Go Gracefully Green With Green Marble & Green Granite

Spider Green Marble Kitchen Countertop

Green homes have become more than a trend now. Homeowners are increasingly embracing the green-home concept as a responsibility towards the environment and society. But if you already own a home, it doesn't mean you would have to construct an altogether new building to go green. Renovation and a few adjustments in the right place can turn older properties into smart green homes. One of the easiest and prettiest solutions is natural stones! Not just any natural stone, but the green varieties like green marble.

As one of the global granite and marble exporters, Quality Marble Exports (India) brings to you simple yet effective ways to go green. Thus, the choices you make would help you create not just an environmentally conscious home but also a healthier living space. What's more, it will increase the value of your property in the current market. Let's see how!

How Can Natural Stone Help Create Your Green Home?

You might have several questions going on in your mind right now. What features of natural stone can make my home green? Is natural stone sustainable? Can create an energy-efficient home with granite floor tiles? Let's answer your queries!

Lasts For A Generation - Or Even More!Forest Green Marble Flooring Bringing Royalty

Have you visited the ancient cathedrals and castles made of natural stone? Well, then you know these structures constructed centuries ago are still standing. Thanks to the longevity of the stones, you would be leaving a green legacy behind not just for your kids but even for your grandkids.

Nearly No Waste

If you look at most of the natural stone production processes, they do not create a lot of waste - comparatively. Also, a portion of the waste generated has value.

Did you know? Natural stone is one of those rare construction materials that can be recycled infinite times. For example, in case your marble tiles or granite floor tiles get damaged due to a natural disaster, you don't have to discard them. Instead, you can repurpose them somewhere else in the home and make them look as impressive as before. This is unlike most of the other popular materials.

Recycling is at the heart of sustainability. Hence, natural stone is sincerely sustainable.

Green Marble - The Symbol of Nature & Sustainability

Use of Green Marble in The Terrace Area

Green is the colour of nature. You can also say that it is the guardian of the environment as every living being directly or indirectly rely on the green colour pigment chlorophyll. It is responsible for the growth and prosperity of flora and fauna on Earth.

So, basically, if you choose green natural stones, they tend to mimic the glory of nature inside your peaceful abode. They instantly give you the feeling of being a part of Mother Nature. Aesthetically, they spread fresh and relaxing vibes.

It is not just about green marble, but any green natural stone for that matter including granite, sandstone, slate among others.

Top 3 Gorgeous Green Marble & Green Granite Ideas

The Forest Look

If you love the wilderness, the forest look is definitely going to mesmerize you. Practically, natural stones are the only way to create a genuine forest look. You get different hues of green and brown that makeup 90% of a forest.

Green Marble Planter For Bringing Forest Feels

Let's take your living room first. Rain Forest Brown accent wall and Forest Green Marble Marble flooring is a match that remains unbeatable. The former is a dark brown stone with extremely bold white and brown veining that runs like branches. And the latter is one of the most popular green marble with light and dark green waves that provide a fresh forest feeling.

A white colour sofa set would soften the look and a Rain Forest Green Marble centre table will add visual interest. Of course, don't forget to decorate this setting with indoor plants and some wooden furniture to give the ultimate natural look.

The Only Green Look

If you love the green colour, you might also love the single tone look by installing everything green. Let's take your bedroom into consideration. Exotic Spider Green Marble can be your go-to choice for an accent wall. The marble tiles are uniquely designed and mimic a spide's web - thanks to Mother Nature's creation. You can match the stone with Green Pearl Granite floor tiles that come with a darker shade and a touch of black. Contrast them with light green walls and cabinets to balance the colour setting. Welcome to a luxurious green home!

The Orchard LookForest Green Marble For Terrace Tabletop

You know what an orchard is like. Just one kind of fruit tree cultivated on a vast land. So, basically, with green, you can add a bright colour to your space. Let's take your kid's bedroom. This orchard look will make the space feel delightful and jovial. The fresh look of Fantasy Green Marble is perfect for an accent wall. Combine the stone with Forest Green Granite that flaunts an orchard look in itself with a variety of colours including light green, blue, brown and black specks. Now add bright orange furniture to the bedroom such as the kid's bed, cabinet and study table. Paint the remaining walls light yellow to make the space more colourful.

How Can Quality Marble Exports (India) Help You Create Your Dream Green Home?

If you are serious about building or renovating a green home, natural stone is the resource you need. Quality Marble Exports (India) is one of the largest marble and granite suppliers and exporters. We provide tailored solutions using natural stones to create complete green homes.
The Collection of Green Marble & Other Natural Stones

The best thing is when you use materials like green marble and green granite they represent sustainability and environmental friendliness. So, go ahead and pick your favourites!