tour of Saudi Arabian homes, you will know that the interior design is full of peaceful, warm and vibrant colors. Neutral colors are the base while gold, silver, bronze, turquoise, yellow, red and green are used as ornate colors. They mix warm neutrals with strong colors. To add more interest, the latter is used in rich accents with lush materials.

So, along with luxurious marble tiles, let’s see how you can use the different color combinations in your space.

Space Layout

Saudi Arabian culture is all about family and togetherness. The space layout of every room defines the importance of gathering in the presence of your family. More specifically, the living room always has a rich sitting furniture layout in a way that makes space look most welcoming. Each seating arrangement is placed close to each other to let the friendly vibes flow in. Hence, here the fireplace or the television area isn’t the focal point. The sitting decor is always in the limelight.

Bring Out Calm And Inviting Feeling With Botanic Brown Marble

Marble Tiles Suggestion: Any Arabian living room is incomplete without marble flooring. To achieve a calm and inviting feeling, Botanic Brown Marble is an ideal option. With a rich chromatic earth tone and distinct wave pattern, create stunning book-matched marble flooring with this stone. You can also install marble tiles in geometric patterns to achieve a more traditional Saudi Arabian interior design.


Green Marble For Luxurious Embellishment

Walls in Saudi Arabian interior design are a work of art. They are used to add depth and interest to a room. The walls are either decorated with paints, wallpapers or shelving. And if you opt for a more luxurious embellishment, you will find marble tiles used to achieve beautiful accent walls in lobbies, living rooms and bedrooms.

Marble Tiles Suggestion: What can be more welcoming and soothing for the eyes? Install Emerald Green Marble with a polished finish as the accent wall in your entryway, living room or even bedroom. This marble is widely used as an ornamental stone. Plus, the emerald green color is a Saudi Arabian favorite.


Unlike the modern interior design trend, traditional Arabian homes rarely used furniture. The seating arrangement was usually on cushion platforms or low benches. Today, the fusion of contemporary decor has led to the incorporation of luxurious and cosy furniture. You can spot rich wooden furniture with carvings and inlay patterns. Apart from sofas and chairs, the living rooms are decorated using carved doors, room divider screens, and end tables with geometrical platforms.

Marble Tiles Suggestion: For an extravagant look, opt for marble end tables and stands. Rainforest Yellow Marble is a great choice for custom decor. The stone reflects vibrant brown and white veining on a yellowish background. Using this for any decor element adds the next level of visual interest that feels imperial.


Create A Focal Point WIth Exquisite White Marble Tiles

Accents in Saudi Arabian interiors laud abundance and opulence. Exotic accent pieces with plush textures and patterns create mystical magic that surely reminds you of the palaces in the Arabian Nights stories. Expensive marble tiles, redwood, velvet, silk and other luxury materials are the centre of attraction. Along with these, chandeliers, decorative plates, layered curtains, lush rugs inject dynamic energy to space.

Marble Tiles Suggestion: White marble completes Arabian interiors. Hence, use any of these white marble tiles to create marble lamps, candle holders, fountains, window sills and much more.

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