How We Replaced The Yorkstone in London?

How We Replaced The Yorkstone in London?

West Yorkshire, a metropolitan county in the UK is famous for its historic sandstone quarries. The story began around the 18th century, when the natural stone, which popularized as the Yorkstone was first quarried here. But deeper quarrying and mining began after the introduction of gins and steam cranes. The earliest shafts were settled in Hipperholme, nearby Halifax in the 1860s.

Desert Camel Quartzite Block Depicting The Stone’s Appearance

Thanks to the industrial revolution, Yorkstone began to be recognized as an extremely high quality, strong, and durable stone. Soon the stone became the most sought-after for paving across the major towns and cities in the UK. Today, the stone is referred to as the traditional London paving stone.

Yorkstone is a type of sandstone that is exclusively found in Yorkshire. It is a tight-grained carboniferous sedimentary rock made of quartz, mica, feldspar, clay, and iron oxides. The color of the stone is grey and grey buff. Commercially, this stone is sold by the name buff stone/grey buff/grey stone. A close look-alike of the Yorkstone is the Desert Camel quartzite of India.

Quality Marble Exports (India) has been exporting Desert Camel to London for external paving projects. The stone is approved by the London City Council and is approved to be imported from India. As the quartzite is extremely similar to the characteristics, color, and quality of Yorkstone. And hence, Desert Camel is being used across the UK pavements.

The read ahead provides you insights into how Quality Marble Exports (India) has successfully accomplished the export of Desert Camel for external paving in London. Everything from quarrying to finishing has been handled by us with diligence.

A Brief Description Of Desert Camel Quartzite

Before we move on to explore the project, let’s understand the characteristics of the Desert Camel Quartzite. The Indian stone reflects a light grey background with bright orange shade bands that intensify the beautiful look.

The quartzite is found in the quarries of Rajasthan state in northwest India and therefore it is also famous by the name of Desert Fire quartzite.

Thanks to its unique texture and soothing color shades, natural stone is preferred for interior flooring, wall cladding, and other applications. However, it proves to be the best pick when it comes to exterior landscaping. Thanks to its high durability, exceptional slip resistance qualities, frost-free, and low absorption features. The stone easily braves through the harshest climates in the winter as well as summer for decades.

The Role Of Quality Marble Exports (India) In The London City Council Project

External paving in the city of London has been one of the favorite and most prestigious projects of Quality Marble Exports (India)Robust Desert Camel Pavers For London Pavement Construction. The installation of Desert Camel on the outdoor pavements has brought about a beautiful transformation to the surrounding aesthetics.

To begin with, Quality Marble Exports (India) delivered a chemical test report of quartzite. It was requested by the UK to ensure that standard results are achieved for importing the stone to their country. The report was issued by the Centre For Development of Stones, an autonomous organization promoted by the government of Rajasthan and RIICO. The testing presented to the London City Council, the laboratory results of the slip resistance capability of the quartzite in wet condition.

The Desert Camel Quartzite Slip Resistance Test Report Submitted to London City Council

The analysis reveals that Desert Camel quartzite shows excellent slip resistance capacity even as a sawn smooth slab when wet. As a result, it is an approved stone by the London City Council.

Beyond exporting the quartzite, Quality Marble Exports (India) had a huge responsibility for mining, cutting, packaging, loading, and finishing. The finishing included wet finishing and dry finishing once the stone is installed.

Our Expertise As A Leading Sandstone Supplier & Exporter

As per the precise requirements, Quality Marble Exports (India) provided 7.5 cm thick external pavers in 60 cm widths and varying lengths of Desert Camel. Each paver was sawn and rubbed to bring out the smooth, bright, and sparkly surface.
High-quality Desert Camel Quartzite Available With Us

These processes are part of stone dressing that requires the right technical skill and understanding of the material, design drawings, and specifications. At Quality Marble Exports (India), the sawing and rubbing process was carried out by expert technicians and state-of-the-art machines that help achieve perfection.

Sawing is an additional process in which the large sandstone Sawn Quartzite Pavers blocks are sawn and smoothed down from all sides. The result is a smooth and flat surface that offers a sleek and contemporary feel to the paving with its minimalistic beauty. It reflects more pronounced patterns and swirls of color, adding a premium appeal. Especially, the orange bands flaunt more strikingly after these processes.

The Stunning End Result

Quality Marble Exports (India) worked closely with the client to ensure every part of this scheme Rubbed Desert Camel Pavers To Display Enriched Textures
was exactly as per the requirements and expectations. With keen attention to detail, we made sure that the project runs seamlessly with a superior quality installation.

Hence, we started with a detailed project plan and implemented important measures to stay on time. The end result was substantial with a stunning look and feel.

As this is an ongoing project, many external pavements are being adorned with Desert Camel. And Quality Marble Exports (India) is a constant exporter of Desert Camel quartzite Packaged Desert Camel Quartzite Slabsto the UK.

For three decades, we have been creating customized natural stone tiles, slabs, and blocks - cut to perfection. Our attention to detail and the highest standard craftsmanship set us as a leading natural stone supplier. If you have a small or a large construction requirement using any natural stone, connect with us!