How Can You Use Natural Stones To Decorate Small Homes?

Natural Stone Decor To Enliven Your Small Spaces

Decorating the interiors of small homes is an art. It takes a greater level of technical skills and creativity to make a small space feel big. And when it comes to fitting or displaying everything you need - that turns into a greater challenge. But that’s where the beauty and excitement lies.

Designing a multipurpose cabinet, a storage nook, foldable furniture, there are a plethora of utilities that can expand your space.

But today, we are here to add a little more drama to your small space. Explore out-of-the-box ideas to embellish your cosy space - with natural stone tricks from leading marble and granite suppliers from India. These materials are so versatile in their character, colors, look and feel that they will instantly make your home feel like a mansion.

You will hardly find such a context on the web that takes you to natural stone ideas to decorate small homes. So go ahead and get the best out of it!

Top 3 Rules Of Designing A Small Space

1. Satisfy Your Desire To Feel Spacious With Simplicity

A lot of things on display on the shelves, false ceiling and bulky furniture can easily suffocate your room. So to breathe in more space and make the interiors look beautiful you need to cut down all unnecessary clutter.

Stick to displaying a few of your favourite objects and keep it simple and sober. Use sleek furniture with its legs visible. Or, you can go big by installing a few big pieces of furniture rather than too many small ones.

2. Go For Light Or Neutral Colours

Sophisticated Blend Of Colour Tones In A Living RoomWithout a doubt, colours have the capacity to create magic in a small space. Hence, choose your interior colours wisely. Whether it’s your wall, furniture, or something as small as a footrest. The colour of every little piece of decor matters.

Coming to the types of colours, calm, even-toned rooms create a beautiful illusion of making you feel more spacious. Opt for whites, light blues, light pinks, light greys, beige, pastels, neutrals, etc. This will make you feel more open and airy. With that, add a variety of textures to keep the space from collapsing.

3. Spread The Magic Of Lights

Luminous Lighting To Make Your Space Look More SpaciousThere are well-known interior design tricks that use lights to create the optical illusion of making space look bigger.

First of all, avoid adding just one light source in the entire room. Instead, install multiple sources like floor lamps in the corners and table lamps on sideboards. Use light to enhance every nook and corner for a spacious effect.

In addition, choose neutral lampshades instead of a heavy chandelier. And add pendant lights to emphasize the height of the room.

Amazing Uses Of Natural Stones

1. Multipurpose Table

Multipurpose Marble TabletopInstall a table that works like a dining table as well as a desk with drawers. This comes as a bonus if your living room is connected directly to your kitchen with no dividers. Granite suppliers offer bespoke multi-purpose tables made of natural stone - with storage capacities.

If you wish to add more seating arrangements in your small living room, add coffee tables. You can make them work both as a table and a seat.

2. Use Highly Reflective Accent Walls

River White Granite For Reflective Accent WallsA traditional way of tricking your mind into making space feel more spacious is by adding mirrors. Their 100% reflective surface makes the room look larger, lighter and airier.

But here we suggest a more beautiful way of creating the optical illusion with reflective natural stone floors and walls. Use a natural stone-like River White Granite, Imperial White Granite or Sierra Grey Granite as the accent wall either against your windows or wall lights. When the light falls on the granite wall it will instantly brighten up the room.

To achieve the highest level of reflective surface, opt for polished granite tile. From a huge variety of other light granite floor tiles or marble floors, you can have shiny flooring for a greater impact.

3. Make the Best of Windows

Window sills are a fantastic place to put up your favourite decor on display. Or, use them as extra storage space for lighting. If the window sill is narrow, install a wide granite or marble slab on the horizontal surface. This is one of the best ways when you don’t have enough room for tables or shelves.

If you would like to go for an overhaul to make your space feel larger, replace small windows with large French windows. And hang tall curtains that fall on the floor and give the illusion of height.

How Can Quality Marble Exports (India) Help You Enhance Your Small Home?

When it comes to providing tailored natural stone products, Quality Marble Exports (India) proves to be a leader. We are the top granite suppliers from India, with unparalleled craftsmanship to create products of different shape, size, texture, and finish.

Natural Stone Collection Available With Us

One of the latest trends in natural stone interior design is stone cabinet cladding. For a small space, a stone cabinet with a drawer can be a piece of great multipurpose furniture. We use granite tile or slabs with appropriate thickness to clad cabinet side panels, drawers, doors, etc. This also comes out as a great piece of art.

Be it this or any other ideas you have in your mind. Our state-of-the-art equipment and techniques help us create your dream home. So, if you are already planning to visually expand your cozy home - connect with Quality Marble Exports (India)!