Post-Pandemic Natural Stone Ideas To Design Your Space

Use Of Natural Stones To Create Stunning Spaces

The COVID-19 outbreak has changed the way people live, work and play. Homeowners ready with a plan for a house are now reworking on their interior design preferences. People are now deciding to add a home office room, a playroom for kids, a study and entertainment room, a gym etc. Adding a set of these new spaces can enable homeowners to thrive with time.

Granite, marble, sandstone, slate and limestone are some of the natural stones that can help you achieve your design goals. These stones are widely used to create spaces that stand the test of time without losing their original beauty. Besides, every natural stone owns a specific utility that delivers a new definition to different rooms.

Putting stones in the right place is key to having meaningful interiors. Professional granite and marble suppliers can help in this matter. So, as one of the leading natural stone manufacturers and suppliers, Quality Marble Exports (India) presents some innovative ideas!

A Lively Living Room For Everyone

The living room of a house is the first room that can catch the attention of guests and visitors. Moreover, itlegant Flooring And Walls For Comfortable Living Rooms is the place where family members spend most of the time. Hence, it ought to have all the elements that people of all ages can enjoy. It has to be functional and at the same time comfortable.

Sofa, chairs, tables, rugs, lighting fixtures are some of the essential furniture. Apart from that what completes the room is the flooring and walls. Beyond that what makes the living room good looking is the colour tones that melt in beautifully.

Take for example the combination of black, white and grey. It provides a modern cool look. To produce a luxurious expression consider Millenium Grey Marble for marble flooring. Choose marble tiles in mosaic cuts to bring out a pattern. This will endow the flooring with a playful charm. Place bright white sofas on a grey tone rug. The lighting fixture could be silver in colour.

Coming to the walls, one wall can have a more colourful look than others. But the choice of stone should do justice with the stone used for flooring. Jack Black Slate with the grey marble tile flooring gives you the opportunity to bring in a modern focal point. The black slate tiles can adorn one wall while keeping others bright.

Dancing Colours In Kids Play Area

After the living room, we ought to think about the kid’s area. While designing the interiors of a kid's playroom, you need to think out of the box. Of course, safety first. But when it comes to colours they need to relate with children. Be playful and dancing just like kids.

For flooring, honed granite tile is one of the best options. They are durable as well as non-slippery. Jodhpur Pink Sandstone For Your Kids’ Play AreaThis will ensure that your kids can play without worrying about slipping or tripping. One of the brightest options in the granite range is Yellow Juparana. The stone owns a vibrant blend of colours like yellow, orange and blue. It evokes a happy feeling when you see it.

For wall cladding, you can opt for Jodhpur Pink sandstone tiles or the multicolour Himalayan Blue granite tiles. Opting for triangle, rectangle, and square tiles in mosaic patterns will produce a playful look.

It is sometimes completely okay if the colours chosen for the kid’s room are too many. Yet, if they look joyful with each other go for it. Ask your kids, if they would like such a room.

For Active Gym Area

If you are planning to add a gym to your home, the first thing that comes to mind is flooring. What type of Durable Slate Floors For Your Gym Areaflooring should be there that serves the purpose of exercise and looks gorgeous? Well, there are plenty of natural stones to do justice to the gym area. But one of the best options available is Kota Blue Slate. The slate tiles come in a beautiful combination of grey and blue to make the gym attractive.

The stone is widely used for outdoor flooring due to its durable, hard and rugged character. But using it in the gym will provide you with the perfect flooring to perform freehand exercises. For this, you need to choose a honed finish or leather finish slate flooring. Both provide the ideal grip to place gym equipment as well as to exercise.

Plenty Of Colours From Quality Marble Exports (India)
Wide Range of Colors at Quality Marble

Quality Marble Exports (India) has been supplying high-quality marble tiles and granite tile in different parts of the world. Thanks to our wide range of natural stone colours, over the years, we have emerged as a favourite granite suppliers and marble suppliers. Besides, we also offer a colourful range of sandstone, slate and limestone tiles and slabs.

Owing to our experience, the living room of any house opens plenty of Marble Coffee Table For Modern Style Interiorsopportunities to add natural stone. And this is the place homeowners often love to add plenty of stone features. This includes flooring, walls, fireplace, centre table, coffee tables, side tables, light lamps and much more.

With our different range of colours, from light to dark, you can choose to create interiors you desire. Whether you wish for a countryside warmth, the traditional look or the modern style, we have stones for each one. Perhaps, if you are looking to add excitement and energy or planning for subtle interiors. We have colours for all.

Contact Quality Marble Exports (India) to make your living room lively and soothing!