What Are Some Unique Green Marble Design Ideas For New Home?

Green Marble Wash Sink To Increase Your Bathroom’s Glamour

Are you about to step into a new life with a new home? Or do you wish to give a makeover to your home with a click? Then green marble is just a step away. Oh Yes! People today have found the newest way to add glamour, colour, liveliness and stability to the home interior, by bringing home these marble tiles.

Its multiple shade options and a guarantee of life has given people ideas to twist the modern decor. And if you are thinking about how to do it, then below are some of the ideas through which this unit can bring you vibrant aesthetics to the home interior.

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As A Captivating Cabinet

In the old school, people often used to consider wood as the source of elegance and class in the house. This is why most of the closets and cabinets are accompanied by wooden doors and shelves with curio patterns.

But do you know what the latest trends say? It says “How about green marble this time to revive the spirit of cabinets?” And surely, this is a good idea as this marble is in the eyes of people in love with fashion. You can assemble it as a wall showcase or surround it around the TV. In either way, such marble tiles would catch eyes and give goals of decor to the people for the living room.

Settee In The Outdoors
Forest Green Marble Patio To Serve As An Outdoor Highlight

People often prefer marble flooring in the patio or pergola as it is easy to clean and quick to maintain. But what is tiresome is cleaning the rattan furniture that catches instant dust. In order to protect this, you can try out seatings made up of Forest Green Marble, available at Quality Marble Exports (India).

Its texture is perfect to match the outdoor aura while its low maintenance makes it convenient for every weather. Not only can it be used as seating but you can create the whole dining out of green marble. It is especially preferable for farms and barbeque nights as even bundles of wine bottles or big fat chicken buckets cannot bring a crack to the accessory.

An Accentuating Backdrop For The Bathroom

For the newest creators of the house, a bathroom requires special attention. Well, why not! This is the perfect place for me time and the best four walls to enjoy your privacy. So, for those who wish to decorate this place with all their hearts, green marble tiles sure have to be on the bucket list.
Rain Forest Green Marble Planters

And this time, don’t keep it as the usual flooring instead you can give a stunning backdrop to the shower with Rain Forest Green Marble. You would be stunned by the magic it does to your bathroom as the marble is enhanced with lighter tones of green or gold.

This marble colour can also be used to increase the beauty of your interiors, for example - a planter made of Rain Forest Green Marble. Whether the walls are white or coloured, it never fails to be paired with any. So it’s a big yes to the decorative bathroom.

A Sink In The House
Graceful Green Marble Sink

Having a sink in the bathroom is not a compulsion. People often also put it in publicly accessible areas like in the hallway so that the guests can readily sanitize them. So, for this you can refurbish the sink with a green marble top, to show your extraordinary taste.

Wondering how? Then simply frame something as good as emerald green marble so that the dark texture of it stays clean and chic throughout. Having a sink in public spots would no more feel ugly when you have made efforts to even decorate the smallest nooks. And yes, the silver tap on it would add grace to the black-hued marble tile of the sink.

Engaging Partitions

Nowadays, people do not have secluded rooms and bungalows like in the old days. Small flats call for easier partitions to give privacy to the hall and dining area. So, how about creating such exotic places in the house with the help of green marble?

Elegant Green Marble Tiles And Slabs At Quality Marble Exports

This can be a stupendous idea for partitions as it is heavy, durable and brilliantly fashioned. Indeed, it would turn out to be a contemporary addition to the home interior as such walls never fail to coordinate with the entire home decor. You can pick shades like Fantasy Green Marble as the touch of it will add to the glory of the house.

As An Island In The Kitchen

Kitchen islands are the newest trailblazers in the modern kitchen. You can make it even trendier by instilling green marble on the island. It will make up to be a beautiful decor accessory in the kitchen as marble-like forest green marble contrasts well with the wooden cabinets below.

You would surely be amazed, being the centre of attraction in the kitchen. Moreover, it can be the readily available chopping table and all it takes is a wipe to be cleaned.

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Quality Marble Exports (India) have brought about an extensive range of green marble with multiple hues in the family. With varieties like forest green, emerald green, fantasy green, and rain forest green marble, the range offers countless contrasts to be made.

In fact, not only green marble but there are many other marble colours like black stones, beige, blue, brown, green etc and designs available with us, so that you are never short of options. In fact, we also give customization on demand with different shapes, sizes and finishes. Reach out today to find the best range of stones!