The Beauty And The Benefits Of Exotic Stones

Advantages of Using Exotic Stones Countertops

A lot of get-togethers happen over countertops, both in a residential and commercial setting. In the point of fact, the busiest among all are kitchen countertops which are used more often for cooking and dining. Therefore, whenever property owners bid for the best option, exotic stone countertops come up as the major highlight.

Today, exotic stones act as a trendsetter for modern countertops. The main reasons behind their increasing demand are their life span, quality and price. They can give any kind of look and feel you desire that fits your budget. Even more, they are found appealing to potential buyers and hence increase the resale value of the property.

There are instances when homeowners are looking for the countertops reflecting luxury and the versatile exotic stone fits in their demand - beyond expectations. Let us unfold the benefits of exotic stones!

Benefits Of Exotic Stone

Among the exotic stone countertops, the quartz countertop is becoming very popular. Both homeowners and interior designers are showing a greater preference for exotic stones more than granite due to the following benefits:

1. Easy and Low Maintenance Cost

As exotic stones are engineered stones they comprise a non-porous surface without any cracks, holes, pores or inner deficiencies. Due to the non-porous nature, no stains or spills can penetrate the surface like marble and granite. This is why they do not require any wax coating, sealing or resealing to protect the surface. Ultimately, maintenance comes down to just cleaning the surface with a cloth, water and soap - that’s all!

2. Stronger And Safer

Exotic stones are strong because of the materials used to manufacture the product. They contain binding polymers which enhance their durability and strength. So, even if utensils bang on the surface, they will not cause any scratches or cracks.

Quartz countertops consist of a micro-ban that protects the furniture from germs. Moreover, as the surface is non-porous it doesn’t allow any dirt or spills to sit and serve as a breeding site for germs. So, hygiene is another vital feature of exotic stones.

3. Customising As Per The Need

Engineered stones reflect consistency in the pattern, colour and texture from outside as well as inside as they are constructed in factories and not quarried like natural stones. This comes as one of the greatest benefits of exotic stones because even in the case of chipping the counter, the exposed surface will be exactly of the same colour and tone.

Exotic stones are manufactured hence each variety is extremely customisable. Hence, one can order a stone as per the colour, texture and pattern, without any extra charges.

4. Cost-effective Option

To customise the flooring or kitchen countertops made of granite or marble tiles, the investment may exceed. As when the stone is chipped off the surface becomes rough and looses its lustrous quality, this, in turn, adds extra pennies to the overall budget to bring back the glint. Whilst with the quartz countertop or other exotic variety, one has to pay only for the stone. As the surface is uniform and does not lose its lustre easily.

In fact, even if someone is looking for a complete kitchen overhaul, they do not have to compromise in budget and quality. Nevertheless, the cost of exotic stones also depends on the company.

5. Give Modern Look And Feel To Countertops

An exotic stone countertop or wall cladding is an exceptional asset to a home or office. This stone is perfect to add a sense of modernity to the interiors and exteriors. Exotic stone countertops not only increase the aesthetics of home or office but will potentially increase ROI. Quartz countertop with sleek straight lines is a great option to modernise any space including kitchen island, dining table or conference table in the office.

Exotic Stone Range At Quality Marble Exports (India)

Quality Marble Exports (India) is the leading marble and granite suppliers and manufacturers from India. Our products are fancied all around the globe due to their glamorous look and feel. They add a unique style statement to indoor as well as outdoor space. Have a look at some of our popular varieties:

1. Alaska Gold Exotic Stone

As the name reveals, Alaska gold exotic stone is a glamorous blend of gold, brown and black. These three colours in the stone add richness and uniqueness which is bound to catch attention.

This gold version of Alaska white exotic stone is best preferred for kitchen islands. Based on the kind of look it reflects, it perfectly suits a kitchen setting with simple and contemporary furniture in the dark cabinet. For embellishing living space, it can be a perfect pick, especially, with the shades of light lacquers on the wall. Thanks to its unusual yet stunning texture, it is also favoured for external wall cladding and granite floor tiles as well.

2. Coin Black Exotic Stone

Coin Black Exotic StoneCoin Black Granite is an exotic stone and is a blend of elegance and style. It has a deep black surface apparently embedded with thick silver or white colour coin-like patterns in multiple sizes. To intensify the beauty of the stone, the black background has white grains. With this kind of texture and pattern, the stone looks marvellous and stands out in any setting. It is used for the boundary of the fireplace and even for kitchen islands and tabletops. The natural look of the stone makes it an ideal option for wall cladding of patios.

3. Arctic Pearl Exotic Stone

The beauty of Arctic Pearl exotic stone comes from its dark backdrop dotted with glimmers of ochre and earthy hues. This is an exclusive variety with an unmatched finish and robustness which makes it the choice for exterior floors and walls. In addition, the material is also suitable for wall cladding in bathrooms or kitchen countertops. As it is a dark-coloured material it looks good with a simplistic and light-coloured interior design.

4. Ice Blue Exotic stone

Ice Blue exotic stone draws our attention with its sharp black colour surface and imperfect veining. The pattern reflects a visual with spatial shapes of whites and greys on bluish-black background fascinating the eye. The Ice Blue variety achieves a distinguished presence in light and elementary spaces. The polished version of the exotic stone is popularly used for countertops and tabletops. Even when used for flooring and walls, the stone leaves a lasting impression. Moreover, the variety also has amazing ornamental applications in the fireplace, walkways and patios.

As global exotic stone suppliers, we have the expertise to understand design requirements that are unique to your home or commercial setting. Reach out to us for the best quotes!

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