5 Shades Of Green Marble - For A Heavenly Green Garden!

5 Shades Of Green Marble - For A Heavenly Green Garden

How are you preparing your garden for spring? Definitely, you are ensuring your landscaping is top-notch especially in your garden. The trees, flowers and plants are a priority. But it is equally essential to consider the structural elements that will create a layout in the garden. You can design fountains, pathways, fences, garden furniture and so many visual elements

Natural stone is the best material for constructing structural pieces for your garden. Marble tiles have created a distinct reputation for outdoor applications. Imagine going completely green for a green garden? It might sound a bit absurd but natural stones such as green marble can bestow a heavenly feel for your green garden.

The colour is not only visually attractive but different hues of green give a chance to match and contrast. You can apply a lot of structural pieces which are calming and eye-catching to you and your guests. Quality Marble Exports (India) has five green marble wonders that can uplift the spirit of your garden - and yours!

5 Best Green Marble Varieties

1. Emerald Green Marble

Elegant Emerald Green Marble Sculpture

If you ask any of the marble suppliers, they will tell you that Emerald Green Marble is the epitome of luxury among marble stones. It has a green background with brown veins which run through it, thus the name. The texture of this stone is unique. Hence, it can be used in almost every application.

You can enhance the beauty of your green garden by creating a waterfall feature using Emerald Green Marble. The brown and green colour gives a natural earthy feel. Since they are available in a variety of sizes, you can use big marble tiles or slabs for the actual waterfall and also add pebbles.

2. Rainforest Green Marble

This is a relatively minimalist Rainforest Green Marble, dominated by the emerald appearance. However, don't let the plain colour trick you from a distance. The stone catches anyone’s attention with its deep dark green veins on a lighter background. The dark green appearance is suitable for a pathway or footsteps inside a garden with light green grass. The contrasting light and dark green colours in the garden provide a soothing experience. Besides, the green marble tiles are also an exceptional fit for a patio that opens into a garden. A porch made of this natural stone is a perfect place to listen and watch nature without disturbing it during the day or night.

3. Spider Green Marble

Spider Green Marble Tiles For A Timeless And Contemporary Look

Just as the name suggests the Spider Green Marble has a green background with white spiderweb veins on it. The beauty of the stone is a favourite among homeowners because two stones will never be alike. Although this uniqueness is seen in every natural stone, some are instantly visually recognizable. The patterns on the dark background are unparalleled.

The marble tiles are popularly used as wall cladding and flooring. If you have a garden patio, this green marble variety will create the right kind of synergy. However, going unusual catches eyeballs. So how about using Spider Green Marble for the planter? Nothing can look more architectural and elegant than planters made of marble spread across your garden with different shades of foliage.

4. Fantasy Green Marble

If you are looking for a colour that will add a natural aura with ease, then Fantasy Green Marble is a great choice. The stone is veined with both olive green and vanilla veins that run across each tile. The uniqueness of the marble tiles is a great advantage for both interior and exterior use. The delicate patterns make it a fit for marble flooring and wall cladding applications.

You can construct stepping stones using Fantasy Green Marble. The natural colours will blend easily with the green foliage. Plus, the unique patterns of the stone will make each slab stand out. To add something extraordinary, you could add visual elements (custom showpiece) in or around your flower bed or the place of central attraction. Quality Marble Exports (India) offers bespoke natural stone elements of your choice that are visually attractive.

5. Forest Green Marble

Forest Green Marble Slabs at Quality Marble Exports

The appearance of Forest Green Marble makes it one of the most versatile green marbles. It has a green background with different shades of green veining and a pattern that is reminiscent of tree branches. The green veins give the stone a natural forest look that will fit in a green garden. For an entirely green look, you can construct a fountain or a statue that will be the focal point. The neutral green colour will add amazing interest to your garden.

How Quality Marble Exports (India) Serves Differently?

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Green Marble Suppliers And Exporters From India

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