Stone Crafts: An Eternal Beauty In All Its Forms And Nuance

Stone Crafts For Your Interiors

Interior decoration creates a mesmerising ambience which never gets overlooked. Designers produce this art by paying keen attention to details. The main aim is to create a space which is eternally beautiful, functional and safe. Each element including furniture, flooring, lighting, walls and the blend of colours, patterns and textures in each one of them add an essence of luxury to space.

Naturally, the significance of interior design goes beyond the beauty it adds to an indoor space. A perfectly designed interior leaves a lasting effect on the body and mind. It gives a sense of pleasure and relaxation while also being a feast for the eyes. Therefore, interior design is popularly becoming the centre of fascination for property owners. Whether it is public or private building, a commercial or residential building, a hospital or a school, it bestows distinct aesthetics to every space.

As a matter of fact, stonecraft is the most sought-after ingredient to enhance the interior setting. So, let’s see how designers use them strategically to decorate any space!

Stone Crafts To Decorate Any Space

The blend of modern interior design and the traditional stone crafts are a quirky way to symbolise the heritage of a country. This idea is gradually gaining a cosmopolitan appearance. It is particularly implemented to adorn your place in a contemporary style. Stonecraft that is carved out of natural stones, can be used in any setting of a house including indoors, outdoors, garden, porch, patio, backyard, etc. Some of the popular stonecrafts available at Quality Marble India are as follows:

1. Tabletops

A pleasant blend of colours and textures on the natural stone tabletop is enough to spice up any living space. It is a popular elementary component of room decor that can dramatically transform the appearance of any space.

Tabletops made out of natural stones are durable, superior in quality and can last for over a lifetime. Stone-crafted tabletops come in a wide range of designs like floral patterns, geometrical patterns, or other colourful patterns.

QM India, the natural stone experts, have a beautiful range of tabletops to suit both rustic and modern interior setting. We fabricate stonecraft using modern technology and premium quality raw materials. Inlay tabletops are one of the most popular products of our company in which the natural stone is carved to create stunning designs. We offer tabletops in different sizes and shapes. Some of them are Circular Inlay Tabletop, Designer Square Tabletop, Decorative Round Tabletop, Traditional Rectangular Tabletop, Octagonal Tabletop, Antique Floral Designed Tabletop and White Stone Carved Tabletop.

2. Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic tiles are one of the traditional decorating materials for interior design and are still a popular trend. They have unique patterns as they are formed from small, flat and square-like pieces of marble and granite. Hence, this mosaic art produces an incredible effect when applied on floors and walls in a customised way.

QM India has numerous ideas and options for mosaic tiles. One of their unique stonecraft is Bamboo Weaved Textured Mosaic that harmonises excellently with dark flooring and wooden furniture when embellished on walls. Another great option is Green Mosaic which has a green backdrop filled with tiny spots of multiple colours, creating a dazzling effect with the reflection of light.

Robust yet magnificent! The mosaic stones provide a decent aesthetic when installed near the garden area. It is an exceptional stonecraft for patios, walkways or the lawn area. In addition, this mosaic can also be used to personalize the outer lining of the fireplace area. We customise beautiful mosaic tile designs to match with diverse spaces.

3. Planter

Accomplish Your Home Decoration With Carved PlantersPlanters are small with spectacular carvings that can be placed in the living room, bathroom, kitchen or any space in a home. A stone-crafted pot is perceived as a symbol of heritage and culture. Its presence brings natural beauty and adds an essence of richness to an indoor/outdoor setting.

QM India produces a different variety of stone-crafted plant pots that decorate both indoor and outdoor space. Our plant pots are handcrafted by skilled men that bring out the beauty of natural stone with sleek design and attention to minute details.

4. Fireplace

A fireplace composed of natural stone is an art that adds warmth and comfort to a living room, kitchen, or any space preferred. It creates a significant design statement and acts as an eye-catching constituent in the design aesthetics. Fireplace carved out of natural stone at Quality Marble offers high resistance to fire and can be placed very close to gas or wood fireplaces without having a buffer zone between the stonecraft and the combustible material. In winters, it becomes the spot for get-together and entertainment.

QM India offers stylistic options for fireplaces created from exotic stone, marble, slate and limestone. Some of the examples are Carved Sandstone Fireplace, Classic Marble Fireplace, Honed Sandstone Fireplace, Modern Marble Fireplace and Transitional Style Marble Fireplace.

Stone Crafts Products From QM India

QM India’s stone crafts represent the pure, intricate and captivating traditional and modern art of India. Each and every stone craft supplied by us is carefully carved by our team of artisans that are masters in the field of natural stone handicrafts. Although we use the most advanced technology in our quarries to mine the genuine natural stones from the earth, we still believe in the traditional skills of handmade stone crafts and therefore create exceptional masterpieces of world-class value with the machine-like finish.

At Quality Marble India, we have a huge collection of stone crafts to suit any residential or commercial setting. Our stone handicrafts are popularly installed in indoor and outdoor areas. Apart from the products mentioned, we also supply carefully produced pebbles, cobbles and sculptures with modern as well as antique designs. Our products are widely known for unique style statement, dynamic colours and exquisite patterns and styles that enhance the aesthetic impact of interior design.

Your search ends here, even if you are looking for custom-made stone crafts!

Premium Quality Stone Crafts In India