Bold Backsplashes For Your Kitchen

Marble and Granite Wall Cladding For Your Kitchen

Apart from flooring, sink and countertops, the backsplash (or the wall cladding) has its own style to enhance the overall aesthetics of a kitchen. It not just adds unique aesthetical characteristics to space but also serves as a protective layer against liquid and food spills.

Years ago, wall tiles imprinted with colourful fruits and vegetable graphics was popular among homeowners. But today, with the changing trend, the application has amazingly extended over the textures, colours, patterns, sizes and designs while adding a personal touch.

However, apart from focusing on a beautiful appearance, it is also important to consider a material that stands the test of time while also making a bold statement. For instance, marble backsplash or granite tile backsplash take away all the praises when it comes to durability, appearance and natural variations in design.

Let’s explore more in this line before considering the installation for kitchen remodelling or renovation!

Types Of Unique Natural Stones Tiles

There are a variety of marble and granite choices that complement the interiors of the kitchen. Some of the types that add unique elegance and style are described below.

Alaska Gold Exotic Stone

Alaska gold exotic stone gives a natural feeling to the wall cladding of the kitchen. Both in terms of architecture and aesthetics, this exotic stone enhances the interior and exterior space. If you are looking for a textured stone then this stone is the right choice for your kitchen backsplash. Installing it with a combination of different shades of exotic stone is a great option.

Blue Granite

The blue granite owns one of the rare but extremely impressive, blue shades that go well with home appliances made of stainless steel. The blue granite backsplash bestows an exotic look to the kitchen ambience while making it feel soothing to the eyes.

Kashmir Gold Granite

The Golden hues of Kashmir Gold Granite spread a regal aura throughout the kitchen space. Yellow speckles and red flakes sprinkled on a greyish white backdrop dominate its overall beauty. The blend of colours present on the stone adds to a distinct physical appearance. Using this granite as a wall cladding in combination with light colour cabinets create a magnificent space. While this not being a rule, it can go with dark cabinets, wooden furniture or chromed metals for a modern-looking space.

Maharaja Black Marble

Maharaja Black MarblePopularly known as Haveri Black or Dhari Black, the Maharaja Black Marble has a black background filled with white and gold patterns. Because of its shiny appearance and attractive design, the black marble is used as a decorative stone. Installing a Maharaja Black Marble backsplash makes the kitchen space look highly attractive while maintaining durability for years.

The Wall Cladding Look You Desire!

To make the kitchen look best in appearance, it is important to consider the colour, texture, size and patterns.


The size used in natural stone wall tiles has a direct impact on the look and maintenance. Big size tiles, for example, the subway tiles bestow a clean elegant look while being very easy to maintain. Also, if the wall cladding is extended until the ceiling, it creates a feeling of uniformity and looks excellent.

On the other hand, slabs provide a different appearance as they are continuous with few breaks. Rather than installing individual small tiles, few slabs occupying the entire backsplash area have their own bold look to impress. For example, a marble backsplash with dense veining patterns can be installed to create a streamlined kitchen cabinet.


The surface or the polish of the stone tile is becoming popular as homeowners are looking for a more unique and dazzling backsplash for the kitchen. The glossy wall cladding that reflects as a mirror-like surface brightens up the kitchen especially when there is a lot of space for the natural light to come in. Conversely, lighting all over the kitchen can also bring out a dramatic effect. The mirror effect intensifies, even more, when the backsplash is of ceiling height.


Customised Wall Cladding From Mosaic Tiles Mosaic tile backsplash in combination with an array of natural stones is one of the perfect choices for kitchen space. Mosaic wall tiles are available in a linear pattern that is high in demand among modern homeowners. The wonderful aspect of linear mosaic tiles is that one can install them vertically or horizontally, as per the desired appearance.

The traditional graphic patterns have now evolved to offer more attractive and sophisticated looks to the kitchen. Graphics have opened doors for endless wall cladding patterns. But in the case of natural stones, the hexagonal mosaic is another great option that resembles the appearance of graphical patterns on the wall. It creates depth and dimension that envies. If the textured surface is the preference, hexagonal tiles win the race. Marble backsplashes including black, beige, grey and white veining are an amazing option when going for hexagonal mosaic.

Besides, kitchen wall cladding that uses the same colour and pattern used on flooring, cabinetry and countertops, reflects an interconnected, warm and welcoming environment. This proves to be a fabulous design possibility.

Quality Marble Exports (India) Catering To Your Personal Design Choices

Quality Marble Exports (India) is not just the leading marble and granite suppliers in India but also a prominent provider of custom-made natural stone products.

The aesthetics you desire do not come just with choosing the type of stone. There is more such as the pattern, shape, polish and size that determine the beauty of your wall cladding and the surrounding kitchen space.

At Quality Marble Exports (India), our professional craftsmen take care of your design requirements right from the size, pattern, shape and polish to the installation process. Our specialists make sure the stonework meets the highest standards of quality. We offer mosaic and other tile designs to complement your kitchen renovation design plan. From solid sleek marble to granite tiles to colourful quartz mosaic, there is an array of design ideas to enhance the functionality and beauty of the wall tiles.

Also, our premium quality granite and marble tiles ensure the custom wall cladding stands strong against the sink, stove or the work area for protection.

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