How To Decorate Your Home With Cobbles In The Arabic Style?

5 Ways To Decorate Your Home With Cobbles In The Arabic Style

The Middle East is a region known for its love for culture, religion and architecture. It is not a surprise that most of its interior decor has its roots in the past.

Arabic themes mostly inhibit a luxurious yet comfortable look. This ranges from the colours, rags, lighting and other ornaments since each item adds value to your space.

Currently, a lot of homeowners are adopting a modern interior design that is blending with the Middle Eastern theme. Also, they are going a notch higher by incorporating natural stones designs such as cobbles.

Cobblestones have a rich history in the architectural world. It should not come as a surprise that they can be used extensively in an Arabic theme project. They add a natural feel to the area. Although they may look simple, these stones can be elegant and fit in the whole Middle Eastern setting.

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If you are curious to try this in your space then continue reading.

Creative Ways To Decorate Your Home With Cobbles In The Arabic Style

1. Let Your Hammam Do The Talking

Cobbles Flooring For Your Turkish Bathroom

In the Arabian culture, a Hammam is a place where people go to cleanse and relax. It is better known as Turkish baths. You can transform your bathroom from a functional area but to a place where you can unwind. How about creating your hammam.

You can use cobbles as flooring for your bathroom since they feel very comfortable on the feet and are slip-free. Also, you can use them as decorative elements for your bathtub or sink and add a spa feel. Natural blue cobbles can be a great option for a Hammam.

2. Create A Dry Garden In The Living Room

Red Cobbles For Arabic Themed Living Rooms

Cobbles have become a great application in the garden since they are low cost, low maintenance and are easily installed. Since most Arabic themed living rooms are rich in colours such as gold, red and honey yellow, it is a good idea to add a natural feel to the room. And for this, Natural red cobbles are the way to go.

A dry garden can enhance the overall look and feel of your living room. It can be set in the corner of the house away from the throwaway pillows and rich coloured rugs that cover the flooring.

3. Don't Forget Your Wall Cladding

Cobbles wall cladding will give your space a rustic feel. The best thing is that they come in a variety of colours and sizes. You can create a unique mosaic for your wall cladding using the cobbles depending on the overall colour scheme of your space.

The mosaic can stand as a single centrepiece in any room of your home either in the bedroom, kitchen, living room or bathroom. Cobble exporters from India have a wide array of various sizes, shapes and colours of these stones that will be your preference. Natural cobbles can be used to create traditional mosaics of the Arabic theme.

4. Use Cobbles As Decorating Elements

Create Arabic Interiors With Black Cobbles

Natural stone cobbles may seem simple and plain but when using in the right way, they add a sense of elegance and luxury. The latter depicts the entire meaning of the Middle Eastern theme. There are a lot of ingenious ways to use them.

For instance, you can create stunning black cobbles mats that you can place either in the kitchen or bathroom. They will be easy to maintain since they are not susceptible to mildew or fungi.

You can also create small table mats where you can place candlesticks, vases filled with pearls, gems and other items. The whole idea is to add an earthy feel to the rich element of the Arabian space.

5. Have A Cobble Water Feature

Beautiful Grey Cobbles For Your Water Fountain

Water is an important element in Arabian architecture. It symbolises life and purification. You can incorporate an indoor or outdoor water fountain filled with cobbles to keep the water clean and fresh. How about Silver Grey Cobbles for crystal clear flowing water?

The stones allow good bacteria to grow which keeps the water fresher for a long time. It also prevents sediments from rising to the surface thus keeping it clean. Cobbles can also be used around open water fountains to prevent slipping.

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Natural Stone Cobbles Of Various Sizes And Finishes

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