Black Granite - The Black Beauty For Modern Look And Feel

What Are The Applications of Black Granite?

Granite slabs are one of the most popular natural stones used by property owners worldwide. Among all, black granite is leading the trend with its natural black beauty and elegance. The granite is known for its strength, durability and look that remains unmatched in the world of natural stones.

Why Choose Black Granite?

The aesthetics that are created by the addition of black granite to your home decor or exteriors simply stands out in the crowd. The range of patterns and swirls of black and white on this granite are not as much as other natural stones yet it tends to produce a style statement that is modern, unique, and luxurious.

A huge number of homeowners uses fancy black granite to give a striking look, especially for their kitchens and bathrooms. Even if you are just remodelling your kitchen, the incorporation of black granite can endow the space with a novel look. Another big reason to use granite for a remodel is that it can complement well with the design elements including flooring, cabinets and sink - no matter which colour or texture. Black is the ultimate colour that easily blends with other colours. The black colour accentuates other colours already present in your kitchen or bathroom design. That being said, the black granite provides a spectacular contrasting appearance when matched with white or lighter islands and cabinets.

When choosing granite slabs or tiles, the look offered to any commercial or residential space is beautifully consistent in colour and texture. According to natural stone experts recommendation, black granite can be used in countless applications including indoors and outdoors depending on the individual interest.

On incorporating the granite in space lit with sunlight, its polished surface reflects shine and radiates a sense of sumptuousness. The stone is a universal choice for crafting attractive countertops, floors, outdoor cladding and architectural features.

Black Granite For All Kinds Of Design And Space

The properties of black granite are the same or even better (in some cases) than other granite variants. The stone is resistant to water and heat and requires very little maintenance. It can easily be sanitised by just cleaning it with soapy water. Hence, no matter which project it is chosen, the stone stands the test of time, even in freezing temperatures.

Let us look at some of the applications where black granite can prove to be an apt choice.

Kitchen Countertops - For a long-lasting and sturdy countertop that remains as it is for years together, the black stone is a smart choice. A polished black countertop shines like a mirror and highlights everything sitting around it. The black granite is an excellent partner for wood cabinetry or light colour design elements. Another great design idea is to match the stone with the kitchen surrounded by stainless steel features. It imparts a sophisticated look with a combination of steel grey and black.

Bathroom - Black granite is the ultimate choice for bathrooms. The stone proves to be a perfect choice for bathrooms as it adds a unique dimension and a level of sophistication. The stone provides resistance to water, heat, and the humid environment.

Table Tops/Bar Tops - The stone is a great choice for customising table tops and bar tops. This stone is heat and scratch-resistant, therefore a black granite slab is used as a tabletop of the laundry room.

Flooring - Black colour floors add depth and intensity to any space. The granite tile or slabs used on flooring enriches the aesthetics while giving a classic look to space. Natural stone experts recommend installing black granite floor tiles in rooms with big windows and ample sunlight.

Accent Walls - Without much effort, just the installation of the black stone on accent walls is enough to give a wow feel to even the simplest home decor. The granite can be used on accent walls in bathrooms, behind a shower or a bathtub. It forms a classic backdrop for walls in living rooms or kitchens as well.

Outdoor Cladding - Black granite is an innovative option for wall cladding as it displays its beauty amazingly in the presence of sunlight. Additionally, it is a better choice than other stones as it stands strong in sunlight, dust and water without any deterioration to its quality and looks.

For countertops, the stone has always been a staple choice, but going out of the line, one can install it in innumerable ways.

The Quality And Variety At Quality Marble Exports (India)

Quality Marble Exports (India), the granite suppliers from India, is a master in quarrying premium varieties of black granite. Owing to our knowledge and experience in the world of natural stones, we are known for being the world-class granite exporter.

We offer black granite range in rectangle and square shape slabs that can conveniently fit into space as per individual interests. There are different types of black stone available around the world. But we offer three of the most desired options amongst all.

Absolute Black Granite

Absolute Black - The granite slab, also known as the Jet Black has its origins in India. The Absolute Black Granite reflects a pitch-black backdrop that offers elegance and high-end fashion.

Black Galaxy - as the name reveals, this stone naturally mimics the Galaxy in the sky twinkling with silver and golden colour stars. The application of Black Galaxy Granite remains unrivalled just like a ‘black shiny dress’.

Black Pearl - This granite comes with a black background filled with metallic silver flake-like patterns. The stone is incredibly durable and prevents the stain of food and beverage. Black Pearl Granite is commonly found in the quarries of South India.

All three versions of black granite are suitable for countertops, bathrooms, outdoor wall cladding, furniture, accent wall and much more.

No matter which granite slab you choose it is important to consult professional granite suppliers before installing one. It does take some expertise and efforts in bringing the best results and this is why we are here.

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