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Slate Roof Tiles to Rejuvenate Your Home

A look at the slate stone roof tiles gives you the feeling of a beautiful tradition and peculiar aesthetics. Going by history, the slate stone has been used as a home roofing material since 1300 AD. Its use was profuse around the world, especially in the US and Europe.

But the natural stone entered the mainstream construction industry in the 1800s. That was the period when quarrying processes advanced to deliver adequate supply at affordable prices. Slate tiles rose to popularity in the 1870s when they were first used for roads and waterway systems.

Further enhancement in quarrying, cutting, transportation and surface Slate Tiles at Quality Marble Indiatreatment technologies paved its way into residential projects. And today, the slate stone is one of the best-selling natural stone for flooring, roofing, and wall cladding. Thanks to its strong physical and chemical properties, it is a wonderful low-cost decorative stone for exterior and interior applications.

India is one of the largest slate stone exporters in the world. Indian slate slabs/tiles suppliers offer the stone in a wide range of earthy tones. Those who fancy dark colours can have different hues of brown, black and grey. While those who look for something more colourful can get shades of purple, green, red and blue among others.

The context below will give you an idea of how slate stone can beautify your home.

A Quick Look At The Interesting Use Of Slate Stone

As we discussed before, the slate stone has been extensively used in buildings for roofs. But it might be surprising for many, that the stone was also used in schools for blackboards and individual writing slates. For both, pencils made out of slate were used.

Another inquisitive fact of slate is that it was used in the construction of pool tables. The stone being highly resistant to deformation was an ideal choice for pool tables. Slate stone manufacturers used thick polished slabs with a fine finish.

The Craze Of Slate Roof Tiles

As you read, roofing is one of the most favoured applications of slate stone across the world. In fact, slate shingling is so long-lasting that slate roofing tiles are frequently seen as “the hundred-year roof.” Even today, it is possible to see slate roofs with the same tiles uninjured that are well over 400-500 years old. The stone is resistant to moisture and wind and provides excellent insulation. Other important benefits it provides is easy and quick installation & repair and maintenance.

Besides, the stone offers an undivided natural look to the exteriors. For example, charcoal colour slate tiles with a grooved texture is a popular roofing solution in modern homes and offices.

There are different types of slate roof coverings such as double, triple, scales and more.

Slate Stone Walls For Different Settings

When a homeowner finds out about the experience of natural slate stone users, they definitelyOutdoor Application Of Slate Stone Wall become fanatical to it. Even contemporary architects have a great liking for the stone, especially when it comes to wall cladding and facades. They consider it to be an optimal building material. External Slate cladding performs as a natural barrier and insulates the home against harsh elements. Slate tiles always stand out due to their high performance and durability.

In addition, architects and homeowners consider slate as a winner, when it comes to applying it to the bathroom and shower walls. The slate wall tiles are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit your walls. Tiles can be bought as a strip length and fixed as a wall cladding directly. It can even be turned into a beautiful accent as a kitchen backsplash provided proper sealing is in place.

Slate Countertops For A Unique Kitchen Ambience

Low water absorption capacity, stain resistance, and long-lasting durability are the biggest traits of an ideal natural stone countertop. All of these features are inherent to slate stone, which is available in unique colour combinations and textures. Moreover, it offers a matte finish for a rough look or a glossy finish for a wet look. Slate offers very different aesthetics compared to other countertops. When you have a slate countertop installed in a kitchen or bathroom, it gives a smart and stylish feel. And because the stone is waterproof, it can also be used as a sink to match it with your countertop. For instance, if you love a farmhouse style kitchen, choose a dark slate slab for countertop and sink matched with wooden cabinets.

Feel The Warmth Of Slate Fireplace Hearth

Slate slabs available in small or large sizes can be a great fit as a fireplace hearth. Thanks to its Slate Stone For Fireplacerobust characteristics, slate fireplace proves to be extremely hard-wearing. It tends to become a striking focal point in any living room. For a royal warmth, the stone slabs could be your choice. However, there is good news if you are looking for an inexpensive retreat. Slate tiles at low cost can also be used to build a hearth.

Slate Varieties At Quality Marble Exports (India

Slate stone has allowed many homeowners and architects to create one-of-a-kind settings. Quality Marble Exports (India) has a decades-long history of supplying premium quality slate slabs and tiles to accentuating a space with exceptional beauty. With our growing reputation of a leading slate stone manufacturer and exporter, we are committed to offering endless choices to decorate your home. Be it colour, pattern, texture, finish, size, shape or edge profile, we are here to customise each element to suit your appetite.

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