Top 5 Natural Stone Ideas To Bring Home The Winter Warmth

Natural Stone Interiors To Keep Your Space Warm During Winters

Winter is the season when people make early preparations to cover home with warmth and cosiness. The season is also a mass-favorite as people are eagerly waiting to welcome Christmas and New Year. Altogether, it's the season of celebrations when people spend a jolly time decorating their homes.

If you are going for a renovation before decoration, interior designers suggest going for natural stone tiles. If you already have them embellishing your space - great! But, if you haven’t embraced the magnificent material, you are missing the amazing ambiance they create. All the more, they are great performers when it comes to increasing energy efficiency and making your home warmer in winter.

Let’s get you on the journey of exploring 5 amazing ideas to use granite tile and sandstone tiles, this winter!

Use Natural Stone Around Your Fireplace To Kindle Coziness
Elegant Natural Stone Fireplace For Comfortable Interiors

A fireplace in your living room or bedroom instantly changes the ambiance by radiating its warmth, coziness, and comfort. It also gives your home a fantasizing Christmassy atmosphere. The satisfaction of sitting beside the fire and sipping hot chocolate in winter is simply indescribable. If you want to multiply this feeling by adding more warmth, Mint White Honed Sandstone can prove to be a game-changer.

Use this stone to cover the mantles of a traditional fireplace. Or, if you have a modern fireplace, consider installing a stunning accent wall of Platinum White Granite against it. White natural stones are a great pick for those who love the snowy effect. But do balance the light colours with warm ones to ensure the cosy feeling.

Add Warm Elements To Granite Floor Tiles

When you are thinking of the best flooring solution, natural stone tends to quickly strike. It is an ideal choice for winter as the material has a good capacity to absorb, store and radiate heat. With this characteristic, the stone tiles easily spread the warmth evenly across a room.
Granite Flooring - A Fusion Of Mild Aesthetics And High Heat Absorption

Choose different natural stone varieties in case you want each room in your home to have its individual style statement. As a matter of fact, granite floor tiles are most sought after for the living room, kitchen, and hallway.

Because the stone can endure the wear and tear excellently - even the winter scars. Originally, natural stones have a cooling effect. Hence, if you want to add a heating element, install heaters underneath. Or, place a centerpiece rug for an enhanced cosy effect.

Insulate Your Indoors With Sandstone Cladding

Installing sandstone tiles external cladding means you are covering your indoors with a warm blanket in winter. Taking this step also means that you are increasing energy efficiency as well as the beauty of your home.
Dholpur Beige External Cladding For Warm And Functional Spaces

If you love dark shades, Dholpur Chocolate Natural Sandstone is an adorable option. It is one of the most beloved Indian Sandstones in Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and the UK. Its chocolaty effect gives your home an adorable look.

Especially, when you decorate your home for Christmas, the impression intensifies. For extra insulation, you can add an extra layer to your attic space. Perhaps, you can also add Slate tiles roofing to ensure warm air doesn’t escape from your indoors in the winter.

Enjoy A Barbeque Countertop
Outdoor Kitchen Countertop For Enjoying Barbeque Delights

Barbeque parties are not just a summer delight. Enjoying incredible outdoor barbecues in chilly winters has its own charm. For complete satisfaction, having a full-fledged outdoor kitchen is the best way.

You need a strong surface that prevents cracks and stains due to cold and wet weather in the winter. Hence, the best solution is a granite countertop. And one of the best varieties we suggest is Monte Cristo. The granite has a curious blend of a brown and black speck on a shiny white background. It offers a celebratory look and touch that resemble brown coffee and ice cream textures.

Before installing any barbeque countertop, identify the most common wind direction in winters for protection from blisters. Try installing the top near the structure of your home so that you feel cosy while partying outside in winter. However, ensure to avoid cooking in an enclosed area to prevent a fire hazard.

Divide Your Space Gracefully

Hugging a corner in the winter and reading a favourite book is a desire of many. If you have a huge open space in your living room, you can perhaps place a natural stone wall as a divider. For that, you can opt for Imperial White Granite. This stone is more grey than white. For more Different shades of grey, you can even opt for Paradiso Bash Grey Granite or Paradiso Classic Grey Granite. They are the latest winter interior design trends.

With a neutral palette, and the hues of the mist, fog, and frost, it evokes a nice cozy feel. Now, place an armchair against the wall and capture the nook to read your favourite book. If you’d love to add more life to your space, bring in a hint of rich purple or vibrant red. Perhaps you can use an armchair of that colour!

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Stones That Keep Your Interiors Welcoming And Warm

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