Create Trendy Pathways Using Cobbles

How Can Cobblestones Be Used To Create Attractive Pathways?

Cobblestone driveways and streets are centuries-old craftsmanship. These classic driveways led to the mansions of aristocrats and palaces of the kings. Today, we have a new version of cobbles popular among homeowners and architects worldwide.

Modern cobblestone manufacturers supply both durability and quality to create sturdy driveways, patios, and walkways in your outdoors. The stones can greatly improve the curb appeal of your house while adding an extremely fascinating visual appeal.

But there is more to know about natural stone cobbles. Learn how you can use them to create a perfect path that leads to your ‘home sweet home.’

Why Use Natural Cobblestone?

Cobble suppliers manufacture these stones out of granite, sandstone, or other natural stones. So, Durable Cobblestone Pathway For Fascinating Exterior Spaceyou know that all the qualities of natural stone are present in the cobbles. In short, they are durable and resistant to fire. They can endure all types of weather conditions.

What else makes natural cobblestone better than other paving materials? First and foremost, no other paving material can arouse a visual interest just like the cobbles. It supports both traditional as well as contemporary modern design. In addition, it adds a sense of exclusiveness to any outdoor area. These can include car driveways, a garden walkway, or a patio with a seating arrangement.

How To Use Cobblestone?

Cobblestone owns true versatility and practicality to blend with all types of outdoor areas. However, you get two kinds of stones under this category. One is the rough cobblestones. And the other is the polished/smooth cobblestones.

The former kind slightly resembles concrete producing a bumpy path. It may hinder the mobility of a person who uses a wheelchair, walker, or cane. Hence, if you have a person in the house moving with support, avoid using rough cobbles.

That said, cobblestone manufacturers like Quality Marble Exports (India) provide an ideal solution. If you desire the rough look, we customize the rough stones by levelling them. This ensures a safe and walkable path for anyone.

On the contrary, the polished granite cobblestone, for example, gets slippery when wet. These may cause someone to slip or trip. To prevent this, it is necessary to apply a slip-resistant coating, especially in high-traffic areas.

Top 5 Ideas To Create Cobblestone Path


A modern house with a garden area, a stone facade, and a rough cobblestone pathway add to create an Raymond White Marble For Creating Luxurious Exteriorsinviting mansion.

Make a pathway arranging cobbles in huge square grids. Divide these grids by installing a slim column of natural stone. For instance, Grey Cobblestone coupled with Raymond White Marble columns delivers a modern and trendy look. Both the products are durable in nature and resistant to elements.


If you own a traditional house with a countryside feel, there are granite cobblestones to suit your taste.

Nothing can replace Natural Red Cobblestone with its purely rustic look. The stone is available in custom shapes and sizes to create a traditional yet minimalistic driveway or patio. You can use these in square, rectangle, or triangle shapes as per your design preference.


Do you love being around nature in every place possible? You can create a grass laden cobblestone Grassy Pathways For Soothing And Eco-Friendly Outdoorspathway in your outdoor area. There are plenty of ideas to include plants and grass in and around the pathways.

For example, this refreshing Natural Cobblestone is an ideal choice to match it with greenery. You can create a two-lane narrow garden walkway and divide it between to include a strip of grass. Of course, either side of the pathway will have grass, giving an amazing eco-friendly look. However, ensure that the grass strips are not too thin. As they can dry out quickly.

Alternatively, you could also create square blocks of cobblestones interrupted by small squares of grass. Here, it is essential to keep the grass squares smaller than the cobble squares to ensure smooth accessibility.


A circular cobblestone patio in the midst of your garden area is an amazing space for a get-together. UseNatural Black Cobblestone For Recreation Outdoor Spaces the Natural Black Cobblestone to create a modern outdoor area for recreation purposes. The black flooring amidst green grass will evoke a sense of sophistication.

Edge Pavers

Instead of just using the cobblestones, you can use them in combination with large flagstones. For this, you can opt for any natural stone such as granite tile, sandstone slabs, or slate slabs.

One of the most popular ways is creating a boundary of cobblestones around the flagstones. Have a look at these Sliver Grey Granite Cobblestones. The stone adorns an attractive texture with bright silver and grey tones. The vibrant colour of the stone along the borders will illuminate the entire pathway.

High-Quality Cobblestones From Quality Marble Exports (India)

Quality Marble Exports (India) is not just a leader in granite and marble manufacturing. We also excel as cobblestone manufacturers and suppliers across many countries. We fabricate cobbles from our mechanized quarries to deliver the highest quality.

Be it granite cobblestones or marble cobblestones, we take custom orders from our customers. We design the product keeping your preferences in minds such as the finish, size, and shape.
Cobblestone Products Available at Quality Marble

So, if you are looking to install natural stone cobbles, feel free to reach out to us. We are here to help you create or remodel your outdoor area with your desire and our expertise at the top marble suppliers and granite suppliers from India.