Create And Decorate: Traditional Majlis Ideas At Home With Marble & Granite

How To Set Up Majlis Ambience At Home With Natural Stones?

Saudi Arabians, or Arabs in common, are known for great hospitality. They consider welcoming guests seriously and ‘Majlis’ lies at the heart of the culture. Majlis is a centuries-old tradition in Islamic countries. The term translates into a formal sitting place in the public including event halls in councils and mosques. In fact, in 2015, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the UAE collectively recorded ‘majlis’ on UNESCO’s representative list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity thereby endorsing its cultural significance.

A similar sitting space can also be created at home for social, religious, or wedding events/discussions. The area is maintained to welcome and entertain guests. However, its features, etiquette, and overall ambience are different from a typical living room.

Quality Marble Exports (India) is one of the well-known granite and marble suppliers in Saudi Arabia. Today, we are here to explore the legendary tradition and how you can elevate the majlis ambience at home using attractive marble and granite tile ideas.

How To Create A Perfect Majlis At Home?

Include Floor Seating Arrangement

Modern majlis spaces are nearly losing the old-world charm. For example, the floor seating cushions have been replaced by sleek and trendy sofas. Although the latter transformation looks and feels luxurious and comfortable, the traditional floor seating encourages a more friendly atmosphere of togetherness. Over time, the interior design style of a majlis has evolved. Yet, if you consider embracing the basic design ideas, your majlis space will make guests feel homely with a down-to-earth ambience. And the low seating also allows visitors to sit and relax with folded legs.

Use Lush Carpets

In a majlis, you need to leave your footwear outside the room. Because apart from the low seating area, the rest of the room is covered with lush carpets that make the attendees feel relaxed and comfortable. Eastern-style carpets like the well-known Persian carpets decorated with warm colors are the best choice.

Create An Interactive Space For Constructive Conversations

Majlis is a place where people connect with each other and take the initiative of valuable and constructive dialogue. Hence, in such a place, televisions or any modern gadget for that matter is discouraged. Because majlis is purely meant for interaction and conversation among people and televisions or other gadgets disrupt the atmosphere. The traditional majlis room is highly regarded by Arabs as it teaches the younger generation the importance of human connection. That said, if a majlis requires television for a specific event, you can have a portable device that does not become a centre of attraction for the attendees.

How To Decorate A Majlis With Luxurious Granite & Marble Tiles?

Natural stone, especially granite and marble tiles are profoundly used in Arabian homes to create a luxurious, comfortable and inviting ambience. And these stones have the same importance in majlis as well. Let’s explore some of the ideas:

Include A Low Centre Table Made Of Marble

Rain Forest Marble Tiles & Slabs For Eye-catching Table Tops

Low serving tables are placed at the centre of the floor seating arrangement. You can use one or several tables in the centre of the seating area. But ensure each table is placed at an arm’s length. Basically, warm and neutral colors are used in the area. So, you can go with Rain Forest Brown Marble tiles or Mercury Grey Marble for your tabletops. Due to the eye-catching dark brown and white veins, the Rain Forest Brown Marble is popular for decoration purposes.

Install Granite Floor Tiles In The Entryway

Natural Stones For Creating a Welcoming Entryway

Guests are invited to the majlis through the entryway. Hence, you need to make sure the entryway looks and feels as elegant, welcoming and comfortable as the majlis room. As one of the best choices for neutral interiors, you could opt for Imperial White Granite floor tiles. The stone flaunts pink and grey veins on a white backdrop and is one of the bestsellers among homeowners. The white granite floor tiles can give your entryway the exact look and feel you desire. You could extend the same flooring in your majlis room for a smooth transition. Or, for a modern touch, you could go with black granite floor tiles.

If you are a marble fan, you could also opt for a marble flooring of your choice.

Spread The Fragrance With Marble Mabkhara

Add A Touch Of Traditional Elegance With White Marble

Mabkhara (AKA Bakhoor burner) is a very important feature of majlis. It is an incense stick holder typically used in the area to spread sweet aromas of Oud, Safran, or Santalum (Commonly used incense). This tradition makes the space more inviting while helping guests to enjoy the pleasing scents.

Today, a lot of people have switched to electrical incense burners. But you could go out of the way and use custom-made elegant-looking marble stone incense holders. White marble tiles are one of the best considerations for incense holders. And you cannot go wrong if you use Andy White Marble tiles due its rich appearance. It looks simple yet elegant and sophisticated.

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