Bathroom Inspiration: Choose The Best Vanity Top

How To Choose The Best Vanity Top For Bathrooms?

The bathroom is the first place to enter in the morning and the last place before going to bed. So, of course, it has a dramatic role to play in our senses.

Among all the amenities of a bathroom space, the vanity top has a dominant impact. Also termed as bathroom countertop, it plays an essential role in enhancing the functionality and aesthetics of the space. Besides, it also acts as great support for sinks and cabinets in the bathroom.

But to get an apt vanity top for the bathroom, it is paramount to consider factors that directly influence the look and utility of the vanity top and the overall space. So, let us discuss the factors inspiring the bathroom!

Parameters That Will Set Bathroom Vanity Top Perfect

While planning for a bathroom countertop remodel, it is important to choose the material, design and style that matches the person's requirements and the bathroom dimensions.

1. Durability That Depends On The Use

It is needless to say that one needs a durable vanity top that can stand all the harshness over the years. Water, soap, cosmetics, cleaning products, toothpaste and other grime that constantly come in contact with it should not be able to shake its strength and quality. Hence, it is vital to go with a material that is better suited for the moist climate of the bathroom while able to maintain hygiene and manage the clutter.

However, to make a smart investment, it is also important to consider how much pressure will the bathroom countertop has to face. Like if the installation is for the guest bathroom where the usage is limited, a highly durable vanity top may not be a perfect choice. Whilst for a powder room a vanity top with high durability is a must.

2. Space-Friendly Size

When talking about the size, the space inside the bathroom enables choosing the size of the bathroom vanity top. If considering the countertop for a small-size bathroom or a powder room, choose the size that is less intrusive. Typically, a 30-inch bathroom countertop is a popular option for a small space.

On the contrary, for a master bathroom, one can be generous with the shape and size. Nevertheless, the choice of size can also go according to personal preferences for storage.

3. Material: Natural Stone Vs Exotic Stone

How To Select The Best Material For Bathroom Vanity Top?Natural stones offer an attractive look and high returns in terms of durability and lifespan. A high-quality high-quality marble or granite tile is a rich option to go for a bathroom countertop. When going for natural stones that are delicate and porous in nature, it is important to protect it with sealants so that it remains durable and easy to clean.

If interested in a cheaper option, cultured marble tiles or cultured granite with a modified composition of fillers and resins could be a better choice. These stones have a solid surface coated with a 'gel coat' that makes them non-porous, glossy and protective.

Another great option is exotic stones that are hard and durable without any porosity. This means that the vanity top does not require any sealants for protection. Moreover, in terms of appearance, exotic stones vanity tops can be customised with a wide range of colours and textures to enhance the aesthetics of the bathroom.

4. Finish That Determines Functionality and Looks

The choice of the stone is followed by the finish or the final touch which determines the bathroom countertop's susceptibility to scratches and water resistance. On the visual side, it improves the aesthetics by offering a sensational look.

A stone with a polished finish is a symbol of luxury and elegance. But on the flip side scratches are easily visible on such a surface. Hence, polished stone is great for less used bathrooms.

Another option is a matte finish which tends to hide most of the scratches on the vanity top surface but fingerprints and smudges are visible though. Besides, it has pores on the surface which can easily become exposed to water damage. But this downside of matte finish can be avoided by sealing the surface. Matte finish offers a striking look and is ideal for private bathrooms.

When looking for a neutral option, the leathered finish is often an ideal solution provided you don't mind cleaning it thoroughly. It is good at hiding fingerprints, smudges or scratches and works towards sealing off the pores to prevent the entry of water. That said, it requires periodical sealing but without encountering much hassle.

Elements That Enhance The Beauty Of Bathroom Countertop

What Are The Elements That Can Enhance The Beauty Of Bathroom Countertop?In order to improve the aesthetics of a bathroom, elements such as lights, colour and faucets need to complement the vanity top.

Lighting is an essential element for every space in the house and the bathroom is no exception. Be it mixed metals, ornate light fixtures or exposed bulbs, the right match is important to beautify the space. Along with the outer look, the placing of the lights in a manner that brighten up the vanity top area and the rest of the bathroom. Besides, the colour of the lightings sets the right mood in the environment.

Another crucial element is faucets which can be reconsidered for a bathroom renovation. Faucets are available in magnificent shapes and finishes and if chosen correctly it serves as a crown jewel for a bathroom countertop. One must consider the type of sink, the size of the vanity top and the overall space to create avant-garde bathrooms.

Not to mention, colour is the most essential visual element to enhance aesthetics. A monochromatic theme reflects simplicity and a soothing spa-like environment while a classic pairing of a black background with golden fixtures endows a sophisticated modern look.

Customised Bathroom Countertops Designed By Quality Marble Exports (India)

Natural stone or exotic vanity top is an ultimate addition to your bathroom. But to make it visually breathtaking and practically convenient, professional expertise always comes in handy.

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Let's give your bathroom an inspiring touch!

Vanity Top Options For Bathroom