Natural Stone Ideas For Balcony And Terrace Decor

Relaxing Balcony And Terrace Decor To Enhance Your Exteriors

COVID-19 has made us realize the importance of our houses. The balcony and terrace are two of the most integral exterior spaces of a residential property. People spend a good amount of time on their balconies and terraces to relax and enjoy their surroundings and pleasant weather.

You can enhance this experience when you know that a natural and peaceful haven is a scarcity in a city. You have the opportunity to create this on your terrace and balconies. Natural stone features from reliable granite and marble suppliers can bring a beautiful transformation.

And so, we are discussing wonderful natural stone ideas that can ramp up your terrace and balcony for any occasion.

Natural Stone Ideas To Create A Soothing Atmosphere

Your terrace can look as beautiful as your outdoor garden. Your balcony can be eye-catching as much as your entrance. So, let’s go ahead and explore amazing natural stone decorative elements that are also completely practical. What's more? the ideas and choices we share ahead are perfectly suitable for Indian weather. They can sustain for decades in severe heat, cold, and rain.


Natural Stone Terrace Flooring To Create Durable Exteriors

For balcony granite design can be incorporated through flooring. Natural stone flooring is incredibly durable, tough, and long-lasting. Aesthetically, it adds lively colors, patterns, and textures that create an element of warmth. Granite floor tiles, slate tiles, and sandstone tiles are the most popular for terrace and balcony flooring. To be specific, Cudappa Black Natural Limestone tiles are much favored by architects for outdoor flooring. The black stone is sturdy and has an attractive smooth finish.

Whichever stone you choose, remember to have a finish that makes the stone slip-resistant for safety. Besides, As natural stone is porous, it has to be protected with a layer of sealant periodically

Wall Cladding

Durable Balcony Walls To Amplify Your Surroundings

Natural stone wall cladding is an effective way to enhance the look and feel of your terrace and balcony. Choose from a wide variety of granite tiles, marble tiles, slate tiles, or limestone tiles. And you have the magic to create walls that speak of your personality. You can even choose to install decorative borders or partial cladding to add character. Picking from the exotic variety, we have this Pebble Black Granite. It comes with a vibrant mix-matching of colours and patterns that show off even when used just as a border. Other unique granite varieties are Imperial White Granite & Commando Grey Granite. These granites can work with many design applications such as granite floor tiles, kitchen countertops, staircase, backsplash, etc.

Tea Tabletop

Marble Table Top To Showcase Your Design Style

A comfortable and welcoming seating arrangement is the much-needed element to any outdoor space. Especially when you fully want to enjoy the beauty you’ve created for yourself. Thus, a natural stone tea tabletop, the center of your outdoor furniture ought to be an eye-catcher. A granite slab, marble slab, or stone slab of your choice can flaunt as beautiful support on the pedestal. 

Or if you’re not a tea enthusiast and only want a place where you can sit and relax, a granite seating in balcony could be a great addition. However, ensure to add a sealant so that it can save the stone from dirt and stains.


Have you been using pebbles only in your garden? Try using them as decorative pieces in your balcony and terrace, and see the astounding results. They take the landscaping to a whole new level. You can use a mix of colorful pebbles or monochrome pebbles in creative ways: as patches or around plant pots. The best part is that stone pebbles are flat and safe to walk on. They offer extra traction and prevent slipping. They are extremely easy to maintain as well.

Handrail Baluster

Natural Stone Balusters For Safe And Attractive Terraces

Natural stone balusters have been used in building and landscaping for centuries. Magnificent and royal stories of balusters come from different corners of the world. Nowadays, property owners use these railings for ornamental purposes that also serves as a safety wall. Balusters made of granite, marble, slate, sandstone can be found at the edge of terraces, balconies, and staircases. For ultimate luxury, Andy White Marble is a grand choice. With the stone, you can create a safe balcony surround that is strikingly attractive.

Stone Decorative Items & Plant Pots

Natural stone is versatile when it comes to decorating interiors and exteriors. Apparently, there are no limits to how you can use the stone to create unique architectural features or decorative items. Natural stone pots, lamp holders, swings and more can truly embellish your balconies and terrace.

Quality Marble Exports (India) - The Trusted Indian Granite And Marble Suppliers

Using natural stone in balconies and terraces requires experience and expertise. Stone is a heavy material. Hence, the weight of a granite floor tile (for example) per square meter must be taken into account. This guarantees that the required permissible load is satisfied. Many such factors are involved in ensuring the safe and sound installation of any natural stone.

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