Natural Stone Tiles To Decorate Home In Ceramic Style

Natural Stone Beauty With Ceramic Touch

While planning about installing tiles on floorings and walls, durability and style are the first preferences. And, of course, the material should be ready to take on the daily wear and tear of a space. Hence, in this case, Natural stone tiles and ceramic tiles are two of the most popular options in commercial and residential projects.

However, when it comes to sophistication and looks, it is almost impossible to find something that rivals natural stone tiles. For instance, if you would have noticed, large corporate offices mostly prefer natural stone to reflect their brand value while creating an inviting space.

Natural stone is nature’s tireless artistic production of ages - available to decorate any space. But ceramic tiles are a man-made clay material that is hardened in a kiln and finished and glazed to offer varieties.

What’s more? Natural stone tiles increase the resale value of a home while offering ultimate luxury and opulence.

If you are looking for something that resembles ceramic tiles but is better in appearance and quality, you are on the right page. Go ahead to check the best-selling natural stone tiles list from Quality Marble Exports (India).

Popular Colors For Natural Stone Tiles

Popular Natural Stone Tiles

Hard Natural Stone Tiles

Granite Tile

The toughest and densest natural stone available for construction is granite. In terms of variety, the material is available in unique colours, textures, and finishes. The granite tile of different sizes can fit different spaces across the kitchen, bathroom, or living room. According to many architects and interior designers, granite floor tiles and wall tiles are the cheapest options offering high-end performance. The visual depth and rich colours of the stone are naturally uncommon.

Slate Tiles

Another solid option next to granite is slate natural stone. Slate Tiles That Can Be Used in Pool AreasThis material comprises beautiful striations that result from the Earth’s formation which occurs over millions of years. Thanks to the process, the stone is highly durable and resistant to cracks and breaks. That said, it is as porous in nature as any other stone and needs proper sealing. From the leading Slate tiles supplier i.e Quality Marble Exports (India), you get rich colour palettes to enhance the aesthetics of both interiors and exteriors.

Soft Natural Stone Tiles

Limestone Tiles

Limestone is a relatively soft natural stone that is also porous and hence must be sealed. But this character enables limestone manufacturers to cut and shape it flexibly for specific installations. The stone is strong enough to sustain daily foot traffic. It tends to weather in a graceful manner, revealing its antique and classic look over time. According to architects, if you love rustic style filled with natural tones and variations, look no further than limestone tiles. The material produces a look that is evocative of ancient architecture and design. Typically, the tiles submit a comprehensive look to a patio in your outdoors.

Marble Tiles

Another delicate yet elegant stone variety is the marble Natural Stone Tile Flooring that usually doesn’t need an introduction. Marble tiles add an instant sense of refinement and luxury to any room. Take recommendations from any interior designer and you’ll know that it can serve as a center of attraction for your kitchen or bathroom floorings, or kitchen countertops. And if you are concerned about the sensitive care it needs, you can add marble tiles as a decorative feature in columns, backsplashes, and shower floors. You have endless colour variations, patterns, finishes that can make your space look like no other.

Ceramic-like Maintenance

Some might argue that ceramic tiles do not demand high maintenance and care. But, if you follow some simple steps, you can install natural stones and maintain them just like ceramic tiles. This not just reduces the time and effort but also gives your space a more enhanced look and feel.

Preparation For Low Maintenance

Ceramic tiles are porous in nature when left unglazed. Natural Stone Tiles For Bathroom Floors They need to be glazed or sealed to protect from stains. Same way, all types of natural stone tiles need to be sealed periodically. Harder options like granite tile and slate tiles can be an exception after an initial application. Proper sealing ensures that water or other liquids don’t damage the beauty of the stone. Hence, this will cut your costs for expensive and time-consuming maintenance.

Post-installation Maintenance

Once the natural stone tiles are placed and sealed, basic maintenance is all you require. Wash the surface with soapy water on a daily basis and prevent using abusive liquids like acidic cleaners.

Therefore, following these steps for maintenance are enough to retain the timeless shine of natural stone tiles.

Quality Natural Stone Tiles At Quality Marble Exports (India)

At Quality Marble Exports (India), we do not supply ceramic tiles. Checkered Floor Tiles For Your HomeInstead, we supply superior quality natural stone tiles in all the available sizes of ceramic tiles. As a well-established natural stone tile manufacturer we offer bespoke tiles in size, colour, and finish range. Our team has both local and international experience in the supply of granite, slate, limestone, and marble tiles among others to suit your project. We have a huge range of natural stone tiles to befit all styles, be it in the kitchen countertops, bathroom, sitting area, and eating area of homes and offices.

The quality of our stones allows for lifetime usage while preserving a constant new look. Not a problem, if you require the tiles for a high-traffic area with low-maintenance. We have the ideal material to please your natural stone floor or wall tiling project.