4 Granite Colors That Stand The Test Of Time

The Four Most Popular Granite Colors

So much of our life is controlled by every work, but our home is a place where we have total power. Whether you have a minimalist perspective or love the ‘more is more’ home interior, why not use granite tile to lift your design.

From black granite tile flooring to kitchen countertops, granite color can range from kitschy to classic. But how do you know which colors will survive the current trend? An exemplary stone is never changing, linked with elements of nature that many people think of as ever-present: Granite floor tiles. There is an implicit quality to anything so long-running, which would transform into cabinets, kitchen countertops, flooring, bathrooms. But choosing the best granite colors that will stand the test of time doesn't mean compromising style.

Only a few things on this planet are as beautiful, durable and elegant as Granite floor tile. Don’t mistake granite for just any old piece of natural stone - This is available in a wide gamut of colors and patterns, thereby making it an appropriate option for any space design. Granite tiles evoke an aura of grandeur and eternal appeal. It remains an ideal choice for today and for tomorrow.

Before we discuss the different granite colors, let's check what granite is and its uses.

What Is Granite?

What is it? It is a light-colored rock(igneous), coarse-grained, consisting of mainly feldspar and quartz making it one of the hardest surfaces. Because of the considerable variations, granite is one of the most famous natural stone options for home and the workplace.

Uses Of Granite

The consequent years have led to a huge improvement and development in manufacturing granite, increasing worldwide affordability and putting it in direct competition with other stones. Granite outshines others when it comes to durability - it's solid, hard, less porous and wear and tear-resistant.

Granite floor tiles can be intense and rich yet classic. All these characteristics make them a personal favourite stone for various uses in both commercial and residential interiors.

Top 2021 Trends In Granite Flooring In Different Colors

2021 has brought with it a series of new styles that homeowners and interior designers have loved. With regards to granite, there are many stand-out colors trends that are truly unmatched. If you are that person who happens to love his home- and are facing the challenge of the best granite color, this blog is for you. In this piece, we’ll take a glance at some of the different granite colors to be trendy in the 2021 season below:

Black Granite, White granite, Brown Granite, Yellow Granite are some of the most popular granite colors this season. This versatile and classic palette delivers boundless opportunities to play with the interior in terms of color, pattern and texture. Let’s Explore:

Platinum White Granite: For Fresh And Classic Touch

Out of all colors of granite, Platinum White Granite is the truest classic. Its distinctive, eternal beauty holds great currency in the design of an interior. A fresh, stylish yet classic look of platinum white granite easily incorporates and adjuncts both commercial and residential interiors.

Because of its ultra-modern look, this speckled white granite is effortlessly used for wall cladding, tabletops, kitchen countertops, mosaic and elevator panels.

Black Marquino Granite: A Modern Touch For Sleek Look

Black Marquino Granite For Commercial & Residential Projects

Black Marquino Granite, this granite embodies elegance and refinement. Used for interior and exterior projects, it is known for its intense black hues and tones of grey enlightened by just a touch of sparkle.

With black and grey patterns, this ageless material of black granite transports centuries of a process incorporating into our homes and workplaces. For those who like solid and strong contracts, this black granite is ideal for drastic bathroom vanities, luxurious flooring, wall cladding and tabletops.

Desert Brown Granite: Tinch Of Beauty And Elegance

Bring A Homely And Warm Vibe With Desert Brown Granite

Desert Brown Granite, A style statement, providing a more fresh and ethereal look to the place. If you wish to have a rustic, contemporary or country style feel, choose Desert Brown Granite. They give a homey, warm, familiar vibe providing just the correct amount of beauty you want. For an attractive impression in hues of mystifying brown with fine blackish, this trendy piece feels like magic. Offering earthy tones, comfort, Desert brown granite is used for granite floor tiles, kitchen countertops and wall cladding.

Durable Crystal Yellow Granite To Withstand All Temperatures

Crystal Yellow Granite: Blend of Warmth And Shine Sparkle

Crystal Yellow Granite looks like sand, with varying and contrasting shades of yellow against a white backdrop. It is a perfect choice for designers who prefer a consistent and focused pattern. It is durable enough to withstand all temperatures. Add a touch of sparkle in your kitchen and bathroom spaces with this granite.

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Trends come and go, but the granite color you choose will remain in your home for years to come. Your imagination, your choice is up to you.

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Different Granite Colors Available at The Leading Granite Suppliers

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